Garden of Love
103 You Have No Right To Complain
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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103 You Have No Right To Complain

On the graduation day, Violet's mother and brother come with Chase's family. They also want to celebrate her important day as her family.

Violet was awarded as the best student with the highest score in the exam and she also won a robotic competition last month with a first place. She give her speech on the stage facing all other student and families that come to celebrate their daughter's graduation day.

She tell the story about how she manage to come out from her dark days when she was in the middle of exam period. She also mentioned the person who keep supporting her from behind and thank all the individual that help her during her worst time.

After done with her graduation ceremony, Chase bring her to the candle light dinner before he bring her to the National Amusement park in the middle of the City.

He told her that they will only have a dinner to celebrate her, but actually after the dinner he want to proposed her.

All the arrangement has been set and with the help of the Sun House's occupant, the garden that located beside the amusement park look so beautiful at night.

Violet get out from his car and turn to look at Chase. She wear a glittering slit dress and do her hair nicely tonight.

Chase smile to her, "Let's go." he hold her hand and led her to the center of the amusement park near the garden.

"I thought we're going back." she ask.

"Let's chill out in here before we go back." he feels a bit nervous. Same goes with Violet.

"Hey, I wear a dress. How can I ride one of these if I wear like this?" she said and look at the hanging coaster.

Chase also look at the hanging coaster in front of them before he turn to look at the Ferris Wheel after that.

"How about we ride that." he pointing his finger at the Ferris Wheel. Violet tilt her head a bit before she nodded.

"Okay. Let's ride that."

Both of them go the Ferris Wheel and went inside one of the carrier.

Sitting in front of her, Chase smile before he start "You know, the first time I met you, I was so attracted to your eyes. They were so green." the Ferris Wheel start to moving up very slowly.

"The way you smile, the way you greet people and the way you look when you were busy was so admirable to me. I keep wondering about your routine life as you know I keep following you home after that. Accompany you every night so that you can return home safely without me worrying about you."

Violet keep listening to him as she smile lovingly to him.

"My heart keep beating faster whenever I am with you. That time when you move out and shut me down, I was so sad and I couldn't keep my head straight. I decide that I want to be with you until we grow old."

"Violet Green, will you fulfill my dream and be my wife until our eternity life?" he said and he take out the ring box inside his suit.

Violet was surprised. She cover her mouth and look at him, almost tears up.

" proposed me?" she said with stuttered a little.

Chase nod.

"Oh my..Chase, I would love to.. I do." as she said that, her happy tear flow down to her cheek.

Chase hug her and put the ring on her ring finger.

"Look outside." Chase whisper to her makes she immediately turn her eyes to the outside of the window glass.

The garden was lit by the lantern and it show a word "I Love you, Violet!"

She chuckles and look at him again. "Did you did that?"

Chase nod.

"I want to hear that word. Say it please." she make a begging reaction.

"I love you."

"I can't hear it. Louder please.."

"I love you, Violet."

Violet smile contently. "I love you too Chase." she squeezing his hand softly.

"Let's get married on the next month." he suggest.

"Uhm!" she nod.


They decide on held the wedding ceremony together with his brother, Jeremy. All the family agree with the plan and they will combine the ceremony with a two couple.

His father mansion at the Beverly Hills has a huge back yard that they can use to throw the party and banquet.

All the team member also will be there on his wedding day. He has been busy since then to make his wedding preparation with Violet. He also bought a villa that near to Violet's work place and he change his career as one of the professor in Medical University.

On the wedding day, Chase wear a black suit while Violet wear a lace mermaid dress with a long tails. She was so beautiful. Hazel and all other member come early to the wedding ceremony as they also had a planned for Nigel today.

Nigel look at the mirror in front of him right now.

"Why do I have to wear this?" He ask.

Joe and Alan rolled their eyes. "That's your punishment for being stupid and slow."

"You have no right to complaint here. We already agree to help you. If you fail, that's on you." Joe said while Alan nod in agree.

"You should be more gentle with her. You always do prank on her and treat her like she was a man. Change your way of treating her." Alan advising him.

"Yeah yeah. I got it. You guys have been nagging me all month. Spare my ear please." he sighing.

He look at himself again. He had to wear a bunny costume and bring the balloons on his hand.


In front of the priest, two couple do their wedding vows and complete the matrimony at the garden behind Chivalry mansion. Alan,Hazel, Aslan, Joe, Akiko and Lola sit on the same row.

Lola looks different from before. She cut her hair in bob styles and color it back with the dark brown. She look more beautiful than her previous style. More elegance and ladylike.

The way she dress also improving a lot. She used to wear something more open and sexy, while now she wear an elbow-length sleeves and A-line dress. Simple but elegance.

At first all of them hard to figure her out because she put on a sunglasses when they at the parking space, but after she smile and showing her dimple they automatically could figure who she is.

The girls most enjoyed seeing her again. They talk non-stop until the wedding start only they focus back on the priest.


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