Garden of Love
100 Specially Design I
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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100 Specially Design I

"Chase!Look!Look! There's a mountain covered with snow. Even though we're in the middle of autumn right now." Violet was so excited seeing the view from the plane's window.

They go by Chase's private jet from Arendell. Seeing her happy face make him happy too.

"Beautiful isn't it?" he also look at the same mountain as she refers to.

"I heard that Aspen is one of the most place that celebrities come to visit for snowboarding and skiing." She said again making Chase smile slightly.

"Yeah. I heard it too."

"Hmmm…but we're not coming in winter season."

"If you want, we can come here again in winter."

Violet turn to look at him. "No no no no..I don't mean like that. I mean, I glad that I am able to coming here."

Leaning closer to her, he kiss her lips. "Vi, you're my girlfriend. So you deserve to get anything you want from me. Just tell me, and I bring it to you."

Violet blushed. "I don't want anything. Just having you is enough." she quickly divert her eyes to the outside of the window after that.

Chase chuckles seeing her reaction.It is cute when she blushed. They landed after a few hour and went to The Little Nell hotel luxury suites.

Going inside the suite, Violet eyes turned even wider. She couldn't help but to feel so happy. The view was superb and everything was so perfect to her. Really, Chase really bring her to a place where she could feel so close to nature and relax a bit. The stress she feel before all have been lift up just by looking at the scenery.

Take off his jacket, he put all the luggage inside the bedroom after that.

"Vi, if you want to use the bathroom, go first. After this we can go to cocktail party. My brother and her fiance was here too. So we can joining them for dinner."

Violet turn to him. "Wait, what? They here too?"

"Mhm. Why? Do you not want to meet them?" he ask.

"Uh-no. I want to. It's been a while since last I saw both of them." Violet walk to the room and take out her clothes from the luggage.

"So, I'll get shower first." she said again before she went to the bathroom.

Chase take out his phone and saw one of the message from Nigel. Saying that Lola now leaving the team and move out from the Sun House.

He sigh and text Lola. 'I heard from the teammates that you are leaving the team and move out from the house? I hope you will find your happiness out there. Take care and keep in touch with us."

Not long after he got a reply from her.

'Thanks. Please take a good care of our little sister, Violet. I too wish you a happy life in future."

He put back his phone on the desk and went to the balcony seeing the mountain view.

'Soon, we all be in our own way too.'

Violet wearing a black long sleeve A-line dress while Chase wear a black suit. Both of them look stunning walking together. Most of the guest looking at both of them like they were some celebrities.

Seeing Violet and Chase, Jeremy and Lara smile to the both of them.

"Violet!" Lara hug her and then look at her from top to toes.

"Wow! You really look gorgeous."

"Don't praise too much. I just wear what Chase packed for me." she reply. It's true. All her clothes are packed by Chase before they come here.

"Really?" Jeremy turn to look at his brother.

Chase just shrugged his shoulder.

The four of them went to the banquet hall at the hotel. Inside is full with people wearing an expensive dress and accessories. Not to mention, all of them look like they are rich and some of them is the celebrities from other country.

Chase keep Violet close with him and didn't even leave her side. He introduced her as his fiance to most of the people, making all the rich girl pouted after knowing that.

Cocktail party for today is for the announcement of his brother wedding's day on October. Coincidentally that both of them are here too, so his brother, Jeremy take this opportunity to let the their friend and some of their business partner around them know about the Violet who will soon be his family too.

Well, his little brother is one of the hottest guy in the list. Of course he afraid that Violet will feel threaten if Chase didn't introduce her properly. After all, there is so many girl will do anything to get laid with the rich guy. Well, at least, that is what he thought.

After drinking some cocktail and enjoy the night, Violet already feel drunk a bit. Chase holding her shoulder before he carry her to their hotel suite.

Open the door, he place her on the bed. Take off her stiletto and loose her hair to make sure she was comfortable.

"Mmm..Chase?" she start to mumbling.

"Yes. I'm here." he said and caress her cheek.

"I'm sleepy.."

"I know. Just go to sleep. I clean you up." he went to bathroom and bring a damp face towel.

He dap on her face and around her neck before he tug her with the comforter.

He took a quick bath and wear his pajamas before he also went to sleep beside her.

The next day when she woke up, she still had hungover from the last night effect. She pinch her forehead a little bit.

"Still dizzy?" Chase come to the room with a sport drink.

"Drink this. After you feels okay, we go for a mountain ride." he give her the glass.

Take the glass, Violet drink it slowly.

"Thank you."

"In the future, you will only allowed to drink at least two glass of wine. Alright? And once a week." he touch her nose.

"Hmm? Why?"

"It's for your own good. And your health too."

Thinking for a moment, she smile after that. "Alright, Dr. Chase."

"Right, listen to your private doctor."

Finishing her drink, she put down the glass at the bedside table.

"So we're gonna ride a bike on the mountain, and then what else?"

"Wanna go and ride paragliding?"

Violet blink her eyes a few times. "Err, is it safe?"

"If you afraid then we can go and look at the Maroon Bells."

"Ermm.. I want to try everything."

"Okay. Make sure your hungover are completely vanish before we go out." he said and went to the living hall.

He took out his book and read it on the couch. While Violet took a long bath in the bathtub.

After she done, she put on her shirt and sport tight pant and went to the living hall after she was ready.

Looking at Chase which is currently in his reading mode, she take the book and close it.

"Okay, I'm ready. Let's go."

Chase was a bit surprised by her sudden action. He then get up from the couch and take his wallet and phone before both of them walk out from the suite.


They went to the mountain bike ride and then after that they went to the paragliding activity before they both go strolling around the town. Violet was not a shopaholic person. She like to see but really hard to buy it.

For her as long as she can see it, that is enough. To buy it? It must be very important or necessary for her only she willing to buy it.

So mostly is Chase whose the one who spend a lot of money buying his things. He must be learned from Hazel's habit years ago.

"Eh, Chase, can I go there? I saw some snow globes there."

Chase was in the middle of looking at the limited edition necklace design advertisement at the outside of Cartier store.

Turning his head to her, he nodded. "I'll be waiting at the side of that road." he point his finger to the pedestrian cross road.

"Okay." she said and went to the store that she mention earlier.

While Chase also went to Cartier store.

He bought a set of necklace with a ring. The necklace is designed with the diamond circling the pendant, while the ring is designed with a heart shape diamond. Inside is engrave Violet's name and his name.

After he done buy the jewelry, he wait for Violet at the side of the road as he said earlier.

After a few minutes, Violet walk over to him. "Hey, look. I buy this snow globes. It's cute right?"

She show him a snow globe with a figurine inside it. One is a man with a doctor white coat while the other one is a girl with a mechanic suit. Both of them are fixing a heart figure in the center inside the snow globe.

Chase chuckles.

"Are you buy it or you specially design it by yourself?"

Violet smile happily. "Of course I pick the figurine, and make that uncles made me this snow globe. And I bought it afterward."

"I like it." he bring her closer and kiss her cheek before they went back to the hotel.


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