Garden of Love
104 Be Mine
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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104 Be Mine

Nigel stand at the side of the garden, he need to be a mascot for the children. When he saw Lola arrived, he was dumbstruck for a moment. He missed her so much but, he can't get close to her. Not at this moment.

After the matrimony done, they move to the grand marquee tent and have a buffet. All the team take a round table that have been reserved for all the member.

Chase and Jeremy make a toast to all the guest and they start to enjoying the party. Nigel was temporarily cast aside from the group with the children and bring a lot of balloons. Only one balloon remain on his hand.

He walk over to the table and offer her a dance and the balloon. Lola didn't know who is that man is, so she was surprised by the invitation she got. She turn to look at Hazel and Akiko. Both of them shrugged their shoulder.

"Go on." Akiko shoo her with her hand waved to her.

Alan take Hazel's hand and they went to the dance floor. Hold her waist, he led her to dance and whisper to her. "When was the last time we dance together?"

Hazel lift up her eyebrow. She silent for a moment before she reply him.

"I think the last time is at our wedding occasion."

"Then, we should dance more."


"I like this posture. You so close to me. I just like it no matter what."

"Erm..But we do 'dance' a lot... on bed." she deepen her word of 'dance'.

"That's doesn't count." Alan immediately reply to her, making her giggle happily.


Lola take the bunny's paw and she follow him to the dance floor. Nigel didn't say a word. He knew if he said anything right now, Lola will recognized his voice immediately.

So he take the precaution to not say anything and just make a gesture as replacement.

Lola peek on the bunny's head try to look who inside it, but to no avail. The costume is hard to look into. She just smile afterward, knowing that she was really curious about the one inside it.

Well, maybe it just a random guy or maybe she is a woman? Never mind, it will do any harm to me. She thought as she keep continue dance with him.

Nigel stare at her face that he has been miss for almost two month now. When he spin her body around, her flowy dress make her look more stunning. His heartbeat skip a beat. After some time he has been silent, finally Lola start.

"Who are you Mr. or Ms. Bunny?"

He didn't reply her but then he caress her cheek gently. He make "M" symbol to her.

"So you are a man?" she ask.

The bunny nodded his head.

"Oh. And...your name is?"

He think for a moment before he start to make a love sign and point it at her heart.

Lola scrunch a bit. "Erm..I don't have any lover. So I couldn't guess."

Nigel already smile contently inside. That's mean she didn't end up with Jake.

After the music stop and change the beat, the bunny led her to the pond area. there is a big plant wall with a creep flower on it. It's a bit far from the marque tent. Lola a bit surprised, but somehow, she feel safe with the man as she follow him.

They stand facing each other and silent for about a few second before she ask.

"Why did you bring me here?"

The bunny finally start to open up his costume. He start by the zip on the body suit before he finally remove the bunny's head costume.

Lola eyes turns wider seeing Nigel was the one in the costume. She want to go but Nigel already grab her hand first.

"Lola, please. Don't run away anymore. I'm sorry for what happen. I was wrong." he beg her.

Lola still didn't facing him, but she also didn't move at all.

He hug her from behind and whisper to her ear. "I'm sorry it took me long to finally realize my feelings. I'm sorry i didn't know that you loved me for so long and you have to go through for so many heartbroken because of me. Lola, please.. let me start again and let me return your feeling."

His voice was so soft and it makes Lola's heart pound a bit. Her love for him was suddenly arise again. But she still hold her feeling and she didn't say anything to him.

"I've been looking for you since the day you move out from the house. My life was totally in mess because of you. Lola, be my girlfriend, will you?"

Lola still silent and he also didn't have enough courage to look at her face right now as he still in the same position.

Take a deep breathe, she reply with a "No. I refuse."

Nigel was dumbstruck and he still didn't give up yet. He said again. "Be my fiance?"

Lola shake her head. "Nope."

"Sorry my dear.. I can't accept any more 'no' from you." He said and he finally take out a necklace from his pocket and put on onto her neck.

"I already mark you. You can't take off this necklace. Only I can be your man."

Lola pursed her lips. "So persistent."

"Erm. That's only happen when it comes to you. You so stubborn and yet so hard to tamed. I had to use the hard way. But i really meant it when i say i love you." he finally turn her around and facing her.

Lift up her chin, he look into her eyes deeply. "Be mine Lola, only mine. And I will be yours."

Lola lay her hand on his back of neck before she nod and Nigel kiss her lips gently.


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