Garden of Love
96 It“s Best If We Don“t Know
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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96 It“s Best If We Don“t Know

Violet standing in front of the grave stone wiping her tears while Chase wrap his hand around her shoulder.

He didn't say anything and keep stay beside her. While other teammates already went home after the burial ceremony done. Hazel and Alan take a leave to the Ang Lu's island because they need to visit Aslan as supposed yesterday was the day they should go. Because of the emergency, they postpone it to after the burial.

She didn't manage to do her last exam today. Chase already inform the chancellor, and they will arrange her for the next exam in the next week.

"Vi, my condolences for your lost. If you want, you can always stay with me." Her mother, Jessica hold her hand when she and Chase walk to their car.

She smile faintly to her. "Thank you. But I might stay at my own." she refused politely.

Her brother also there with her mother.

He look at Chase and said to him. "Please take care of my little sister. She's a bit stubborn. I hope she will not troubling you in the future."

Chase nod. He and Violet then bit a goodbye to her family before he take her to her house and pack all of her things.


Bring all her luggage, Chase led her to his room. She will be stayed at Sun House until she regain her spirit back. All other occupants also agree with her staying at the Sun House. At least, Chase can monitor her health.

"I miss his voice." she whimper slowly.

"Hmm. here.." Chase take out her phone and dialing her father's number. After the beep, her father's recorded voice coming through from the line.

"Hi, I'm not available right now, please leave your message. I will call you back once I'm available."

"I know it's short, but at least you still can hear his voice, right?" he kissed her on her cheek. Violet nod and lowered her head a little.

She fall asleep in Chase's embrace. She has been sleeping in his embrace for two days now. His scent and warmth make her calm and give her a new hope inside.

She need to refreshing her mind and start her life anew again. She need to accepts all the things that already fated to be happen. Even though she need to act tough in front of everyone after this, in her heart she will remain reserved a very special spot for her father.


Open her eyes, she look at Chase's face. He also just wake up from his sleep.

Kiss her lips, he wish a good morning to her.

"Chase, today I need to study for my exam. Can you help me with my study?" she ask him while they still on the bed.

"Sure. what subject?"


"Erm, okay. Even I don't know how I can help you with your subject."

"I just need you to stay at my side and check on my mini robot if there is any error that you can spot. I need to presenting this robot and take the exam after that." she divert her eyes on the clock at the bedside table.

"Sure. Now, take your bath and be ready. I will prepare your breakfast." Chase touch her nose before he get up from the bed and went to wash his face before he went to the kitchen after that.

Joe and Nigel just finish their morning run while Akiko and Lola do their indoor exercise at the gym in second floor.

"Morning." Nigel and Joe greet Chase in the kitchen. They take a sit on the stool and watch him making breakfast.

"Nigel, let's play the new game that I just bought yesterday. Akiko need to attend charity event this afternoon, so I had no second player." he said after he finish his mineral water.

"No, I'm sorry man. I want to go to Lola's uncle's today." Nigel spoon his cereal to his mouth.

"Huh? Did you want to get his blessing or what?" Joe ask and turn to look at him. Chase also put down his spatula and slow down his fire on stove.

Tilt his head a bit he ask him "did you guys dating? Why we don't know about it?"

"Yeah, why didn't you tell us?"

"Guys..if I want to go to her family house, do I need to be his boyfriend so that I can go there?" Nigel look at both of them.

"Oh.." both of them dumbfounded a moment.

Just after he said that, Lola and Akiko went down to the kitchen along with Violet. She already changed her clothes and look more refresh with a smile on her face.

"Morning guys." all the girls greet them at the kitchen.

"What did you guys talk about? I just heard about girlfriend and boyfriend words just now." Akiko started.

"Err..nothing.. we just talk about trivial matter. Nothing much." Nigel reply them. While Chase and Joe nod in unison.

Lola take a sit beside Nigel and said to him. "We leave at 11 am. Jake will pick us."

All of them look at Lola and Nigel, except for Nigel and Violet. Violet focus on the pancake that Chase serving to her.

"Wait, who is this Jake guy?" Joe ask.

"Yeah, why we never heard of him?" Akiko continue after that.

"Is he your new boyfriend?" Chase divert his eyes back to Violet and cut her pancake into pieces before he forked it and feed her gently

"Whoa! guys.. Why you all turn into FBI?" Lola look at all of them in surprised.

"That because we thought.."

"He's my friend. I met him at Palawan island." Lola cut Joe's word making all of them silence after that.

Nigel finish up his cereal and he went upstairs after that. After Lola's done, she also went upstairs leaving two couples at the kitchen.

"Am I the only one who thinks that those two is acting weird? I mean, they have been weird since the last Christmas." Joe started when Lola already left the kitchen.

Chase nod in agree.

"I think they have done something that we don't know. But what is it?" he continue again.

Akiko scrunch her eyebrow. She also feel the same way as Joe but she didn't dare to ask her. Maybe she should team up with Hazel and dig her secret. She thought.

"It's best if we don't know though. Let them settle their score." Chase finally said.

Violet smile to him. That is what she really like about him. He is such a positive and wise man. His attitude always show how calm he is. Maybe that is what makes him what he is today.


Lola wear dust pink off shoulder low-high dress. She tied her hair with a side loose braid. She look more feminine with the make up and her dress. After she's done, she went downstairs and wait for Nigel.

Jake already text her telling that he is now on his way to the Sun House. After 5 minutes waiting, Nigel went downstairs wearing his three piece black suit with a dust pink color necktie.

Lola rolled her eyes. 'Why must be same with my color.'

Not long after Jake arrive at the gate. He frowned when seeing Nigel also going with them today.

He park his car at the entrance after Lola open the gate remotely. She take the back passenger seat while Nigel sit at the front passenger seat.

After both of them get in the car, Jake drive his SUV from the Sun House.

It's a bit awkward though, when Nigel was there being the third wheel. The three of them keep silence like they were at the graveyard.


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