Garden of Love
97 Why Don’t You Open Your Heart To Me?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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97 Why Don’t You Open Your Heart To Me?

They arrive at Lola's uncle's around 4 o'clock. Stretching her body a little from the back passenger seat, she yawned.

"Erm. Let's go." she open the car door and brush her dress. Nigel and Jake also get off from the car before both of them follow her from behind.

Jake wearing a black suit with a pink shirt inside. Both of the men wear something that match with Lola's attire. The air surrounds them was so intense that people could noticed it.

Lola led them two to the back yard of her uncle's house. They held a wedding party at the house back yard. Most of the guest are in Lola's family and their neighbor.

"Lola!" Brenda, her cousin hug her before she divert her eyes toward two man beside Lola.

One was with the handsome looking face and one was with the top knot hair and muscular body. Both of them smile to her politely.

"Oh, this is my friends. Nigel and Jake." she introduce to Brenda before her uncle came to her and greet them happily.

While they were talking, someone walk to them. "Isn't this Lily's daughter?" a couple come to them.

Nigel jolt a bit when seeing the couple. It's Sydney's family! Is she here too?

Lola divert her eyes to the couple. She smile and nod.

"I am her daughter."

"She is my niece and she have been stayed with me since Lily's die years ago." Carlos said making the couple nod.

"I see. Lily's is one of our friend back then. We only see you when you were still baby back then. After the accident happen, we never see you again. I'm glad that you doing just fine." she smile and divert her eyes to the man beside her. When she sees Nigel face, she gasp.

"Oh my dear..what are you doing here, Nigel?" she smile widely followed by her husband. They both walk closer to him and give him a warm hug.

"Uncle, Auntie. I am Lola's friend." he said politely.

Carlos squinted his eyes toward Lola. 'Your boyfriend?'

Lola's shake her head when she met her uncle's eyes. 'No! Just friend.'

Carlos then divert his eyes to Jake before he lift up his eyebrow this time.

Again, Lola shake her head. 'No!' he then nod in understand.

"This world is so small."

She then divert her eyes to Carlos before she said again.

"Carl, this is my daughter's fiance. Soon will be my son-in-law." Henry, her husband nod to his wife statement.

Upon hearing this, Nigel almost choked. Lola immediately turn to him and leaned to him closely, whisper. "So, you getting back together again?" Her heart rate right now are in the middle of the war. Keep banging and her anger suddenly raising up too.

Shake his head, he want to explained to them but Sydney suddenly pop out from behind them and all the elders look at her.

"Mom? Nigel?" she was like Nigel too. A bit surprise by the sudden meeting.

"Ah, Syd. Nice timing, we just told uncle Carlos that Nigel is your fiance and soon to be our son in-law." Amanda said with a cheerful voice.

Sydney divert her eyes toward Lola's not far from them. She smile inwardly. 'huh, so I don't need to put an effort to get him back after all.'

"Nigel, I don't know you know uncle Carl here. So nice of our fate to bump in such an occasion." she smile making Lola's feel more annoyed.

Her dress was so daring with a v neck and long slit showing her smooth skin thigh makes all the men's eyes fall on her. Of course her boobs line was so obvious that all the girls will feel jealous of her size.

Jake look at the three of them silently.

Lola put a smile and excuse herself from the group. Before Nigel could grab her arm, Sydney already hold his arm and said with a sexy voice.

"Dear..let us eat first. You just arrived right?"

"Oh, that's right! Please enjoy our banquet." Carlos led them to the party.

Having no choice with the Sydney's parent also insist him, he followed them to the banquet.

Jake take the chance to go and find Lola.


She was so angry when she left the group. Take the bottle of wine in the kitchen cabinet, she drink it. There is no people in the kitchen as all of them are still busy at the backyard.

Leaning on the door frame, he crossing his arm around his chest.

"You really need to control your anger."

"Ahh..I'm sorry for leaving you with them. You should joining them to the banquet." she said and take another bottle after she finish the first bottle.

When she want to open the bottles, she slip a bit and almost loose her grip. Jake walk to her and grab the bottle. He open up the bottle and shove it to her while leaning his back at the kitchen counter facing her.

