Garden of Love
82 I Need Time To Be Alone
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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82 I Need Time To Be Alone

He lay her on the bed and hold both of her hand to the above of her head. He start to kiss her from the neck to her collarbone.

Lola pursed her lips tight try to not let her moaning sound out. As Nigel still continue to kiss her.

"Let out your voice Lola, i know you feel it too" He stop at her breast and look up to her.

She let out a sigh when Nigel stop.

"Let me go, Nigel." she averted her eyes to the sides.

"No. I will not. I'm not letting you go until you said what you feel toward me. Let this things be clear by tonight."

She silent for about one minute before she ask him.

"What do you want, Nigel?"

"Did you love me?" he stare her eyes.

"I don't know."

"Really, i don't know." she said again when she see that Nigel seem not buying with her word.

"Okay, let test it."

"What? ..How?" she ask as Nigel loosen his grip.

"Tell me, what do you feel when i do this." he draw his face closer to her and kiss her lips gently.

To her surprised, she didn't reject it. she rather accepted his kiss and return the kiss. they've kissed for about five minutes, before he release her lips.

"Did you feel it?" he ask and Lola nod, blushing. Her hands already wrap around his neck.

He lean again and continue to kiss her neck and slowly to her cleavage. His hand undress her shirt one by one to the point she couldn't hold her voice to start moaning.

"Uhm.." she pull his hair gently. "Stop right there, Nigel. I get it." she said finally making Nigel immediately stop his action.

"Tell me the answer is." he sit back at the edge of the bed, while Lola wear back her clothes with a blushing face, when she notice a love mark on her breast.

"Does it matter, what i feel? You always love her, i am just a mere friend to you." she lowered her head.

"What makes you thinks that? We already over."

"You loved her for four years Nigel. It's impossible for us. What i feel is not matter, it's about whether you can forget about her or not. I'm not willing to be her substitute. Now, you know my answer. so please. I need to rest." she went to the bathroom and Nigel also walk back to his room.

What she said is true though. What if what he feels right now is only a lust and a need as a man. What if he couldn't love her just like he love Sydney before? it's also true that he feel a bit joyed when he knew about Sydney who want to get back to him this morning. However, he still has his dignity and he refused to get back together with her.

With a mixed feelings, he going back to his room.

Lola curled up on the bathroom floor. She let the shower on as she also cry. She know that she has fallen for him. It's before they sleep together. He always nice to her. Always treat her a bit different from Hazel and Akiko. She always had a feelings that she likes him, but she knew Nigel already had a girlfriend, thus she buried her feeling deep down inside and ignore all the sort of feeling that aroused.

She went out with so many guys to make sure she will forgetting him eventually. But, to no avail, she still had the feelings to him. Especially when she knew he already break up with his girlfriend. However, the thought of love that he share with his girlfriend make her sad.

She can't even compare to his girlfriend who had a beautiful face, a beautiful body and she also always attract other male to looked at her whenever she's out. She is one perfect girlfriend that every man want.

She cry until she was done before she go to sleep.


Bali, Indonesia.

Joe wake up with a heavy head. He look at his body who is naked right now, his movement make Akiko grunt a bit.

He divert his eyes to Akiko beside him, naked. 'Wait! what happen last night?' he rub his forehead try to remember the lost fragment.

"Kiko baby.. are you not sulking anymore?" he shake her shoulder a little.

"Hmm.." She replied short. She was still tired from the last night activity. Joe was so rough and wild. This kind of sex that she never do it with him before.

"What happen last night? I can't remember." he scratch his head.

Akiko turn around and snug into her embrace.

"I like how you do it last night. we should do it more." she smile. Well, of course it will only happen when he was so drunk.

" what?"he rub his forehead again.

"Heheh.." Akiko didn't reply him.

In the afternoon, both of them already check-in their flight at the airport. They will return to their country by today. Nigel and Lola also will return at the same time. The only couple who will stay another few days is Hazel and Alan. They might come back later than the actual time. After all, it's their honeymoon trip.


Lola wear a big sunglasses and turtle neck shirt with jeans. Her burgundy red hair was let loose. Nigel follow her from behind with his backpack. He is currently checking his flight ticket when Lola go to the counter and ask for changing her seat. Luckily she manage to change it even though she need to pay some money on it. Well, at least she will not be seat beside him.

Nigel was not aware of her changing her seat, he thought she just asking something at the counter.

When they start boarding only he know that she changed her seat. He scrunch his eyebrow and send her text.

'Why did you change your seat?'

She look at her phone screen and sighing. 'I need time to be alone.'

Just after she replied the text a muscular man stand beside her.

"No way!" he looks so surprise and when Lola looked at him, she cover her mouth with her palm.

"Fuck no!" she laughing.

"What are you doing here?" she ask happily.

Put his bag on the compartment, he take a sit beside her after that. "I'm returning home. What about you?" he said casually.

"Me also returning home today!"

Nigel took a glance at both of them. His heart is a bit burning right now. He don't know why he don't like that man who keep lingering to Lola.


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