Garden of Love
99 Tough Luck, Bro.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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99 Tough Luck, Bro.

After taking bath and change clothes, Lola sit on the swing in front of Jake's house. His house is not that big. But it's cozy and comfortable.

Jake went out and give her a cup of glass fill with a warm milk to her.

Looking at the glass, she giggles. "What did you think i am? 5 years old?"

Jake also chuckles. "No, but you drink almost two bottle of wine for today, so at least you need something warm to keep sobering up."

Take the glass, she thanks him.

"So, what did you plan after this?" Jake ask while leaning on the wall looking at the road.

"I don't know. I need to talk with my superior first. She will be back from Lu island tomorrow. So maybe for the time being I will stay at the hotel. Like you said, maybe I should change my way of 'moving on'." she finishing her milk and went inside after that.

She will be sleeping at the guest room that Jake already prepared for her.

Lock the door, she lie down on the bed. Her mind keep rewinding Nigel's face. Her heart right now is really in weird state.She worried about him, but then her ego was bigger than iceberg.


Early in the morning, Chase send Violet to her faculty. He wait for her to finish her exam for today. While he was waiting, he got a call from Nigel.

"What's up?"

"Did you see Lola?" he ask worriedly.

"No. I didn't see her today." he reply.

"Did any of you see her?"

"How am I supposed to know? I am the outside right now. Call her phone."

"She blocked my number."

"What did you do to make her block your number?" Chase ask curiously.

Sighing, he just reply. "That's fine if you didn't see her.. thanks though."

Chase look at his phone tilting his head a bit. "What's going on between them two?"

After three hour of waiting, finally Violet walk out from the faculty building. Her face look relief and happy at the same time. Her presentation got a good review from the high tech company. So she just need to wait for her result to be out by the next three week.

Open up his arm, Violet run to her embrace. "Done?" he ask and kiss her head.


"Let's go. Release a bit tension." he said before he open the car door for Violet.

Get inside the car, she finally ask. "Where are we going?"

"Aspen, Colorado."

Violet's eyes lit up. "We going there?"



"Yes, dear. Now."

"Oh my god!" she cover her mouth with her palm.

Chase smile to her and drive to the airport. This is their gateway that he couldn't join the others when he had to stay behind and accompany her last time.

So this time, he want to spend all his time enjoying the vacation with her.

Hazel look at her phone's screen when seeing Lola's name on it. She pick up the phone when she get in the car while Alan already at the driver seat.


"Hey, hazel. Uhm, are you already landing?" she ask.

"Yeah, I want to go home now. Is there anything you want us to make a stop first?"

"Huh? No no.. actually, I want to meet you at the outside of the house. Can I?"

Hazel frowned with her voice and the way she talk. "Erm, now?"

"Yeah now."

"Okay. Send me your location. We'll go there."

"Erm, okay. Err, wait!"

"What else?" Hazel ask. This time she really want to know what happen to her.

"Don't tell the guys. Not even your husband. Please."

Hazel turn to look at Alan. Alan divert his eyes to his wife when he feels like she was looking at him.

He lift up her eyebrow to her but then Hazel just shake her head.

"Uh..okay." Lola ended the call and send Hazel a location.

"What is it honey?" Alan ask after Hazel put her phone into her pocket.

"Ermm..nothing. Dear, drop me off at the Moon cafe. I'll be back with my friends later. She needs my help."


"Yeah, my long lost friend." she stammered a little. She don't know how to lie to her husband.

"Hmm.. okay. Give me a call if you needed me."

Alan drive to the Moon cafe after that. He drop her off and drive back to the Sun House.


Hazel went inside and found Lola at the the corner of the shop. Not only her, Akiko also just arrive too.

Both of them sit and look at Lola right now.

"So, tell me, what happen actually?"

"Yeah. I need to know from A to Z. You really need to explain to us." Akiko also said in serious tone.

"Erm, I'm sorry for not telling you guys the truth is." she take a deep breath before she start to telling them both.

After some time, and they also had a few drink, Hazel pinch her forehead while Akiko open her mouth with a shape of 'O'.

" want to move out just because you want to erased him?" Hazel ask her again while Akiko nod.


"So, have you think about it thoroughly?" she ask again.

"Hmm..yes. I want to find my own happiness. I am done with playing around. I want to feel a real love." she said making Akiko finally close her mouth and tilt her head.

"But what if you can't forget about him? What if he decide to be with you? You don't have to move out."

"No, It can't be true. He already going back together with his ex. Her parents even announce them in front of everyone, okay?"

"But, why he punch that Jake man if he already being together with his ex? Isn't he actually don't want you to be together with that Jake? And what is that mean? Isn't it mean that he love you?" Akiko said again.

"It impossible okay. He just being protective to me because he always thought me as his ex maybe. I don't know. But I know when I'm hurt and sad, that's my cue to leave. I really need to leave. Hazel, please.." she hold both of Hazel's hand.

Looking at her pitiful face, Hazel sighing.

"Okay. If that's makes you happy. I'm glad that I can be any help." Hazel finally said after a long silent.

"So, what did you plan on doing with your job? Have you thought about it?" Hazel ask her again when she show a grateful face.

"Uh- I've been thinking about re-applying at the General hospital."

Hazel nodded. "If that so, I wish you a good luck in the future. You know, we will always be a sister, right? Come at me anytime you need. We will always open our door to all of us." Hazel already start to wells up. Akiko also the same.

They hug together for a quite awhile before they let go of each other and went to back to their destination.

Lola send people to move out her belongings from the Sun House. She rent an apartment with two bedroom at the center of the city.

Nigel was the one who really depressed by her decision. He try to ask Akiko and Hazel, but to no avail these two sister will not let out a single word to him as they already promise to Lola.

While Alan and Joe could only sympathize to him. Both of them too could not make their woman to open their mouth about where Lola's gone to.

Sitting on the couch, Alan pat on Nigel's shoulder. "Tough luck, bro."

Joe also sit beside him making Nigel in the middle of Alan and Joe.

"Should we make a police report? Saying that she was missing?" Joe give a suggestion and as return Nigel gave him a death shot.

"I just trying to help, man."

"Hmm. You know what? If I were in your position, the first place I would try to find is the place that she really likes."

"What do you mean?" Nigel ask curiously.

"I mean, she can avoid you. But she can't avoid her hobbies, her likes and her favorite things she like right?"

"Her liking? What does she like to do?.." he mumble and then he snap his finger.

"Oh god! How stupid I am. Thanks Alan! I owed you!" he hurriedly take his car key and run to the door.

Joe was dumbfounded. "Er, what does she like?"

"Joe, if you keep like this..I sure Akiko will leave you."

"Wow, now you want to consult me about love?"

Alan chuckles and said "It's all of this house occupants likes to do."


Bonked his head a little, he said again. "Saving lives."


"And where is she supposed to save lives?" Joe ask again.

"Duhh..Where else?"




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