Garden of Love
95 She“s Part Of Our Big Family
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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95 She“s Part Of Our Big Family

"How is he?" Hazel ask, she just enter the room after Lola.

Chase look at her a moment before he focus back on the surgery.

"His blood vein on his left brain already damage. It cause blockage on his brain and he start to vomiting blood. His both kidney are now totally shutting down.His damage is severe. This is high risk surgery we perform right now." Chase explain to her.

"For how long have been he vomiting blood?" Hazel went to Chase's side.

"15 minutes before he collapse and that's when Vi.." Chase said.

"She was there?"


"Go, I take over from here." all the team's eyes on her.

Chase turn to her and look at her face. Yup, she's serious.

"You do help me when i was in my worst time. Now, it's my turn to return the favor. She need you. You know how critical is he right now. You need to prepared her for the worse." she stop and take the scalpel on his hand.

"Go now!"

Chase immediately take off his glove and mask. He look at Hazel before he open the door. "Thank you, Hazel."

He went to the second floor and try to find Violet. Open his bathroom, he find her already curled up on the floor with the rain shower turned on.

"Vi.." he called her name.

Violet look up to him and she start crying.

"He..He was fine..he..he never been sick." she start to hiccup.

He turn off the rain shower and bring her closer to him. Hug her tightly. He feel so sad whenever he looks at her face right now. He could feel the burden in her heart and if possible he want to be the one who lift up all the burden she feel right now.

"All people saying that he was a bad father. All people left him except me. He took care of me when I was so young, my mother left me with my father. She took my brother and she even want to take me from my father. Even though I know he had his bad side and temper, but never once he raise his hand to me. I want to cheer him up, I want to give him the happiness that he couldn't have again after my mother left him. I study so hard so that i could change our way of life. I don't care if people called him bad. All i know, he work so hard to just raising me up. I..I..I am afraid..What should I do?"

Chase wipe her tears and caress her cheek. "Vi, I believed he was so happy that he have you. You are the perfect daughter that every parents wants. You have me. Whatever happen, you have me as your pillar. You can count on me. I will always there for you."

Violet buried her face on his chest, still sobbing as she clench her hand on his shirt tightly.


Beep beep beep beeeeeepppppp..

All the team in a panic. Hazel put down his tweezers and look at Akiko.

"Charge! 200!" Hazel instructed her.

Bringing the equipment, she set to 200 joules. Lola help to pumping the patient's heart while Akiko still busy with the equipment.

Passing the defibrillator to Lola, she charged him, making the body lift up a bit.


"Again. 360." Joe at the side puff up his cheek, worried.

Akiko change the volume and Lola do the charged.


Three times in a row she did the charge, but all met the failure.

Lola pass back the defibrillator to Akiko and sit on the floor pinching her forehead with her finger.

They have been in surgery room more than eight hours now. He was in critical state when he arrived.

He vomiting blood too much and he lost a lot of his blood. His body system start not functioning before Violet found him. It's look like he didn't tell anyone about his illness. Not until the day Violet decide to visit her father to tell him that she want to introduced him with Chase.

Nigel look at the clock. "Time of death, 7: 55 am."

"Wrap this up. I'll tell him." Hazel take off her gloves and mask. She feel heavy in her heart. Deliver the bad news are always make she feel sad too.

Especially it's because Violet was her friends too and Chase's girlfriend. This must be hard for all of them.

She knock on door two times before Chase open it.

Violet was beside him, tugging on his shirt tightly looking at Hazel's face.

"I'm so sorry. We have done what we can. Your father's.."


Violet fall on the floor. Chase hurriedly carry her to his bed. Her body was so weak, since yesterday she hasn't eat anything yet. The whole night she was crying while Chase keep her company.

"I'm sorry Chase.." she caress Violet's face. She had a dark circle below her eyes and she look so weak, she already used to see how people will react when they got the bad news. Even she, herself used to be in Violet's shoes. So, little that she remember, that feeling is too much for her.

"It's not your fault. I will explain to her." he pat on her shoulder.

Knock on the door, Alan lean on the door frame crossing his arm on his chest. Hazel look at the door and smile to him.

"Darling." she stood up from the bed and went to him. She hug him as he kiss her on top of her head.

"Did something happen?" He ask, he just return home from his work, last night they had an issues on the border of the country as he had to stay at the based and guide his men to an ambush from the control room.

So, basically he don't know what happen at the Sun House. When he walk in, he could see Akiko was in Joe's embrace while Lola and Nigel stare the floor blankly. They looked exhausted and the air surrounding them feels gloomy. That is when he decide to go and check with Chase.

Hazel nod her head. "I'll tell you in our room." she look up and led him to the room leaving Chase with Violet who still unconscious.


In the room, Alan take off his neck tie and loosen his shirt before he sit in front of Hazel who already sit first on the bed.

"So, tell me. What happen? Why did everybody look lifeless? What happen to Violet?" He shot Hazel with so many question.

Hug him, she explain to him one by one. Even though sometimes, Alan do not understand some of the term she used in medical, he still focus on her explanation.

After some of time, he finally said. "So, Violet's father has diagnosed with an illness since she was young and he hide it from everyone including her?"

"That's what I thought. Violet's didn't know that her father suffering this illness. He also didn't take any medication or going to routine check up at the hospital. His body system is full with the trace of alcohol and I believe maybe he really intent to ended his life once Violet's was able to live by her own. He don't want to look like he was doing such a suicide, so this is how he choose to ended his life."

"Erm..She must be sad right now. We should lend her some help and do some preparation for her father's burial."

"Mm. You right. I should call Priest Freddy, he is my father's friend."

"I'll give a call to my based for searching her family's contact."

"Honey.. I'm sorry to trouble you when you were just homed." she said with sincere.

"She's part of our big family."


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