Garden of Love
88 I’m Not A Forgiving Person
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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88 I’m Not A Forgiving Person

It was late at night when Hazel was sleeping, she heard a creaking sound from the door. She immediately sat up and look at the door. The scent of fragrance from that man indicate that he was the man from before, when she regain her consciousness earlier.

Her room was dark and it difficult for her to look at him clearly. That man stride to her and take off his suit. He grab her hand and forcefully and lock her body on the bed.

"Let go!" Hazel yelled as she wriggle her body try to escape from him.

He didn't even move a bit. He continue to take off one by one his shirt and just left him with his pant, while another hand lock her both hand.

Hazel cry when she seeing him already half naked. She really hope she could kill him right away. She hated herself with a thought that she dirt herself with other man besides her husband.

"Please..Let go of me, I beg of you.." she begging him with tears flowing down her cheek.

"Let go of you? You know what your fiance do to my wife?" he finally stop his movement and look at her with a disdainful face.

"I don't. Whatever happen in the past, I don't want to know anymore. Please..he's dead. I had nothing to do with your anger toward him." she start trembling.

Smirking, he said again as he push her harder on the bed. His right hand chocked her throat, making Hazel a bit difficult to breathe in."So you don't want to know what my fucking brother do to my wife? Let my wife carry his bastard child for what? If he can fuck my wife, why can't I fuck his fiance?"

Hazel shut her eyes as she try to endure the pain she felt right now. The word brother shocked her the most. Everything that man said is like a poison to her.

She knew Sam for years. She saw how harder he try to persuade her and how he loved her back then. If he cheat on her, she can still accept as she still alive right now, but she would never thought that he would possibly **** his sister in-law or do something like that. Sam was not a person like that. Even though he leave her with a bad impression, deep down inside, she still believe that Sam had his own reason.

Her face already turn blue when suddenly his right hand man, walk to the room and talk to him at the side of the bed.

"There is a rumored that a few people are looking for her. They take down Jimmy Goby and Jimmy Jeffery."

Release his hand from strangling her, he shot a death glare at him. Kyle immediately lowered his head while Hazel panting heavily try to breathe in.

"Who are they?"

"They are Lee and Yu from Great Empire."

Vincent grab her hair and bring her closer to his face. Once the room was lit up by the table lamp that Kyle turn on, she can finally see his face clearly.

Upon seeing his face, her tears couldn't stop from flowing down. His face was exactly same like Sam.

"Afraid of my face?" he ask with a cold voice.

Hazel shook her head.

"Who are you until the Lee and Yu are looking for you?" he ask again.

Hazel scrunch her eyebrow. 'Lee?'

She gasp. Of course! Her husband was one of the Lee too. Except, that he do not bear the Lee word in his last name.

"So, you do know them huh?" he tighten his grip making Hazel yelp in a pain.

"Vincent.." Kyle said when he look that Hazel was totally in pain.


"Maybe it was her father who ask them for help. After all, her boyfriend I met earlier doesn't look like Mr. Lee." Kyle said.

He smirking and said. "So, she had a boyfriend huh? Find his details." He instruct Kyle and turn to look at her

"I really want to see how you will show your expression when I torture your boyfriend in front of you."

After he said that, he release her and wear his shirt back before he leaving her in that room again.

Hazel cover both of her hand to her ear and curled up. 'No! Not again! I don't wanna to live if anything happen to him! Please! Just kill me instead!' her inner was fight with her emotion right now. She was scared, scared that she will loose him too. She was sad, sad because of her past keep coming to her and hit her with so many shocking news, she was angry. Angry because she couldn't even fight him or at least do something right now. This burden is too much for her. Just when she thought that everything will be alright, here's come the storm that will part her away with the one he loves right now.

In one single day, so many things happen to her. The load make her stress up until she was fall to faint.

In the meantime, Alan already done with his training for today. Well, at least for the fight he will encounter today. He got the news that they already got the target and now are looking for his location.

