Garden of Love
84 I Really Need To Train!
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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84 I Really Need To Train!

In the afternoon, Alan and Hazel are ready to pick up Aslan from the school on the side of the road. Both of them leaning against the car door and look at the school entrance gate. It's not only them but mostly of the student's parents also there waiting for their kids.

When the ring bells start to ringing, all the student start to walk out from the school.

Aslan look at both of them with disbelief face. He stop his pace and cover her mouth which is now widely open. He blink a few times making Alan chuckles to see his reaction.

When he notice Alan's smile. He jumps happily. He was so excited. After that, he runs to him and hug him tightly.

"Papa. I miss you.. I miss you so much.." he giggles and soon Alan carry him in his arm.

"I miss you too buddy. Let's grab some lunch and then we can go strolling around the park."

Aslan nod.

"Papa, can I have an ice cream?" Aslan pointing his index finger to the ice cream truck not far from the park.

Alan look to the way he point his finger. He smile and ruffles his hair.

"Sure, wait here with mommy. I'll be back with your ice cream. What flavor did you want?"

"I want chocolate flavor."

He turn to Hazel. "What about you?" he ask her.

Shrugged, she said. "Vanilla will be fine."

"Okay. Wait here."

He walk to the van, it's quite hot since it's now summer season in Russia.

Lot of people will wear something short and thin. He had to line up to buy the ice cream. It's was so hot as he start to sweat a bit.

While Hazel was looking at Aslan who is now start to chase a bubble air flown around the park.

Aslan run to the side of the road making Hazel stride to him faster, worried that there might be a running car on the corner of the road.

"Aslan! Don't run." she yelled a bit.

When she reach his shirt from behind, suddenly she was hit by someone on her neck and she was black out after that.

"What flavor sir?" a man with a white hat asking him with a happy face.

"1 chocolate flavor, 1 vanilla and 1 for matcha." He said while smiling back to the man.

"Total is 6 dollars." that man said and he went to prepared his ice cream after Alan pay him.

"Thank you, sir, come again." he said and handed him his ice cream.

Take the ice cream cone on his hand, he walks back to the bench where Hazel and Aslan sit earlier.

When he saw the bench is empty with no one there, he started to look around. That is when he heard a lady start to scream.

"Oh my god! That Girl! There is a child too!" one woman at the corner of the park scream asking for help.

Alan frowned, he go to the woman as a few people also approaching her.

"What happen, lady?" one of the man ask her.

"I saw someone abducting a woman and a child there! There is a black van, and some guy hitting the woman and forcefully shove the boy inside the van! Hurry! Call the police." she panic.

Alan feels uneasy, he take out his phone and show the woman the picture of Hazel and Aslan.

"Is this the woman and a child that you saw ma'am?" he ask with a bit trembles on his voice.

Seeing his phone screen, she nodded. "Yeah! Yeah! These are the woman and the child…Wait! Is that your family?"

All the ice cream which on his hand are thrown to the ground as he immediately run to the road and get in his car.

He drive aimlessly wandering around the city try to find the van. After a few hours, he stop at the side of the road and banging the steering wheel angrily.

"Fuck! Dammit!!"


When he return to the mansion, he told his father in-law what happened at the park.

He never thought that Mr Jokovic had a heart problem. When he get the news, he having a heart attack and he was admitted to the hospital.

Alan rub his face roughly with his palm while sitting at the front of his father in-law VIP's room.

"Don't blame yourself. We already filed a report and all the special unit from govern section will go and search for her and Aslan." Laura try to calm him down. His face looks so messy and intense.

"I need to go right now. I will find her and save my family no matter what. Can you help me to make sure father is stable and safe?" he looked at her with hope.

"Sure. But, be safe Alan."

Alan stood up and leave the hospital.


He take out his phone and dialing for Ramon phone.


"I need your help, Ramon." he said while he drive.

"Uh- who is this?"

Sighing, he shook his head a little.

"It's me, Andy."

".…" he silent for a quite some time, before Alan said again.

"Andy Lu."

"Whoa! Seriously?" he said in disbelief voice.

"Ramon! I'm in the middle of crisis right now! Stop your bullshitting with me!" he bristled make the other end immediately shut his mouth.

"You gift me the new pendant, I need the access to that pendant right now. Send me the location." he continue again.

"Right away."

He stop his car at the side of the road when he got a notification from his phone.

Swipe the phone, he look at the maps shown.

"The hell is this?" he ask while Ramon still on the line.

" some kind of underground location. I can't get the clear image.."

"That's okay. I'll head there right now. Thanks though." he ended the call and drive to the location.

He didn't bring any gun with him, he didn't have any plan either. He just hopes that the one who kidnap them is just a mere ordinary man.

The sound of train and screeching reel make him a bit worried. So many thoughts that run at his head right now.

He couldn't keep composed. 'How the hell Richard can deal with this feeling years ago?' he thought.

He keep his track to the location. When he arrive there, he was a bit surprise to see a man standing there looking at him with a necklace and a pendant that Hazel used to wore at his hand right now.

"So, you're uh..what? Her boyfriend or her husband?" the man with glasses look at him with a curious look.

"Where is she and my son?" Alan gave him a death glare.

Chuckles, he smirk after that. "Your son? He's way to different from your looks."

"Don't mess with me. What are the reason you kidnap my family?" he already clench his fist. Ready to attack.

"Your family? So I assume, she was your wife after all."

The man with glasses throw the necklace to him and turn his back to him, wearing his leather hand gloves

"She had that something which is isn't hers. I'm not sure what will that Jimmy do to both of them. I suggest you start your prayer right now." he wants to leave him.

Hearing his word, He want to throw a punch and seize him but that man was faster, he beat up Alan in a second before he grabs Alan's feet and twist it his ankle before he grabs his hair while the other hand, lock his hand. He sit on Alan's body which is now on the ground. His chest was in pain because of the sudden fall on the hard ground.

"Hmph..You just a normal guy I guess. Even though I thought I might know your face somehow. Maybe I was wrong." he mumbles and turn Alan's body facing him before he kicks Alan on his stomach a few times before he left.

Coughing a blood, he suppresses his pain and sit up on the ground.

"Dammit! I really need to train!" he start to feel regret.

Stand up, he took out his phone and dialing back Ramon.

"Send me my father's safe house location. ASAP." he hung up the phone.

Wipe his blood from his mouth, he tightens his grip with the necklace in it.


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