Garden of Love
92 Stop Misleading Me!
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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92 Stop Misleading Me!

It's been two months since Nigel, Lola, Joe and Akiko return from their vacation. Now both of them are busy with the new case and barely had time to see each other.

Only Chase and Hazel are a bit free from work. Hazel was still in the honeymoon mode, while Chase busy helping Violet with her final project and Robotic competition. Alan? He is now working as one of the First Class General at Lee base which is just establish in Arendell one month ago. He also a quite busy with selecting the squad for Lee base branch which is lead by him.

It's seem like he really can't part with the Lee after all.


Lola still in contact with Jake after they return to Arendell. To her surprised, Jake is actually a professor in one of the university in Arendell. He do his journey as one of his work piece. A work that he presented for remembering his late wife.

They stay as a friend, going out together, watching movie and even do extreme activity together. This make Nigel feel a bit jealous and sometimes he feel so annoyed whenever she was on the phone with him, talking for hours.

He still not sure about his feeling toward her. He do likes her, he like when they do everything together. He missed their old days. Those days when he feel free with her without feels like what he feels right now.

Panting heavily, he stop his pace. He sit on the bench at the lake side. This is the track that he usually take for his morning run with Lola everyday. He leaned back at the bench and stare at the blue sky.

He close his eyes and inhale morning air.

"Resting?" a familiar voice sounded from his side.

"Mm." he reply in short.

Lola take a sit beside him and grab his mineral water that he put beside him. She drank all the water and left it empty.

Look at the empty bottle she said, "Oops! I think I just finished your water."

Nigel open his eyes and turn to her. "I still not drink a single drop yet."

"Uh- "Lola was a bit shock when seeing his serious face he shown just because of the water. Feeling a bit guilty, she offer to buy him a drink at the vendor machine nearby.

"I'll go and buy you a drink from that vendor machine." she point her finger to the place she mentioned.

"No need." he said before he place his hand behind his head, and continue again. "You need to compensate it with this."

He kiss her lips before Lola suddenly push his body away. Release from his kiss, he yelled at him a bit. "Nigel!"

"What?" he shrugged his shoulder.

Lola punch him on his shoulder before she run back to her track. 'Damn you Nigel! Stop misleading me!' she almost cry.

Sniffing back her tears, she return to Sun House. Took a bath, she going out to the town. Strolling over and keep busying herself to make sure that the kiss from him today will eventually erased by her mind.

She trying very hard to make sure she had no feeling at him again. But that bastard keep doing something that will lead her fragile heart fall for him again and again.

This is so tiresome. She thought that she might want to move out from the Sun House. But, she loves that house. it is a house that full with warmth and happiness. Shake her head, she continue to stroll at the walkway around the city.


Nigel stop his car when he saw Lola was walking alone at the walkway. She look like she was in a daze. He decide to park his car and follow her from behind secretly.

She finally stop at one of the alley. Nigel thought she just want to look at the alley, but who would have thought that she will go to the narrow alley, alone.

Lola looked at the dog who looks like he stuck his head in the between of the rod near the trash bin. She decide want to help the dog to release his head, so she walk closer to the dog.

The dog growling fiercely, he gnashing and show his long fangs.

"Easy, fella. I just wanna help you right now." she try to calm the dog.

With her energy, she bent the iron rod a little bit, making it easy for the dog to release his head.

Just after she release the dog, the dog immediately turn to attack her.

"Ahhhh!" Lola defending her face with her right arm, Luckily Nigel was there as he run to the dog and throw his phone to the fierce dog. The dog immediately run to the other way.

"Hey, are you okay?" Nigel ask her when he saw she was still in defending mode.

Surprised by the voice, she startle and look up to the man.


"Who else? Come on. Let get out from here." he help her to stand up and brushing her dress which is now already dirt with the puddles before he took back his phone which also dirt and had a little crack on his screen.

Lola had no choice, they walk to his car and Nigel drive to his apartment near the town.


"Come in. I just bought this apartment half year ago. It's still new and I not often coming here if there is no need to." he said while open the door for her.

Lola walk inside the house and look around his apartment. It is neat and tidy. Like he said, everything in this apartment looks new and never been used.

"Clean yourself up, did you bring any clothes?" he ask.

Lola rummage her shopping bag before she pick one of the paper bag. Looking at her rummaging her shopping bag. Nigel went to the closet and take the bathrobe from the closet.

"Here, you can use everything in the shower. it's all still new and never been used.. and don't worry, i had a maid that will come to clean up my apartment every two days." he said, worried that Lola will thought that he never clean up this apartment.

Lola just lifting her eyebrow before she went to the bathroom.


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