Garden of Love
85 If You Dare Enough.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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85 If You Dare Enough.

He stand up using his right leg.

"Damn! He broke my ankle. I need to go to the safe house first." he mumbles and left the underground subway.

After got basic treatment with the medicine he buy at the pharmacy, he go to his father's safe house in that city. Luckily that his father had a safe house in each country and even a weapon vault.

He stay at the house and after a few hour, Ramon, Richard, Yu Lin, Zi Fei and his father, Ang Lu arrived at the safe house.

"Oh my god, Andy!" Zi Fei run to him just after she went in.

Look at his state, Zi Fei shook her head.

"How bad was your injury?" Richard ask him.

"Just a scratch." he state and turn to look at Ramon.

"I need all people with the name of Jimmy in this country."

"Where should i start?" Ramon open up his laptop and turn it on.

"Start with the mobster list." he said. Richard and Zi Fei check on his condition, while Yu Lin go to the secret vault. Sorting the weapon they need to used.

" If the mobster you're looking, i have one person who might know about it." Ang Lu said making all of them stop with what they doing right now.

"Who is it?" Alan ask him.

"Well, she was..uhmm..Adele. But maybe she already changes her name and faces. So, it will be hard to find her." Ang Lu said with a hesitant.

He doesn't want to burden her again. She was his partner long time ago. The one who keep fighting with Scarlet because of him. They met when she was in undercover mission.

Even though she declaring Scarlet was her rival, but she never really intent to hurt her. She even sacrifice herself on the mission they attend and as the result her face was burn and he really feel a bit guilty because of that.

Since then she vanish from the underground world.

"Not really, she just lives two blocks from here." Ramon said as his eyes fix on the screen.

"Oh, she did change her name.. Wow.. Belle Anne was her name." he continue again.

"Let me, Zi Fei and Yu Lin go find her." Richard offer himself and both of Zi Fei and Yu Lin nodded in agree.

"No, I want to go too.." he stand up.

"Wait, you need to heal first. You can't go with this condition right now." Ang Lu hold his arm.

His father's face look serious. He never say no whenever his father face turn to this serious. Not even when he was a kid. He somehow feel a bit afraid, maybe that is why he was called Grim Reaper as his code name.

He nodded and turn to look at the three of them.

"I'm counting on you guys."

"Sure. I can't wait to know about the person who beat up my rival in fights." Zi Fei smile widely and in return she get a little pinch from Yu Lin and also a death glare from him.

"Don't you dare to have a thought for fighting again. Let us man, handle the fight." He said with a serious tone.

", It's been years since last I go to the battle field. I really miss it." she whimpering.

"Zi Fei, listen to your husband." Ang Lu interrupt her.

Yu Lin smile to hear his father in-law also supporting his word. Zi Fei already pouted.

She had no choice except follow her father word. She's also had a same thought as Alan. She was afraid when her father get into serious mode. Even though Ang Lu already old, but she still can't surpass him. He's so skilled. No one dare to kill him.

Take the remote key car, the three of them go to the location leaving Ramon, Alan and Ang Lu in the safe house.

Ang open the bandage that wrapped on his ankle. He look at the his ankle and then he averted his eyes to him.

"I will put it back to the right place. It'll be hurt a bit." just after he said that, he pull his ankle forward and wiggles it a bit before he push it back. Alan frowned a bit.

'He didn't wait for me to take a breath!'

Even he complain on his heart, after his father put down his feet on the floor, he feels a bit relieved from the pain.

"Take a shower and meet me at the basement. You need to be trained. Your skilled and body are getting weaker." he said and leave him with Ramon.

He turn to look at Ramon.

Ramon shrugged and mouthed at him 'Go now or he kill you!'

Alan went to the bathroom and do as his father ask.

Ding Dong!

It's almost 10 PM when they ring a door bell at one of the house in the st. Ives neighborhood.

After three times ringing the bell, a middle-aged-looking woman open the door. She cover her shoulder with a wool cardigan because she only wear her night gown.

"Yes?" she ask while looking at the three of them.

"Ms. Adele?" Yu Lin started.

Adele look at the man with for a moment before she shook her head.

"No, you must be come to the wrong house. My name is Belle Anne. Not Adele." she plastered a smile on her face.

"But…" Zi Fei want to say something, but immediately Richard make a sign to let him talk.

"Madam Belle, we are one of your student. Can we come inside? We would like to talk with you about a few assignment that you give to us. Is that okay?" he said politely.

'Student? Do us look like a student to you??' Zi Fei shot him with unbelievable face.

Adele then look at three of them before she led them inside and sighing.

"I'm sorry Vigor, this is my student. They need to discuss about the important assignment." she smile to the man in his early fifties.

The man smile to the three of them, "It's okay, Belle. Maybe I should go now." he kiss her on the cheek and then he patted on both of Yu Lin and Richard shoulder before he left.

When she close the door and turn to them, she immediately change her looks toward them. No more smiling face and there is only a grim looks on her face.

"What do you guys want? Ruin my dates for today." she take a sit on the couch and open the television.

'Date with a nightgown?' Zi Fei look at her with indescribably face.

"We want to know about Jimmy. Anyone with the named as Jimmy, mobster or ex-con maybe. Do you know who is he?" Zi Fei said making both of the man nodded.

"Well, there is at least 4 of them. Jimmy Choo, Jimmy Jeffery, Jimmy @ Vincent and Jimmy Goby."

"And their location…" Yu Lin ask.

"No one know.These four likes to change their location. But lately, I heard that Jimmy @ Vincent are now stay at the same place. "

Yu Lin look at both of them. "Maybe the one who we trace is not gonna stay at one place right?"

Richard and Zi Fei nodded.

"So, we only have 3 other options."

"Split or going together?" Zi Fei shot a look at both of them.



Richard and Yu Lin look at each other.

"No, we're going together." Yu Lin said again.

"If we go together it will take more times, after all, we run out of time right now." Richard also state his concern.

"Dear, don't worry. i'll be fine." Zi Fei rest assuring him.

Sighing, Yu Lin finally agree with Richard. But, they need to find their location first

Adele sit still on the couch watching some movies ignoring them three.

"Do you know, where we can find these three?" he ask Adele.

"Paradise bar." she said and divert her eyes to Zi Fei after that.

"For you, you might need to go to the pole dance bar. There is one of them that rumored likes to go there. If you dare enough." she continue again.


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