Garden of Love
90 You Mess With The Wrong Family.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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90 You Mess With The Wrong Family.

"Huh, you're getting good with just one night. What a good fighter you are." Kyle jump back after being kick by Alan in his jaw. He wipe his blood on the corner of his mouth and smirk after that.

"You think I will let you beat me up like yesterday? I was not prepared that time. You kidnap someone very dear to me, if I happen to kill you right here right now, don't blame me though. You mess with the wrong family." he also smirk to him and took a quick glance on his watch.

5 more minute before Richard blow up this place.

He strike again more faster than before. He need to take out Hazel and Aslan out from the this house in less than five minutes.

Grab his leg, Alan jump on his back and twist his leg making Kyle scream in a pain.

"That's for broke my ankle yesterday." he grab his head and knock it hard on the floor.

Well, at least his skull must be crack right now.


Hazel use her strength to bring Aslan on her laps. He was heavily injured. After all, he still a child. His body was fragile.

"As..please hold on.. control your breathe baby." Hazel trembles when seeing Aslan was covered with blood.

"Baby, please…hold on a little. Mommy will treat you." she cried. All her memory flashback one by one when she first take him out from the hospital and how she was not sleep in the night making sure he get a good sleep and all his need is fulfill.

Even though she treat Aslan with cold when he was just a baby, she couldn't denied that she actually love him. She loved him even though he is Sam's child. Even though she had no blood bound with him. For the past five years, she had been taking care of him, so it will naturally for her to love him as her own child.

Aslan is a really good child. He never caused a trouble for her. That's make her sad when she remember how she treat him coldly for the past five year.

"'s…it's..hurt.." he tried to suppress his pain.

"Erghh…Ho..hold" she start to hiccup. Look at Alan who was still fighting, she shouted at him.

"Alan! Hurry up!!"

Alan stood up from Kyle which he just bang on the floor and run to her.

"How is he?" he untie Hazel and immediately Hazel check on his pulse.

She shook her head, "Less than an hour." she tug on Alan's shirt.

Looked at Aslan, he feel so hurt. He turn on his earpiece.

"Zi Fei?"

"I'm on it." she said as she suddenly pop up from the door behind them, panting together with Yu Lin. They had to run from their post to the basement within less than five minutes just after Alan blow up the floor.

Zi Fei help Hazel to stand up while Yu Lin carry Aslan in his arm.

"We're headed out first. Four minutes top Andy!" Zi Fei shout at him when they leave him at the basement with one man left.

"You're so dead!" he said and dash to the man.

Vincent laugh when seeing his intense face. "That's good. I like your face now! Come on, kill me." he dodge his attack and almost kick Alan's side body. Luckily he hold his kick with his other hand.

He flip his body and use his leg to lock Vincent head and slump him down to the ground.

Thud! Both of them fall to the ground.

"Ha ha ha ha.. you know what, I just **** your wife yesterday night! She's so weak! I thought a legendary man like you will marry a woman who is at least in the same field like you. Such a shame!"

Alan clench his fist, he then punch him harder on his face before he stop his punch and shove him away.

"And that kid.." Vincent stood up with a bit trembles. "I am the one who beat him up. That stupid Sam! He just like him, weak and dumb and always think that he was saint. Puih!" he spat his blood on the floor.

Alan take out his gun, he really had no time to deal with this scumbag. Hearing his word would only make him more angry and feels like he want to destroy him right away with no single pieces left.

"Heh, so you're done fighting with bare hand? I thought you were a man enough." he smirk when see Alan aim his gun to his head.

Alan still not answering him. He want to pull the trigger, but then his leg was pull back by someone from behind making him trip and fall down to the floor. His gun was push away by Kyle to the Vincent.


Alan's head was touched by his gun. Vincent pull his hair and whisper to his ear.

"You know what, your wife was so bad on the bed. Stiff like a wood." he keep assault him using his wife's name.

Alan was so fed up with him, he sneakily take out his father weapon and snickering to him.

"You know what? You just reveal to me that you never **** her. You think I will buy with your cheap story?" he turn around and quickly stab the device on his neck and push the button before he duck his head.


Vincent release a shot and the one who was killed is Kyle. He lying on the floor, lifeless, while Vincent kneel down slowly. His body was shake a little. He take out the device from his neck.

Once the device was out, his eyes turn even wider. He felt a great pain flowing through his body. The poison that injected to his body system make him trembles heavily as he shook his body hard before he fall down to the floor.

Alan was surprise to see how the weapon works.

After he fall down, Alan flipping his body facing him, and just like his father said. There is no trace of poison or the cause of his death. He look like he just having a natural heart attack. Even the point where he shot him also disappear.

"Andy?" Richard on the earpiece call for him making him flinch his body slightly.

"Wait, give me 30 seconds." he said and run to the door leaving the basement and that house.

When he running out, a few second after that, the house is bombed by the troops and all of his minion was seize by the Lee's agent. He walk out to the safe zone and he could see Hazel were being treated at the rescuer ambulance at the side of the road.

He hurriedly run to her and hug her tightly.

"I'm sorry, I was late to find your location. " he kissed her both cheek before he kiss her lips.

"Mm." she shake her head and return his hug.

"Honey. Aslan..he.." she stutterer.

Hold her shoulder, he ask. "What happen to him?"

"I need to go to the Hospital right now, he need to do a surgery. I can save him." she tears up a bit.

Took out his phone, he ask again, "Which hospital?"

"St Adam."

He dialing Chase phone.

"Chase, go to St. Adam and check on Aslan. He is now on his way to the hospital. We will come right away." he said and ended the call.

Took her hand, he led her to his motorbike.

"Let's go. Wear this." he take off his leather jacket and cover her body which just wearing a big size shirt and then he put on her head with his helmet.

"For your safety." he said and sit on the bike. Hazel sit behind him and after she wrap her hand around his waist, he rev the handle.

Yu lin look at Zi Fei, both of them shrugged.

"Oh well, we should return to our side character back."

They arrived at the hospital 15 minutes later. Both of them rushing to the ICU unit.

"Aslan, Aslan Smith." Hazel ask the nurse on the counter. While the nurse run the list she look up at her and then she said.

"Aslan smith is now are being operated by Dr. Chase in operating room number nine. Both of you can wait at the waiting room first."

Hazel look so worried, "I am actually Dr. Hazel." She pat on her shirt like she was looking for something.

"Em, my license.."

"Dear, it's okay. Chase was there. I'm sure he will handle it. He's good ,remember?" Alan calm her down

"But.." Alan cupped her face and make her look at him.

"Nothing will happen to him. He's strong you know. Our son is strong." he deepen on the word of 'Our son' making hazel finally let out her sigh heavily.


"Alright, that's my wife. Come on, we'll wait at the waiting room." he led her.

The nurse on the counter was blushing a little seeing how the husband comforting his wife.

'Wow, he's so hot and yet so gentle! Lucky his wife.'


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