Garden of Love
86 Stiff Like A Wood
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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86 Stiff Like A Wood

Yu Lin immediately shake his head. "No, you can't." he said making Zi Fei pouted again.

"Baby, relax.. i will just dance and get the location. i will not over do it. I promise you." she lift up her hand like she was promising to him.

"It's a pole dance, honey.. You can't dance. you stiff like a wood."

Scrunch her eyebrow, she shot him a death glare. "Excuse me?"

"I know how to dance, alright? All woman know how to dance. it's just the matter of willing or not. " she slump on the couch beside Adele.

Adele smiling to hear her respond. "It's true though. it's our nature as a woman. you guys just fight with the tough one, let the women handle the alluring tactics." she suggesting.

Richard clearing his throat. feeling a bit uncomfortable with the conversation. if he was put to the decision between allowing Hai Rin to do the pole dance or not, he will of course rejecting the idea. Not even in a million years.

He doesn't want to share her charm with other man. Let's just him the only one who can see how she dance. The exotic one of course, exclusively for him. Alright, put that aside. We're going back to the real business.

After they got the clue, they separate their way to find the clue.


"Harder Andy! Harder!" Ang Lu shouted to his son with both of his hand at the back. Alan currently punching the sand bag using his hand.

"Do like this!" Ang Lu punch on the sand bag using one of his hand and immediately the sand bag was broke open as the sand inside the bag flowing out to the floor.

'Damn it! he's good!'

Alan scrunch his eyebrow. He sweating a lot. Yup, he had lost his fitness these past three years. He become more slower and less alert. His father's training was super hard, but he also had no choices. He needs to at least beat the man that wearing the glasses. That man take him down without any weapon.

"Use your elbow!" Ang Lu shouted again to him making him frowned. He need to carry his father on his back with on all fours this time.

"Did you forget how to keep your chi?!" Ang Lu jerk again making him flinch a bit.

Ramon at the upstairs could hear all the loud sound from the basement. He shook his head, he thought if it were him for sure he will die down there. He more prefer to stay behind he desk and help as an IT guy instead of dirt his hand with the blood.

Both of them continue to train straight for 8 hours without resting.


It was in a night time when Zi Fei dress up like a pole dancer. She put on her mask to cover up her identity. Before she walk on the stage, she take a look at her phone to check the image of her target tonight.

She need to admit that Ramon was doing his job so good. All the details of her target in her hand. She put on her tech lens and start to walk in the stage.

She run her eyes around the bar until her lens detect the target. She smile and swirling down smoothly from the pole. With her alluring moves, she place her leg in between a man with a black suit on VIP couch. The man lift up his eyebrow looking at her leg.

When she do the dance, her intercom was interrupt by her husband.

"Don't you dare to touch his manhood or I kill that bastard right away." he warned her making Zi Fei suddenly giggles. She did not reply to her husband.

"Did something funny on my faces?" that man in the black suit ask her before he take a sip of wine.

"No, i just wondering, with your bulk body, it must be even bigger" she run her finger around his torso.

"Zi Fei!" Yu Lin shouted make Zi Fei flinch her body a bit.

'He spy on me?!' Zi Fei bristled in her heart.

"Did you find it interesting? I can fill in your inside.."he draw closer to her ear and whisper again "Make you scream and feel the pleasure."

Yu Lin on the other sides already clench his fist. He stay silent. If he said something right now, Zi Fei's cover will blow up.

Zi Fei distant herself a bit from the man. She smile and nod. "Why not?"

She then follow the man to the VIP lounge at the upstairs of the bar.

The moment that man open the door, Yu Lin smack him hard on his stomach.

His face was so cold. Zi Fei also shock with his suddenly attack. But she immediately take his bag on the floor while Yu Lin tied him up on the bed.

"Darling.." She want to said something but immediately Yu Lin cut her word.

"We talk about this at home." he said with a serious tone.

Zi Fei sigh and she changes her clothes that she took from Yu Lin's bag.

That man smile widely to both of them. "Huh, your woman is such a cheap bitch!"


Yu Lin hit him hard on his face. "Talk about her again, i kill you!"

"Honey.." Zi Fei pinch her space between her eyebrow.

"Don't treat me like i was such a fragile girl. You know i won't do such a thing. Let the senior teach you how a pro like me deal with this scumbag." She take out her knife and place it to his cheek making that man is a bit surprised, but he try to act calm.

"Now, lets get into a real deal. Did you or did you not kidnap Hazel Jokovic? Answer me or i slice your cheek little by little." she run her knife on his cheek.


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