Garden of Love
93 Your Girlfriend Called
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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93 Your Girlfriend Called

Lola walk out from the bathroom and dried her hair using the towel. While she was drying her hair, suddenly she hear a ringtone sound coming from the bed, she turn around and look at the king size bed.

She walk over to the bed and look at the crack screen phone, 'Sydney'. She pick up the call because she knew Nigel was probably prepared their dinner or maybe he watching a movie in the living room. Has been stayed with him for more than four year make her unconsciously remembered everyone daily routine.


"Uh- Is Nigel there?" Sydney ask.

"Yeah, hold on. I pass the phone to him." she said and want to leave the room.

"Eh, wait! Who am I speaking to right now?" Sydney stop Lola's pace.

She scrunch her eyebrow before she replying her. "I'm Lola."

"Why did Nigel phone's with you?"

"That's because..."

"Listen, I don't care about your reason. I know you guys living together. But please.. He's my boyfriend. I don't like any of you girls too close to him. I am a woman, and you are a woman too. I believe that you know what I'm talk about.

"And you said you are Lola right? you the girl i met back in Palawan Island, am I right?"

Breathe in, Lola huff and reply to her. "Yeah."

" a woman I ask you to stay away from Nigel. As far as I remember you're the one that he always talk about when we were together. And you know what? You is the reason why our relationship turn out to be like this. You do know he loves me. so.."

"It isn't you who decide everything for him. It is himself. If he want to be with you, i am totally not a threat for whatever i do to him. If you feel that i am your threat, then it is not my problem though. Whether he loves you or not, i really don't care."

Nigel hear someone was talking inside the room and he go to check on Lola. When he reach at the door, he overheard the conversation that Lola was talking with a person from the phone.

He slightly lowered his head when he heard her last line. 'Whether he loves you or not, i really don't care.' Feel a bit sad, he twist the door knob.

"Lola?" he pop up from behind the door makes Lola jolt a bit, shocked.

"Ah! good timing. Here, your girlfriend called you." she said while still on the phone with Sydney.

She walk to him and pass him the phone before she take her handbag and phone. Tidy up her hair, she mouthed him. "Thank you, I will go now."

She immediately left the apartment and went to the bus stop. 'Stupid Nigel! Why did he return back to that bitch?!' she cursing inside her heart.

Look around her, it's already night time. and she is hungry too. Just when she want to go to the near restaurant, she got a call from Jake.

"Hey, are you busy tonight?" he ask.

"No. why?"

"Wanna grab dinner together? I just finish my work." he said from the end of the line.

"Hm.. But I am at the Green city." she look at her wrist watch.

"That's okay. It just took me 50 minutes to drive there. You can choose the restaurant first and order for me while I drive there."

"Okay." She reply before ended the call.


Nigel took the call and he look at Lola who already take her belongings from the room.

"Hello?" he still fix his eyes on Lola's.

"Nigel.." Sydney said with a bit hoarse voice.

"What do you want?" He ask as Lola mouthed at him 'Thank you, i will go now.'

He want to stop her, but Sydney on the line said with a pitiful voice.

"My car broke down at the road that is far from the main road. I don't have any contact of mechanic I know, and there is no single car passing here. Can you help me and pick me up? I will call the tow truck in the morning. " she explain to him her situation.

Sighing, he reply her " Okay. Send me your location."

He took his car key and his coat before he went out from his apartment, drive to her location.

30 minutes later, he arrive at the road that she gave him the location. It is a quite dark and deserted road with the forest at the both side of the road. He feel sorry for her to have wait at the lonely road alone. Knowing her soft and fragile character makes his heart feel a bit guilty.

Park his car beside her car, he open the car door and she also do the same.

"Nigel!" she run to him and hug him.

"Take your bag and get inside the car." he instruct her and pat her hair gently.

"Mm." she nodded and release her hug.

Take her car key, Nigel lock her car before they drive off from the deserted road.

"Have you eat yet?"he ask after 5 minutes they turn silent in the car.

She shook her head before she reply him. "I just landing from my last shift. So I haven't eat yet."

"You should take care of your meals. Even if you busy, you need to find a time to eat or else, you will lose your weight and effecting your figure. A stewardess needs to maintain their body shape and health too. Remember that, next time. Don't skip your meals." Nigel start to nagging her.

"Yes, Dr. Nigel." she smile and wink at him.

Nigel just return the smile and focus back on the road.

"So, shall we eat before I send you home?" he ask a few minutes later.

"If that's not troubling you." she smile happily, hoping that she will have more times with him.

"Nah..I'm free right now." he turn his steering to the other side of the road and drive to the restaurant that he used to eat with Lola when they hang out together.


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