"Drink as much as you want. Then we can go and joining them. Cry if you feels like it. I won't judge. I will guard you here so that you will still sober up." he smile.

Lola stunned with his expressions. He looks so calm and matured too. She blushed and she put back the bottle at the kitchen top.

"Hmm..I don't think I wanna ruin my cousin's wedding. Let's get back to the party." she finally said after a long paused between them two.

Take her hand, he led her to the banquet. They both sit at the different table with Nigel. Lola decide to not thinking too much about him. She want to enjoyed the party and move on. Like she always do before..


"What are you looking at?" Sydney ask him when she noticed that Nigel keep looking at the table beside them.

She then divert her eyes and find that Lola with a man from last time was laughing happily together.

They somehow looks so close and that makes Nigel feel more enraged in his heart. He feels so jealous right now. He was the one who always makes her laugh like that with his prank and his jokes. Knowing there is someone else trying to snatch his place in Lola's heart, makes him a bit furious.

Sydney turn silent when seeing Nigel face. She could see that Nigel really different from he used to be when they still together.

"So, Nigel..when can we hear a good news from both of you?" Amanda started.

"That's right. You guys already engaged for a quite some time right? From the last Christmas, and now we already going into autumn, soon will be Christmas again. Did you guys already decide when you two want to settle down?" Henry said making Nigel even more startle.

He then look at Sydney with a question looks. Sydney give him an answer through her expression.

"They didn't know about that night."

That's right! He never tell her parents about the incident that happen when he went to proposed her. They actually didn't engaged because of that. And after that, he never contact her family and maybe they thought that they already engaged.


"We still didn't think about this, mother, father." She cut his word. She look at him before she continue again.

"We want to enjoyed our youth before we get married. Right, dear?" Sydney assured her parents.

Nigel want to say something, but again Sydney interject him. She pull his hand and said "I wanna dance. Let's go and dance!"

Nigel was drag by her to dance area. There is a few couples dancing together and enjoyed the party. Lola and Jake also there. Dancing slowly following the music.

"Why didn't you tell your parents about what happen last year?" he ask her with plain tone.

"Why would I? I still want to be with you. Come back to me Nigel. I admit I was wrong. I will never cheat on you again." she makes a pitiful face.

"I want to move on, Syd. You should do the same too." he still refusing her.

"You love me Nigel. You really love me." she was so confident with that.

"Yes, but that was in the past. Soon, that feeling will be totally dissipated from my heart."

"Why you so eager want to cut your ties with me?"

"As I said, I want to move on." he still keep his voice calm.

"Is it because of her?" she divert her eyes to Lola's.

"It's not your concern on who I wanted to be with." he also divert his eyes to Lola.

When he saw them, his eyes turn wider seeing Jake lift up her chin and want to kiss her.

He release his hand from Sydney and went over to them.


"Looks like Nigel also dance with his ex." Jake peek at Nigel a little bit before he focus on Lola.

"Let them be. I don't care anymore." Lola said while following his step.

"Erm..So Lola, don't you want to do something about him? I mean, if you want to move on from him, aren't you supposed to get rid of him first?"

Lola tilt her head a little. "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, to forget someone, you need get him out from your picture right? How about you move out from the house?"

"Hmm.I can't. That house is my workplace and my friends home too. I really love to stay in there."

"Isn't that mean you don't wanna leave him? I mean, he's a good guy. But he already have a girlfriend. And I see somehow he always want to control you. And that is where I don't get it. Why he want to keep you if he already have a girlfriend."

Lola's turn silent. He said something true. Nigel always want to control her since after they slept together. Even though she didn't feel bothered by it but what he said about he already had a girlfriend make her think twice.

Maybe she should consider about moving out. To make her forget Nigel, she really need to take a big step.

Sighing, she look at Jake.

"Okay..I will think about it. Thanks though for your suggestion." she smile.

Lift up her chin, he said "Why don't you open your heart to me?"

Lola blushed as he keep draw closer to her. Wanting to kiss her. Just when Lola shut her eyes and wait for the kiss, someone grab Jake's collar and punch him after.


Nigel retract his hand as both of Lola and Jake dumbstruck by his action. All of the guest also stop and looking at the three of them.


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