Garden of Love
87 Vincen
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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87 Vincen

"Which Hazel?" he smirk.

"How many Hazel did you know with the name Jokovic behind her name?" Zi Fei push the knife a bit harder making the man breathing heavily.

"Jo..Jo..Jokovic?" he stuttered.

Zi Fei didn't reply him, but she place the knife on his torso.

"Honey.." Yu Lin called Zi Fei when his eyes caught her action.

"No no..I had nothing to do with that rich lady. I swear!" the man scream when Zi Fei start to push her knife to his manhood.

"Honey, if you want to cut 'that thing', make sure you make him can't fuck anyone in the future." Yu Lin said and shot the man with a serious look.

"Please! I swear I never heard her name."

Clicking her tongue, she lift up her knife and said "Alright then, who had her?"

That man took breath, he shook his head "I don't know."

"Okay." she nod her head and stab his leg with her knife and twist it.

"Arghh!!" he shout and tried to wriggle himself from the tied.

Yu Lin point his gun on his head, making him stop from wriggling.

"Name." she look at him.

Panting, he lowered his head "I heard Vincent's people are now active to get her. I don't know if he already get her or not."

Yu Lin glared at Zi Fei before she pull out the knife.

"Alert his men, I will kill your entire clan." Zi Fei warned that man before she and Yu Lin fled away.

Hazel feel her head heavy and a bit hurt. She open her eyes and touch her back of her head.

She was now laying on the big bed in a quite fancy room. She look at her attire, it was different from the last time.

"So, you're the Hazel that Sam was supposed to married with?" a cold voice make her immediately flinch and turn to look at the side of the room.

There is a man leaning on the pillar at the side of the room. The room was so big and the decoration is looks like an old British style. His figure is a bit blur with the dizzy effect she had right now she couldn't see his face clearly.

"Who are you?" she ask as she flip open the comforter, but when seeing she's not wearing any pants, she cover her body back with the comforter.

"What did you do to me?! Where is Aslan?!" she almost cry.

He smirk to her and went out from the room. The room was locked from the outside when she heard a clicking sound just after he close the door.

She curled up her body and crying. With her state right now which only wear a big white shirt with no pants make her thought that she was raped by that man.

Aslan are not with her, its make her more grieve with the thought that Aslan might get into a bad trouble.

She tried to find something hard to break the window glass, but all meet with the failure. The window glass cannot be broke from the inside. The door was lock even she banging on the door there is no use. No one willing to help her.

Finally, she sat on the bed and hoping that the police or someone will save her. While waiting for help, all she can do right now is to keep calm and figure it out on how she can find Aslan.

Not long after, a glasses man walk inside the room bringing her a plate of dinner.

He place it on the table before he stride over to her.

"Eat your dinner."

Without any reply, she stand up and went to the table obediently. She looks at the steak, she was so hungry right now.

Cut the meat and forked it, she chewing the portion slowly. While the man take a sit in front of her.

"I met your boyfriend just now."

Hazel stop chewing and stare at him.

'Did he see Alan? How did Alan find him? Are they already send a rescue team?'

"But, he probably are crippled right now. Or maybe dead. I should have wait and see how he's end up." he continue again.


Hazel's fork and knives fall from her grip. Her eyes start to wells up.

'No! That's not true. Alan can't die. He can't die!' she bit her lips making sure she was not sobbing in front of that man.

He observes her face and snickering inside. 'So, he is someone special to her, huh?'

He tilt his head and stare her with a curiosity in his mind. Not wanting to wait anymore, he ask.

"How did you manage to raise up a kid which is not yours? And the worst part is that kid is your fiance's child with another woman?"

Hazel a bit surprised with his question. She secretly wipe her tears and take back her cutlery.

"Blood line does not matter to me." she reply and continue to eat her dinner.

"Hmph, too bad, that kid will be killed by his real mother's husband sooner or later."

Again, Hazel was shocked. She stop chewing and look at him again.

"Where is he? What did you people do to him?" she ask worriedly.

"He still alive. We keep him for now of course. After all, he can be consider as our Lady boss child's. The decision soon will be her husband to decide it."

"So the one who kidnap me is that woman husband? What is he? 5? She already dead for years. Why letting out his anger now? That kid had nothing to do with him anymore since I was the one who took care for him for years."

"Heh..basically, that child is actually had a related bloodline to him. But his wife took a wrong step and leading him to kill them both. So the one who is has nothing to do with that child is you." he stood up and leave her alone.

Hazel was dumbstruck by his word. She pinch her forehead and close her eyes.

'Had a bloodline? But Sam was the only child. He known him for years. There is no single time he mention that he had a brother or sister.'


Richard look at the man with a flower print shirt on the road. He brush his suit and ask him.

"Hazel Jokovic. Name and place."

The man with the flower print shirt coughing a blood from his mouth.

"Vincent.. I heard they want to take something from Jokovic."

"Thank you.. but, a criminal like you should have not live happily and do your shitty job."

Just after he said that, a group of elit squad surrounding that man with a gun.

He was taken to the custody for further investigation.

Took out his phone, he dialing Yu Lin's phone.

"Vincent." they both said in unison.

"Inform Ramon. Meet back at the safe house." he said and Yu Lin ended the call after that.

He headed to the safe house.

In the car, he put on his Bluetooth device and dialing Hai Rin's phone.

"Hey honey.. what are the kids doing right now?" his voice turn soft and gentle.

"Hey..they just finish bathing…and now…they are fighting again. Aurora, don't hit your bother!" Hai Rin yelled slightly before she sighing.

"I'm sorry you had to handle them three. I will redeem back once I back home, okay?" he smile when he heard his kids voice from the back of the line.

"Mhm? How long will you be there?"

"After I help Andy. When we were in trouble back then, he was the one who put his life on the first line. So now I want to repay him back."

"Okay.. but, be careful, alright? I will be waiting."

"Ok honey. I love you. Tell the kids that I love them too."

Giggles, she said "Yeah."


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