Garden of Love
101 Start With Knocking And Singing
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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101 Start With Knocking And Singing

After dinner, Chase bring two glass of champagne with him and pass one of the glass to Violet.

They both sit on the couch and watching some movies on the flat screen television.

Like always, Chase leaning his back at the couch and Violet will sit in between his leg and leaned her body to him. Use him like he was her pillow.

While Violet was focus on watching the movies, Chase take out the necklace box he bought earlier and put on the necklace onto her neck.

Violet flinch a bit when she feel something cold lay on her neck. She immediately touch that thing and lowered her head before she turn to look at him.

"What is this?" she ask.

"It is a gift that I buy it for you." he smile.

Violet sit up and look at the design. "It's Cartier! How much is this?" she almost scream when see the logo.

"Don't ask."

She squinted her eyes and look at him again. "Why are you gifting me this?"

"It's look nice on you." he went closer to her and kiss her nape gently. "and more ladylike."




"I know." he retract back his hand which already reach her hip and sip his champagne. "I'm sorry."

They went back to the position where they enjoy watching their movie on the screen.


After the movie ended, Chase put down his glass at the side table and want to get up from the couch as Violet also start to move a bit. He thought that Violet want to go to the bedroom, but she actually turn her body around and cage him on the couch as he laying his head on the soft rest arm.


"Shh.." she ask him to silent.

She start to kiss him from his forehead, move to his eyebrow, his lids, his nose and then his lips.

They kissed for a quite long and it's turn more passionate as she start to run her finger down to his chest and his torso.

Panting a bit, he scrunch his eyebrow. "Vi.."

Before she could grab his rod, he grab her hand and said gently to her. "Let's not do it today, okay?"

Violet was taken a bit, she immediately sit up and look at him with a curios look.



"I feel so stupid right now." she interject him and storm to the bedroom leaving him on the couch alone.

Scratch his head, he sighing. "Ah.. damn!"

Hearing the door room being slam, he know Violet was angry right now because he refuse to have sex with her or maybe she feel humiliate that he reject her.

He took out his phone and swirl it before he decide to call Alan. He went to the balcony and took a deep breathe before he make a call.

Alan just finish his activity with Hazel when suddenly his phone ringing. Looked at the caller, he frowned and turn to look at the clock.

'It's 3 am. Why did he call me?'

"Baby, who is it?" Hazel ask when Alan still not picking up his call.

"Uh, it's Chase."


"I'm sorry, sleep now. I need to take his call." he wear his pant and went to the balcony after that.

Hazel cover her naked body with a comforter and close her eyes to sleep again.

Alan return his call when he already reach at the balcony.

"Chase? What's up?" Alan ask him worriedly.

"You still awake?"

"Uh..kind of.." Well, of course he wouldn't tell him that he just finish having sex with his wife isn't he?

"Something happen? Why did you call me?"

"Oh..that's.." he stop for a bit.

"Hey, uhm.. can you help me?"

"Huh? Name it?" Alan feel a bit weird.

"I do I explain to her that I want to have sex with her when we already married? I mean, she want to, but I refused her so she went angry to me and I don't know how should I explain to her. You're a master at flirting. So please help me to create a good lines so that she will understand the situation." He said in one breathe and really fast too.

"Er…is that it?" Alan want to burst into laugh, but he hold it in because he know Chase will feel disheartened if he do that.


Clearing his throat, Alan said. "This is what I do to Hazel, but it's depends on people too. When she was angry or shut me down, I will force myself to keep on her side. Just tell her what is your intention is. Just a light sex act will do, if you don't want to start with the heavy one. Make her understand. Make sure you both talk when she is in a good mood. If not, erm, woman will always turn your word back into a mess and create more misunderstanding. Believe me, you don't want that to happen do you?"


"So, good luck. For now, it's better you start with knocking and singing." he jokes.


Alan hold his laugh. "Erm. That's what I do." he said before he ended the call.

Alan went back to the room with grinning on his face. Lie down beside Hazel, he kiss her shoulder as she then turn around and snug to his embrace finding her favorite spot.

Chase finally walk to the door and knock on it.

"Vi..can I come in?" he ask and there is no answer from the inside.

Knocking again, he heard a sound of clicking. He twist the door knob and look at her who already went to the bed and cover her whole body with the comforter and sit on the bed.

"Vi..Let me explain, okay?"

"No, i'm sorry. I should not behaving like that." She start.

Chase walk closer to her and hold her shoulder. He search her eyes and said with a calm tone.

"I really want to do it, okay? but, I want it to be after we married. I want to treasure you before I explore you more. I want to reserved it until the time is right and when that happen, I really hope you will not regret it to be with me and choose me as your husband."

Violet look into his eyes with a mixed feelings. She was sad because he reject her, but she also was happy when he explain to her the real reason.

Well, just how long they need to restrict themselves from having sex? it should not be long, right? After she graduate, she already planned to working at the company that she do her part time right now. Saving more money to at least support her life and what else? Fulfilling her dreams and one of those is to be married with him.

Take a deep breathe, she exhale it after she feel a bit calm. "Okay. I understand your reason. However, if I suddenly fall in love with another man, please forgive me and understand my reason too, as a woman." Well, actually she was just said that to make him irritate a bit.

But when Chase heard that, he feel like she had intention to leave him. He turn silent and release his grip on her shoulder. His face does not showing any emotion. He just nod and they went to bed after that.


A week has pass.

Nigel still can't find Lola. He already search her for about six to seven hospital around the city. All say that they didn't have a doctor named 'Lola Luiz'.

Now he really regret to make a scene at wedding party last time. If not, Lola would still be around him. Now, it was too late to regret it.

Hazel and Akiko know where she lives, but they really didn't say a word about it. They actually want to see how serious Nigel about her. They pity him, but they also want to see his effort to bring her back. If he truly love her, he will eventually find her. Even without their help.


Jake close both of her eyes with his hand and led her to the table that he already set up before he bring her to the top of the mountain at the south of the country.

They go for a rock climbing and hiking this weekend and stay at the nearest hotel. Lola still didn't start working at the Hospital since she delayed her entry for a next month.

The whole week, she busy with her new home and decorate it just like her room at the Sun House. She even not going out, all her meals are delivered to her house.

Open her eyes, she feel so touched with the set up and really, it so beautiful. The view just.. wow! she turn to look at Jake behind her.

"Wow..did you discover this place?" she ask.

"Yeah, do you like it?" he ask and pull the chair for her to sit.

"I do." she take a sit before Jake sit in front of her.

She look at the steak and wine that have been prepared. she tilt her head a little.

"Did you prepared all of this?" her heart start racing rapidly.

"Yes. Have a bite. I'm sure you will fall in love with the taste." He said and cut his portion.

The word 'Fall in love' make Lola feel more uneasy.

She put down her cutlery and look at him with a serious expression.

"Jake, are you..perhaps..." She stop her word.

Jake look up to her and smile gently.

"Yes. I am."


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