Garden of Love
91 One of the Lu“s
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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91 One of the Lu“s

Three hour after surgery, Chase walk into the waiting room.

He saw that Hazel was sit on Alan's laps and hide her face on Alan's shoulder, maybe she was sleeping. And Alan also lowered his head, sleeping, but he still hold Hazel's body firmly making sure she in a good position.

He clearing his throat a little for a few times before both of them wake up.

Hazel get down and stand up followed by Alan after that.

"So, how is he?" Hazel stare at him with a hopeful expression.

Chase nodded, "He's okay. His rib are broke and we fix that. Beside that, his internal injury seem pretty bad when they bring him here. He need at least five months to recover. And one more thing hazel, I'm a bit afraid that this tragedy will leave him trauma to go out again."

Hazel clench her fist tightly and bring to her chest. Alan bring her to his embrace and calm her down.

"That's okay dear. I had a planned for him. We discuss this at home okay?"

Chase nodded and lead them to the ICU's ward.

Alan look at Aslan who are still unconscious from the anesthetic effect. He was still a child yet he had to experience this tragedy just because he was fated to be born from wrong incident that happen between Sam and Aslyn.

Hazel not knowing what Alan means by one of the Lu's. But she trust Alan. Whatever he decide on Aslan, it's must be a good decision.

After spending two hours visiting him, both of them returned to the mansion.

The news about the explosion in the suburb district make the underworld mafia shake a bit. They are now so fear with the name of Alan @ Andy Lu. The legendary second best combatant is now back. The news about their wedding also spread around them. They already mark his family is the number one 'don't mess with ' list.

In the third day, the three of them returning to the Sun House. Aslan was still not fully heal, but he was so happy that he can stay with his papa and mommy.

The uncles and aunties all so nice to him. He get the special treatment because he was everyone's child in the Sun House.

Everything fall back to its places.

At the night, just after they're having sex, Hazel ask him.

"Alan, that day when you say you want to make Aslan as one of the Lu's..what is that thing exactly?" she run her finger on his chest making a circle.

"Erm..Lu's is one of the greatest people with combatant skilled. You know your father in-law is actually is the number one top skilled assassin and agent when he was young. Until now though. And you remember my sister? She was once a top assassin in the underworld. But then now she just a skilled mom with the twin. Even though she was a housewife, she was still so skilled up until now."

"What about your mother?"

Smiled, he kiss her head.

"My mother passed away when I was 5. She was the number one who had a beauty looks and skilled agent at the Lee's based. My father married to his love, Zi Fei's mom. She's just a normal woman back then when my father fall in love with her."

Hazel scrunch her eyebrow. "Wow, your family sure is a unique combination. What about you?"

Alan turn to look at her. " I just in second on the list after my father I guess. Or maybe the third."

"So what you meant by Aslan be one of the Lu's is actually you want to train him to becoming an assassin too?"

"Huh? No baby..not that..I mean that he will toughen a little and not afraid to walk on his own when the times comes. He's an orphan child. He only had us for now. When he become adult, I believe he would go to his own path. That time I want to make sure that he had everything he want for his life. And yes, for the survival purpose. I and my father will train him like a Lu's. He will always be our son no matter where he go in the future."

"Ehm..he will always be our child. I don't know how to describe how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband like you." she kiss his lips showing how she really meant it.

Holding her waist, he bring her on top of him. Kissing with a passionate before it's turn into a passionate activity for the second round.


The next few weeks, Alan bring Aslan and his dog back to his father mansion on the private island.

Stride to the house, Ang Lu carry Aslan on his arm.

"How are you? Feeling any better?" he looked at him with a loving gaze.

He was so happy. He didn't have many children but then he had many grandchildren including the twin and the triplet.

Aslan nod his head. "Are you Papa's father?" he ask.

Smiling, Ang Lu ruffles his hair a little.

"I look handsome as your papa aren't i?"

Aslan shake his head. ", Papa looked better than you."

Alan smile winningly to his father. "Tch! That's because he absorb all my handsome genetic to him."

Aslan laugh after that. After they reach at the second floor, Ang Lu open one of the room door.

"This is your room for now. You will train with me and your father. But mostly with me. Because your father need to take care of your mother at Arendell. Did your dedushka tell you that you will be back to home-schooled again?"

"Mm.. He told me before i return back to Arendell last time." he get down to the floor and look around his room. His room are decorated with a lot of toys and plane figure.

It is specially design by Alan. He knew Aslan likes everything about the plane and ships. He had so many toys figure, all of them are mostly air plane, space ship, military jets and military battle ships.

Well, boys will always be a boy. Now he is in the border of Japan sea, he will surely buy a lot of Gundam limited edition series.

"If that the case, I leave you to look around your room first." Ang Lu smiled and leave him with Alan.

Closed the door, Alan sit at the edge of Aslan bed.

"As, come here." he patted on the bed. Aslan turn his body around and run to him, sit on the bed.

"Are you sure you're okay living here with grandpa Ang?" he look at his eyes deeply.

Aslan nodded. "I'm okay."

"This is for your own good. I want you to be able to protect your mommy and your family whenever i'm not around in the future. I will come and visit you as often as i can. Once you finish your high school we will living together again." he explained to Aslan. He worried that Aslan might get a wrong idea on why he was send away from him.

Even though his real enemy already dead, but he still afraid that Aslan will be a target again. This island is the safest place for him. Living here with his dad, he sure that Aslan will be the next number one combatant that can surpass his dad.

"I got it, papa." he plastered a smile on his face.

"I love you. Remember that." he bring him closer and kiss his forehead with dearly.


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