When he want to went out and dig some info, his phone rang and he scrunch his eyebrow a little before he pick it up.


"Where are you?"

"I uh-"

"I need you to meet someone. I heard about what happen to Hazel as the news start to spread out. So I take the flight to come here and I bump into someone that you might need as an info." he explained without waiting for him to finish his line.

"Alright, send me your location." he said before he ended the call.

He bring his backpack and wear his leather suit before he take the helmet on the cabinet.

Seeing Alan are ready to go, Ang Lu ask him "Going somewhere?"

"Chase found a new lead. I will go there. If anything, I will inform you later"

"Take this with you." Ang Lu throw a small like-a-pen thing to him.

"What is this?"

"When you need to kill that bastard, just stab into his neck or his vital before you click it." he smile.

"Whoa, we still have law.."

"Just in case, he do something to my daughter in-law and grandson. I'm not a forgiving person. Don't worry, it would not leave the traces." he said before he going back to Ramon's cave in the hall.

"Well, maybe I can use it." he mumble.

He decide to ride a motorbike since it will be more faster than a car.

After 10 minutes, he arrive at the cafe that Chase gave him the location.

"Alan. " Chase stand up and pat him on his shoulder.

"This is Mala, she is Aslyn's friend." he introduce them both.

Take a seat, he ask her. "What is the reason you want to meet me?"

That Mala girl take a deep breathe before she start.

"It's happen when Aslyn was forcefully to be married with Vincent. Vincent kill her father and take her as his bride. Rumored said that every woman that he had sleep with, he will throw the woman away or shut her from getting close to him again.

"She thought that he will do the same with her, so she waited for him to sleep with her. Unfortunately, he never sleep with her. Not even once and he keep busy with travelling to other country and his underworld business. She decide to live her own way and move to Arendell.

"Until one day, she saw Sam on the bar. She thought that he is her husband, Vincent. She drug him that night and they..uhm..the next day, when she wake up, she got a call from her husband while Sam was still beside her.

"That is when she knew that she was wrongly sleep with the different man. That day, she leave the hotel and return back to Russia. To her husband house for a few week before she return back to her normal life in Arendell. She never mentioned anything to him and when she was diagnosed pregnant with Sam's child, she start to panic. She know, her husband will never divorce her if they still not sleeping together yet, and she also knew that he will kill Sam after that. So, she start to seduce her husband. And to make sure that Sam will not be killed, she keep check on him secretly. Sam also not remembering that night at all, not until three months after that night.

"When she managed to sleep with her husband, she thought that he will divorce her, but he never say that word either. Because she was so afraid, she told him that she pregnant his child. At first, everything was alright, not until the video from that night start to spread out. One of her husband enemy got that video from that night and send it to him.

"She managed to get away from the house with her husband right hand man help her, and when she went to Sam and told him the whole story, he agree to help her and that child she's carry. He gave her shelter and it's a bit far form the city. Until the due date, I was there helping her to give birth. I was the one who care for her in one month together with Sam.

"The day when he decide want to return back to Arendell and come clean to his fiance, he write a will that look weird to me. It's look like he already predicting his death was that day. He left me with one of his will, he told me to give this will to Hazel, but after that day I never find her. He just said her name is Hazel not Hazel Jokovic. So I've been keeping his will with me for years.

"For today, I was in this city because of my duty. I heard a news about Lady Hazel from Jokovic clan has been abduct by one of the mobster. All the news about the accident that happens years ago start to spread out like a fire. And then there is a photo of your wedding day and the boy in the picture is look exactly like Sam. That is when I know, the Hazel I was looking for is actually her."

Alan and Chase turn silent. They try to digest every word that she told them.

"So, the will he left for her.." Chase started.

"Oh!" Mala rummages her bag and take out a scroll from her bag. "Here."

She handed the scroll, the scroll looks a bit yellowish and a bit old.

"Thank you for your information." Alan said and not long after Mala excuse herself.


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