Garden of Love
98 Times Do change People
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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98 Times Do change People

"Don't touch her!" Nigel jerk out, while Lola immediately help Jake to stand up. He wipe his corner of his lips.

"Nigel! What the hell are you thinking?" Lola yelled at him furiously.

"What am I thinking? What the hell are you doing?" he also in raged.

Sydney behind them startle when seeing Nigel was so furious right now.

"Get the fuck off from my private life, you jerk! You already had your woman, why you need to ruin my life too?" she grab his collar.

Jake startle while all the guest gasp when seeing Lola was dare enough to fight with a man.

"Ruin your life? When did I do that? I'm trying to protect you. You were so dumb whenever it comes to a man. I just try to.."


She slap him on his face making him grit his teeth.

"Dumb? What about you? Accepting back your whore when you caught her in the middle of having sex with other man in front of your own eyes?? She even put you into a jail! And this dumb person that you called is the one who help to bail you out!! isn't you also a dumb? Protect me?! who are you kidding right now?! I am 27 years old you dumbass! I don't need you to be my father nor my brother! I'm so done with you!"

Everyone in the banquet was immediately turn into loud gasping and whispering when they heard Lola's statement about how Sydney was found out cheating with other men.

Mr and Mrs Anderson was the one who was so shocked with the news. They had nowhere to hide their face right now.

Release his collar, Lola grab Jake's hand and walk out from the banquet hurriedly.

"Lola!" Nigel yelled her name and even followed her from behind leaving all the guest and Sydney at the banquet.

Grab her other hand, he stop her pace. Jake also stop as she release his hand and clench her fist.

"Lola, listen.."


Lola punch his face. "That's for Jake."

"Ouch!" he wipe his nose which is bleed right now.

Feeling a bit guilty, she want to look at his injury but then Jake immediately take her hand back and led her to the car.

"Let's go. I'll send you home." he look at Lola with loving face making Lola moved a little.

Nodded, she get inside Jake's car leaving Nigel at the front lawn.

Hug her from behind, Chase place his chin on her shoulder.

"You need to add more explanation in this section." he point his finger on the paper which is on her hand. His voice is above whispering.


"And here, you need to simplified your point. It'll be easier for your examiner to sort out your point."

"Mhm?" she circle the place that Chase mentioned and take a note after that.


"Is there another one?" she ask, still focusing on the paper, while Chase was behind her. They sit on the couch as she lean on his body comfortably.

"Yup. There is one."

"Here." He circle his finger on her upper chest.

"You need to let it out all your feeling. don't hold it for too long. It's not good."

Put down her mechanical pencil and the sheet, she turn around and kiss his lips.

"Hmm..maybe this can help me?" she said before she continue to kiss him again.

Hold her waist, he kiss her deeply try to absorb all of her sadness away and fill it with a happy feeling.

After some time, she release her kiss and lie her head down on his body.

"Will you also leave me, Chase?" she ask

Patting her head, he said. "I can't predict the future. But I promise you as long as I live, I would never leave you."

"I am afraid. I afraid the one that I love the most will leave me. I lost one. And I don't want to feel the same feeling again."

"Vi..after you done with your exam. Will you come with me to a place?"

She look up to him. "Where?"

"Somewhere that I've been long to bring you."

"Okay. But help me with my exam first." she kiss his chest lightly before she get up and continue again to check on her final report before she start to work on her mini robot.

"Are you okay?" Jake ask her when they already far from the town.

Lola nod. "I don't wanna return home tonight. You can drop me at the hotel?" she said.

She was worried about Nigel when she left him, and she also feel angry to him because he keep meddle with her life. Arghh! Her emotion is mixed up and she can't decide on what to do.

"You can stay at my home if you want? It's not that far from your house after all."

After he finish said that, Lola's phone ringing. She look at the caller. 'Nigel'

She sighing and turn off her phone after that.

"Am I not troubling you by stay at your house?" she ask.

"Of course not."

Nigel walk far way from the neighborhood and find a bus stop about one and a half kilometer.

He sit down at the bench while waiting for the bus. He take out his phone and dialing Lola's phone. But to no avail, his call is rejected and she turn off her phone after that.

When he want to put his phone back at his pocket, he receive a call from Sydney. He pick it up.


"Nigel, where are you?"

"What do you want?" he ask.

"I send you back. Tell me your location is." Sydney said.

He look around him. There is no bus coming to the area nor a single car passing him.

He then look at his watch. It's already 9 Pm. If he want to go back to Moon City it will take at least four hour by car and if he go by bus it will take more than 5 hour. He finally decide to get a ride from Sydney.

"Fine, I'll send you my location." he said before he ended the call. He keep pressing at his nose with his necktie.

'Lola is really something. How can she punch me in the face?uh, well at least she didn't kick me in the balls.'

After 30 minutes waiting, Sydney stop her car at the side of the road. Nigel went to the passenger door and get in the car after that.

"Are you okay? Need to go to hospital?" she ask worriedly.

"No, I'm fine." he said and divert his eyes to the road.

"Uhm Nigel, is there no way for me to get us back together?" she said after a long paused between them.

"No. I really mean it." his voice is serious.

"Why you do that? I mean, you punch that man."

"Can't you see it? I love her. That is why."

"You not love her Nigel. I think you just being protective over her."

"No, I love her. I've been thinking about this for a quite some time. I'm positive that I love her. It;s that, I just realize it now."

"You think she love you too? She already be with that man. Just let her go, and forget about her."

"She just misunderstanding things between us. And that man? He not love her. If both of them really loves each other, I still can accept. But he really not love her."

Sighing, Sydney could only shake her head. "Thanks to her, now everyone know about what happen to us."

"Hmm..yeah, I'm sorry on her behalf. She didn't mean to let everyone know about it."

"If she really didn't mean it, then, make sure she love you back. If not, I really gonna snatch you from her." she warned him.

"So you're saying you give up on me?" Nigel turn to look at her.

"Well, with everyone know about how you found out me cheating, my dignity as a woman will be crush by society if we get back together. Not only me, but you also will be labeled as a dumb man. We don't want that do we?"

"Then why did you ask me about going back together earlier?"

"Hmm. I just want to test you. If you really want her and not me."

"And the result is really surprising me. You really love her. I think, you might love her more than you loved me." she smile a bit.

"Are you sad about it?"

"Hey! Who wouldn't sad if you knew that your ex love someone more than he loved you? However, I hope you find your happiness with her."

"And now I think, this is my Sydney that I knew years ago when she was still young and fresh."

"Times do change people, you know. I'm no exception too."


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