Garden of Love
83 Let“s Go Home
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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83 Let“s Go Home

Knock! knock!

The door soon be opened by a men with the glasses. His feature was so calm and yet the air surrounds him was so cold that could send a shiver down to spine.

It's not yet meeting with the man that he want to meet right now. That man is more scarier then the one who open the door just now.

He took a deep breath and exhale before he went to the desk inside the room. He put the envelope on the table, and the man who sit on the chair who is currently facing his back to him said. "Did you get what I ask?"

Shivering a little, he nod and stammering said "Y..Yes..boss."

The man stretch out his hand requesting the envelope. His man with the glasses walk to the table and handed him the envelope that he bring earlier.

He bow his head and stare at the floor worriedly. He already sweating, scared that the boss might kill him anytime now.

Vincent Smith, the lord of drug dealer around the City is also known as Jimmy. He is the leader of a group of mafia and known as a man with no mercy.

He take out the picture from the envelope and stare it for a while before he take out a few document from it after that.

"I need that child." he said to his second in command.


"And kill that bastard who late to deliver me the info."

Just after he said that, a few men come inside the room and drag the man who already sweating and his face immediately turn pale as paper.

"Boss! Please! Spare me! I only late for 5 seconds. Please!" he cried out loud making the man with the glasses feel annoyed.

He take out his gun and shoot the man in the head.

Bang! a spark of blood from his head fall to the white velvet carpet.

"You ruin my new carpet." He said and stand up from his chair. Brushing his suit, he walk out from the room.



"Hmm.." Hazel still busy with her shopping . Today they went shopping together at the center of the town.

Because tomorrow they will return to Arendell, Hazel want to spends her time shopping her souvenir. Well, mostly is her makeup and dresses and not to forget a lot of limited edition toys for Aslan. She knew Aslan likes to collect all limited edition toys as his collection. But it still can't challenge on how she buy her things. She really spends a lot for her make up tools.

Even though, Alan really doting on her. For the first time he was a bit shock with how Hazel spend her money on her makeup item. But now, he already adapting with her way of shopping. As long as she is happy, he willing to be bankrupted by her.

"I miss Aslan. Can we make a stop to Moscow first before we return back to Arendell?" he ask her while looking at her serious face staring at two foundation bottle.

"But, he had school tomorrow. My father want him to adapt with a new environment and friends. So, he register him to a private school." Hazel said with a plain voice.

"How about we let him go to Arendell's St Joseph School? I can drive him to school everyday." he suggest.

Sighing, she stare at him.

"You talk this matter to my dad first. If he allow it, then we follow your suggestion."

She avert her eyes back to the make up booth and put one of the foundation back to its place.

"By the way, why you so attached to him? He's not your son."

He smile and kiss her cheek softly.

"That's because he was so adorable. Don't you think so?"

Hazel just shook her head and continue to choose. 'It's useless to ask him anyway. He really loves Aslan like his own.'


The next day, they change their flight to Moscow, Russia. Instead of going home, they went to their family house. They arrive at late evening, Alan went to Aslan's room and see him sleep soundly.

Sam the dog also sleep on the bed with him. Seem Sam really take care of his owner.

Sit at the end of the bed, he caress his hair a little. "Let's go home tomorrow."

Hazel leaning on the door frame looking at him lovingly.

"Dear.." she called him softly.

Turning his head to her, he smile. "Okay..I'll go to you right now."

Hazel rolled her eyes and turn her back walking back to her room.

Alan place his hand on her waist when he walk beside her to the room.

"You know, i can give you one if you want."

"I know you can.. But i want to give my all attention on my wife first and then we will think about it when it's time. After all, we already have Aslan. So i don't really mind though."

Hazel was speechless. She feel lucky that he really is understanding person.


When Alan and Hazel wake up for breakfast, Aslan already go to the school, sended by chauffeur. Because of the jet lag, both of them wake up a bit late than usual.

In the dining room. Alan suggesting to his father in-law Mr. Jokovic about having Aslan transfer to the private school in Arendell. At first Mr.Jokovic is a bit hesitate Well they both just married and he thought that Aslan will be a burden to him. But who have thought that Alan really doted on Aslan, who is not a single blood-related to him.

After some thought, he agree to let Aslan staying with them in Arendell. As long Hazel and Aslan is happy, there is nothing that he wants more.


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