Garden of Love
102 This Is The Last Chance
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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102 This Is The Last Chance

Lola startle with his confession. She then sit up straight and clench her finger on the table cloth slowly. Tried to find some courage inside her heart.

"Listen, I really appreciate the feeling you have for me. I do. But, Jake.."

She lowered her head and stare at the table before she continue again.

"I love someone else. That love seem still lingering in my heart. To love someone else right now is impossible for me. I really am sorry, Jake." she want to stand up but immediately Jake hold her hand make her stop for a bit.

"That's okay if you don't love me back. Please.. sit down and have a dinner with me. At least as a friend?" he said tried to make it less awkward between them.

Lola taken aback, she then sit down and have a light dinner with him. Not like always when they always had dinner together. This time they are more silent then ever.

After having dinner, Lola went to her hotel room and take a rest. She take her phone and staring at it blankly.

She scroll all the text that Nigel send to her. Mostly is his jokes and prank. Cursing and sometimes there is a moment when they really had a serious conversation. She press the screen for sec and tick all of them. When her finger want to touch on the delete icon, she stop for a moment.

After a long thought, she finally touch the icon. Shut her eyes close, she sleep after that.

Early in the morning, Lola already drive back to the Moon City. She already text Jake about her returning to the city. Tomorrow is a new day for her. She will start working at the General Hospital and she will be busy again. Compared working with Hazel is surely more relaxed and flexible while working at Hospital is more busier.


It's been two week after she returning back to Moon City, Violet are now waiting for her result to be out and her graduation day. While she was free, she work at the company she used to do her part time before as a full time worker.

She will go out with Chase when both of them had a free time. She also live in her old apartment. Today when she open her mailbox, she see an envelope from her university.

She tear open the envelope and read the content. Her eyes turn wider as she scream and jumping happily at the lobby.

"Oh my god! Oh my god!" she hurriedly take out her phone and telling Chase about her result.

The graduation date also has been informed to him and her mother's family. Now, one of her dreams are fulfills.

"Baby..I feels so..Urgh.." Akiko hold her mouth and run to the bathroom. She has been feeling unwell since the last week. She keep feel dizzy on the evening and sometimes she can't even stand to stay close with Joe. The only thought in her mind are only one.

Joe get up from his bed and rub his eyes before he went to the bathroom and rub behind Akiko's back.

"Are you okay? Need to take medicine? I'll go and find it." he want to go to the pharmacy, but Akiko hold his hand making him stop.

"Wait, we should go together." she said and after she clean herself, they walk to the examination room.

Lay on the bed, she ask Joe to do ultrasound scan on her belly. Joe a bit surprise, he ask her again. "Are you sure?"

"Just do as I say." her instinct are very strong about this.

"Okay." he scan her belly and soon, his eyes start to teary a bit.

"Hey, I saw something. Did you see that?" he ask her.

Akiko cover her mouth with her hand. She nodded.

"It's so small."

Put down the equipment, he kiss her lips. "Thanks. Should we think about our future?"

Akiko nod happily.

After got the call from Violet, Chase stride over to Hazel's office. He knock on glass door. To his surprised, Akiko and Joe also there.

The three of them looking at him with a question expression.

"Good you guys is here. I have something to tell you guys." he start and when he see that Nigel is not in the room, he take out his phone and call for Nigel's phone.

After 5 minutes, Nigel knock on the glass door before he came in.

Once everyone already gather at the room, Chase start. "I've been planning on marrying Violet in the next month. So, I want to tell you guys that I will leaving this house and build my own house. I might as well change my career so that I will have more time with her. I know this is too sudden but I hope you guys will understand my reason."

Akiko and Joe look at each other, while Hazel and Nigel was a quite shocked. However, Hazel still calm and then she turn to look at Akiko and Joe.

Seeing Hazel look at both of them, They hold their hand together and said carefully to her. "We actually also want to discuss about this matter." Joe start.

"We want to get married as Akiko also pregnant right now. So we decide to move out from Sun House and live closely with you guys. We didn't planned on changing our career like Chase." Joe turn to look at Akiko lovingly.

"We still want to work with you." Akiko look at Hazel. She still look calm.

"So, Nigel?" Hazel turn to look at Nigel.

"I..I want to find Lola. And wherever she is, I will follow her. That is my decision." he look at Hazel with a full determined.

"So, have you find her?" Chase ask him.

Nigel shake his head. "Not yet, but I will not give up."

"So, in the meantime, you want to work with me?"Hazel ask.


"Okay. I will respect all of your decision."Hazel stood up and went to Chase, extended her hand she said "Chase, good luck with proposing her." She smile and handshake him before she hug him tightly.

"I wish you have a happy life with her." She said and wipe her corner of her eyes as Chase also patting her head like a little kid.

"Thanks Hazel."

Release her hug, she went to both Akiko and Joe who also already stood up.

Hold Akiko's hand, she smile to her. "Congrats on becoming mommy next year. I wish you both a happy marriage too." She hug Akiko tightly before she hug Joe after that.

And lastly, all eyes fix on Nigel. "So how do you planned on finding her?" Hazel ask while crossing her arm around her chest.

"Well....I.." Nigel silent. It almost a month after she was gone. Not once he bumped into her again. All her favorite place he visited and even waited at a few spot for her.

"Have you regret your doing?" Akiko ask him.

Nigel nod. "Yeah, I admit I was wrong and not brave enough to confess to her."

"Well, how about you rest for a bit. take a good care of yourself. " Chase said making all the eyes turn to him.

Smiling, he said, "I gonna held a wedding ceremony. I bet she must be coming too."

"But, knowing that Nigel will be there, she might not wanting to come." Joe said while Akiko and Hazel nod.

"Then, don't tell her." Chase smile meaningfully to all of them.

At first all of them turn silent and blur. But after a moment they said in unison. "Ahhh.."

"We got it."

"So Nigel, this is the last chance you have. if you wasted it again, I can't help you, man." Chase said firmly.

All of them nod.

Nigel smile and said "Thank you guys."

"Make sure you look handsome on that day." Joe said while Akiko and Hazel giggles. Well, looking at him right now which is look like homeless make every girl run away whenever they see him obviously.


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