Garden of Love
94 Please..Help Him
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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94 Please..Help Him

Sydney walk beside Nigel, she look at his hand where he hid it inside his coat pocket. He usually will hold her hand when they're in relationship. But now, he seem a bit distant and he feels like someone else.

She brushed the thought and look up to the restaurant. When they walk to the table, Nigel suddenly stop his pace. She look at him and then divert her eyes to the figure that he's looking right now.


"Lola? What are you doing here?" Nigel ask her as he went to her table, standing beside her and a man sitting in front of her.

Lola lift up her head, looking at the man standing beside the table. She then divert her eyes to the girl beside him and rolled her eyes after that. Her reaction makes Sydney pursed her lips and feel annoyed by her presence.

"What do you think I'm doing here?" she then forked her carrot on her plate and eat it.

Jake scrunch his eyebrow when suddenly Nigel ask Lola a question. He didn't say anything as he enjoying his dinner with her.

"Tch!" he went to the table beside them followed by Sydney. After ordering the menu, they have a light conversation about how was her life and work . Even though they talk with each other, Lola still can hear their details and everything that they talked about. Same goes with Nigel.

"So Lola, did you free this weekend?" Jake ask her after drink his soft drink.

Lola turn to look at him and then she look at her phone. Checking for the date of today.

"Em..yeah. But in the afternoon i need to return to my uncle's. My cousin wedding on the Saturday evening." she said and continue to eat again.

"If that's the case, I postpone it to the next week. Is it okay?" Jake look at her.

Holding her fork, she point at the Jake in front of her, "Wait, where do you want to take me actually?" she squint her eyes.

"It's a secret. You'll love it. I'm sure." he smile to her.

Nigel glance to both of them in a flash. Seeing Lola's happy face make him a bit anxious.

"Now, I'm totally curious. Oh, hey.. how about you joining me to go to my cousin's wedding on this weekend?" she slip her hair to behind her ear looking a bit shy.

Scrunch his eyebrow, Nigel put his tip of his foot at the walkway. At the moment, there is waitress coming to the walkway, tripping due to crossing his foot with Nigel's.

The juice on the tray that he bring are now splash to Jake making him jolt in a surprise. Lola also jolt her body a little. She turn to look at Jake whose already wet because of the juice, then she divert her eyes to the side of the table.

Nigel was snickering a bit before he put on his normal face back. 'Nigel!' she clench her soft drink glass.

Shook her head, she look at Jake with a sorry expression. she handed him the handkerchief and help him to wipe the juice. The waiter keep apologizing to him because of his carelessness.

Fortunately Jake is a wise person. He smile to the waiter and even advice him to be more careful. Like always, the waiter seem so relief. He thought with his muscular body and his shoulder long hair, not to mention that he looks like a vulgar person, he would have scold him and maybe beat him up.

Lola smile seeing the waiter's expression when Jake still composed and treat him nicely. Well, that's a thing about Jake that she liked. He always make people surprise with his way of dressing. Maybe she too was like him. She sometimes dress up like a 'whore' but she actually not that type of person at all.

Their personalities is different with the first impression that people will always thought. People tend to look at the way how other people dress up and jump to conclusion before they truly know them.

Just after Jake pays the bill, Lola got the emergency alert from his phone. Nigel also receive the emergency alert from his phone. Both of them look at each other.

They both nod in unison. "Let's go Lola." Nigel already put the 100 dollar note on the table and call the taxi for Sydney.

While Jake smile to her. He just said with a soft voice to her. "Go and I'll see you again this Saturday."

Lola's eyes lit up, "You agree to coming to my uncle's?" she ask with an excitement.

"Yup. I'll pick you up. Go now!" he shush her to go now.

Lola's smile happily before went out following Nigel to the car park. Get inside his car, Nigel speed up his car from the restaurant to the Sun House.


Inside the car, Nigel ask her. "Why did you invite him to your uncle's?"

"Why can't I? He's my friend, what's the big deal?" she rolled her eyes and look at the outside of the window.

"But you never invited me. I am your friend too"

" you want me to inviting you? Uhmm..I'm sorry, but the guest list already full. I got only one spot left. and I already invited my other male friend. So, hmm..maybe, next time?" she cross her hand around her chest.

"You can just said that I am not that important or maybe I am not your friend at all. No need to give an excuse to me." he sounded like he was..offended.

"Hey, you know I'm joking right? if you wanna go, tag along. It just a wedding ceremony after all." she said while looking at his side of face.

Nigel did not reply to her.


15 minutes later, they arrived at the Sun House.

All of the team are busy at the surgery room preparing some medical equipment, while Nigel already went to disinfection area to put on his surgery attire.

Lola look at Violet who covered in blood standing outside the glass room.

"Vi, what happen?" she ask Violet.

Violet shake her head, her face look pale. "He..he collapse. There' much blood.." she stuttered.

Patting her back, Lola calm her down. "That's okay, leave it to us. You go and clean yourself up. Use my room and my clothes. Go now.."

Violet start trembling. "No...what if..he..he gone while i go?"

Lola scrunch her eyebrow. "Trust us, okay. We will do what we can."

"Lola!" Nigel call her from the inside of the room.

Looking at Nigel who already scrubbed up and donned his surgery suit, she nod to him.

"I need to go."

Violet nod. " him."

Lola nod and go to the disinfection room and do her scrub before she enter the surgery room.


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