Garden of Love
105 The Ending.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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105 The Ending.

Somewhere in hidden valley,

"Master, this is the latest that we have?" one man with a suit, bow a little before he handed the file in his hand to the old man sitting at the big throne-like seat in the huge hall.

Take the file, he flip it open. He take a look at the content and grinning evilly.

"So, that child has been gone for training with Grim Reaper?" the old man said.

A man from before nodded and reply "Yes."

"Hmph..Let him learn and grow with that man. Once he turn adult, I gonna take back what was mine..and of course, I will kill his master too or anyone who stop me." he stop for while.

He took out a necklace from his suit and stare at it.

"He once take my love and make her killed because of the mission. He even let her bear his bastard child. And now? What a fate, that he need to train my descendant. If you think I will turn out to be like Rong, you were wrong Grim. Let's live for a few years more to see how you turn out." he clench on his fist tightly.


"So, have you both decide your path?" Hazel crossing her arm around her chest.

They grouping at the Sun house hall.

Lola look at Nigel before she turn to everyone. Hold Nigel hand, she start.

"We decide on stay at Nigel's house. I will be working with General Hospital, while Nigel will stay with this team. It is for our own good too."

"Huh?" Joe frowned a bit.

"What Lola means is, we can't stay at one team. It will make us keep bickering and arguing. So the best way to keep our relationship in a good term is to separate our work place." Nigel explain to him.

All of them nodded agreeing. "Yup, you guys will always bickering and arguing and pranking each other if you guys decide to stay one team. Seems like you've grown a bit Nigel. Congratulations." Chase said and pat on his shoulder.

"So we still can keep in contact that way." Hazel was happy with all the member's decision.

"Of course we will. We are Sun House family after all."

A week has pass. All the occupant already move out to their own house so both of Hazel and Alan cleaning the house and do a little renovation with the help from Alan's people.

While cleaning on his room, Alan found Sam's will and a treasure box that he keep in hidden compartment under the bed.

He go and find Hazel in the kitchen.

"Baby, did you already read Sam's will? He also left a treasure box under the bed. Do you want to look into it first?" he leaned on the counter.

"Throw it away, dear. I've said it before. I don't want to know anything about him again. It's not important anymore."

Alan feel a bit hesitate. Well, even though he already dead, but he left them with his son. The solely his heir. It's feel wrong to throw away his things. At least he think he want pass all his belonging to Aslan when the time is right.

Aslan is the right one who can decide on his things later. He is his son.

Return back to his room, he pack all Sam belonging and hid it in the basement inside a safe box he plant under the house. Of course, without Hazel know it.

There is also a weapon vault underneath their house. An ex agent and a fighter like him will always have a backup plan for their future. Nobody can predict what will happen in the future right? So it's better to take the precaution.

At the night, before she went to sleep. Hazel go to the bathroom. She check on her period log apps while doing her business.

"It's been two weeks late. Am I stressing out?" she mumbling and flush the toilet bowl.

On the bed, Alan was hugging her like any other nights. She feel a bit uncomfortable with his hug for about two days now. She normally didn't feel this way.

Looked at her, Alan scrunch his eyebrow.

"Darling, something's wrong?" he ask.

Hazel shake her head. "Mm no.."

"Why your face look like you 'enduring' me hugging you?" he feel a bit disheartened with her face. He also didn't easily to feels this way.

"I'm sorry. I'm a bit uncomfortable.. but, that's not because I hate you..I also don't know what happen to me." she lowered her head not looking to his eyes.

He inhale before he caress her cheek. "I'm sorry I make you feel uncomfortable. Do sleep with your way then." he kiss her forehead and whisper "Good night. I love you."

He turn around and sleep. Hazel also do the same. Both of them facing to other direction.

The next morning, after Alan go to work, she went to the pharmacy and take out her pregnancy test on the cupboard.

She do the test and the result…almost make her cry. She sniffing and put the pregnancy test inside the box before she wrap it with a ribbon.

Today Aslan will returning home from the Lu island. He will stay a week there since it's a school break. Her father in-law let him return back during the school break.

In the evening, Alan walk inside the house together with Aslan. He just pick up Aslan at the Lee private airport after he finish his work.

He turn to look at the kitchen and found Hazel was making so much dinner for the three of them.

'Err…is it safe or not?' he start to feel worry.

Seeing his expression, Hazel said. "I've been taking cooking class okay. So, it's safe."

"Honey..I didn't say anything at all." Alan blink his eyes few times.

"Dear, I've been knowing you not just one day to learn about your expression." her reply make Alan laugh.

"Okay, I'm sorry." he went over to the kitchen and kiss her lips lightly.

Aslan also following his papa to the kitchen.

"So, are we celebrating Aslan for returning home today?"

"That's and…I have a present for you." she smile and take out the box with a blue ribbon.

Take the box, he look at her face curiously.

"What is this?"

"Open it. And you will know it."

"What is that papa?" Aslan ask making Alan shrugged a bit.

"I don't know either. Let's open it." he said and start to open it with his son.

Open the box, he's so surprise seeing the two line on the test strip.

While Aslan look with a full of question in his mind.

Alan's eyes start to redden a bit. "Is it real?" he ask.

"Yeah.100 percent." Hazel nod. She was so touched seeing his expression.

"Seriously?" he ask again and Hazel also nod again.

"Oh god, I'm so happy! I'm so happy!" he hug her tightly and kiss her few times.

"Why papa happy because of this small plastic strip?" Aslan ask still not knowing what happen.

Both of them turn to look at him. They both smiling before they squat down to facing him.

"Hey buddy, you gonna be brother soon. I just accomplished one of my promise to you, right?"

"What?? I gonna be brother? When? Is it a little sister or a little brother?" he jump happily hearing the news.

"Hey, easy now. It's too early to figure it out. But once it reach the times when I can see the gender we'll let you know, okay baby?" Hazel hug him gently.

Seeing the gentle Hazel toward Aslan, Alan feel like his family has complete.

'Thank you god, for let me met her and feel the loved I've been looking for. Thank you for let me meet all the good people here. Now, guide me on how to be a good father and bless my family with your loves.'

Chase and Violet are now busy with their work and responsibility, however, they never miss the time they had together. Chase treat her with a full love from him. Chivalry family also loved her like how they loved Lara.

Akiko and Joe are in the process of getting married. They also do some preparation for their baby soon. Well, Hazel and Alan's baby might be born on the same year as Akiko and Joe's baby. They still working with Hazel and Hazel has decide to not let them take any cases at the outside of the country. However, they still take any emergency cases from other hospital.

Lola and Nigel? They start to build up a stable relationship. They keep learning to appreciate each other and will turn the relationship into the marriages in the next year. Lola stick with her new style which is more look like a sweet and gentle Lola rather than her vogue and sexy looks like before. So with Nigel. He keep his style just like what he likes and both of them seem a bit mature than before. No yelling and pranking. But from what their neighbor said, they always hear a loud thumping coming from the wall in the next door. 'Exercising' maybe.

Aslan? Hmm..he got into trouble when he was in the island. However, his story will be told in his own novel.

With this, Garden of love meet it's End.

Thank you for keep supporting me. I love you all my reader.


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