Garden of Love
89 Did You Just Blow Up The House?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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89 Did You Just Blow Up The House?

"Keep that scroll, I need to go now." Alan stood up and left Chase at the restaurant.

He started his motorbike and make a call to Ramon.

"I need his location now."

"Wait, I think this is the accurate one. "He said and Ping! he got a notification from him.

"Sent. Now, you can go and kill that man "

"Thanks." He ended the call and ride to the location.

Early in the morning Vincent went to his study when Kyle send him one file to his phone. Details of Hazel 's 'boyfriend'.

He open the file and look at all the news that spread out on the internet. He keep scrolling his finger until it stop at the picture of her wedding day with Alan.

He scrunch his eyebrow when seeing the man with a wedding suit. He know him. He had a high bounty on his head long time ago. He scrolling again and what's more shocking is all the Lee's and Yu's are together at their wedding day.

All the elit agent and wait a minute! isn't he is Cyrus?? The rumored number one man that can't be defeated by anyone. He look at the text and when he saw, Andy Lu as the groom while Ang Lu was his father, doesn't that make Hazel is actually a daughter in-law of Cyrus?

"Kyle!" he shout from his study.

Hearing Vincent calls, he immediately stride over to his study room.


"Bring that kid and that woman to the basement. They need to be disposed right now." he instructing him.

Kyle pinch his space between his eyebrow. "Now? It's still early in the morning."

"Just do as I say!"

Noded, he walk out from the room and went to Hazel's room after he instructed his minion to get Aslan to the basement.

Aslan was dragged to the basement with his hand tied up and his eyes was covered with cloth before he was force to kneel down. Not long after, Hazel also dragged by two other guy and was forcefully kneel down on the floor.

When they untie the cloth on her eyes, she could see Aslan face was beaten because of the bruise mark on his face can be seen clearly.

", are you okay?" she said worriedly and look at his face.

Aslan nod and sniffing, "Mommy, I'm afraid. I want papa."

Hazel was so furious, Aslan just only 5 years old! Why the hell they beat him up? Where is their brain?

"How could you! He just a child! Let him go! If you want to get revenge because of Sam, you could just kill me. He's a kid!" she start to tears up as she tried to gather her courage. This is might be the last day for her to live.

Vincent smile evilly.

"You think this is all about that asshole? You wrong, girl!" he kick the chair in the middle of the room making the chair broke in half after that.

Hazel jolt her body because of shocked. Aslan already cry and hide his face to Hazel's arm before he was force to look straight at Vincent by his people.

"It's your fault for marrying Andy Lu. You know who is he? If you not marrying him, I might consider to let you the only one who had to die today, but not after I know who your husband is." he aggressively grab her jaw and pinch it hard making Hazel frowned.

"How could a woman like you can married into one of the top agent? Your father in-law is such a legend. Yet, they accept a fragile woman like you to be their daughter in-law? You know you such a disgrace to Lu's clan? Just because you're rich and had this stupid bastard, you can married into anyone that you like? Among so many man, why did you pick him?"

All his people show a weird expression with his boss attitude for today. Why is he so furious with the woman because she marrying Andy Lu? It's look like he cannot accept the fact that Andy Lu is now married.

Kyle pinch his space between his eyebrow.

'Ahh! No wonder I thought like I know him. He's the Andy Lu? Really?'

Kyle look at Vincent.

"Jimmy, he's not as great as you think he is.. the one that I beat up in the subway was him." just after he finish his word, a knife flew straight to his face, luckily he can dodge and stuck to his people's head behind him instead.

"You beat him?!!" he shouted.

Hazel was totally shocked. Why would it becomes her fault for marrying Alan and why is this man behave differently from before?

"Don't worry, if he's that great he would have survive and he might come here, right now." he try to calm him down when suddenly there is a loud sound on the ceiling.

Andy look at the big house at the suburb area. He lock his watch and take off his full face helmet.

He zip up his lather jacket and put on his earpiece that Ramon gave to him.

"I'm at the location."

"Me and Yu Lin got your back." she signal him with a reflection light from her M-16 rifle.

"Give me 10 to 15 minute before the trooper come." Richard also said, he was in other city gathering his troop from his based and seize on a few merchant that had a link with Vincent's business. With that he can't call out his men as a backup plan or escape from the house.

"Got it."

Nodded, he take out his gun and start to sneaking into the house. To his surprised the house is not well-guarded by his men. Only a few men at the first floor and he continue to search all the rooms on that floor.

"What's wrong with boss today? He raged fiercely toward the woman and that child." two men was talking to each other when Andy hide himself behind the pillar at the hallway.

"Maybe he really is hungry to kill them. Well, once they both are going down to the basement, they will never see the light again."

"But I heard that child had a bloodline with him."

"Who cares, it's his late wife fault to give a birth to that child."

Alan's adrenaline rush when he heard their conversation. His heart keep beating fast and he feel really mad right now.

He rummage his backpack and plant a bomb device on the floor before he go to shield himself.


A medium explosion made the floor hole up straight to the basement.

Without any delay, he jump in the hole and make a grand entry to the basement with a group of men surrounding him.

"Did you just blow up the house?" Zi Fei yelled a bit on the earpiece.

"Yup, I'm a bit busy. If you had a free time, come here and help me. Gotta go now." he said as he start to fight with the them.

Luckily he had train for a bit with his father, so that he still can remember a bit on how to deal with this kind of situation. However, he already decide to go on training with his father again once this problem here settled.

He can't risk his family life again like right now. Or maybe he will bring Aslan too to go and training while his dad still alive. At least he got an apprentice. Alan thought while fighting those bunch of Vincent minion.

Hazel and Kyle flinch a bit after hearing a loud sound from the corner of the room. While Vincent turn his head to see a bunch of his men were surrounding the intruder . He couldn't see his face clearly but he can see how fast he take down his men one by one within less than two minutes.

Once he take down all the man, he look at the center of the room.

Hazel, Aslan and Kyle shocked again when they see the intruder which is now stride over to them.

"Papa!" Aslan shouted and immediately he was kicked by Vincent at his stomach.

"As!" Both of Hazel and Alan shouted.

"You asshole! What is wrong with you?!!" Hazel yelled while try to crawling to look at Aslan who is currently coughing a blood.

Seeing Aslan was treat like that make his blood boil up, he run to the man and before he could punch him, Kyle already shielding Vincent and take his place instead.

While Alan was busy fighting with Kyle, Vincent smile contently. His eyes gleaming seeing how Alan fight with his best man. He admired Alan since he was first time got into the underworld business.

All of his rumored and everything about him will make his heart beating faster. He was a real fan. But then, he heard that he's missing three years ago. He thought that he was dead. And who would have thought that his idol was actually alive and were fighting in his basement right now.


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