Garden of Love
80 I’m Traveler.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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80 I’m Traveler.

Take his hand, she smile a little. "Lola."

"Just Lola will do." she retract back her hand and start her motorcycle.

"Hey, I know a good place if you looking for a fun activity." he said with a bit loud when he sees Lola already put on her helmet.

She stop and squinted her eyes a bit. Her face expression is written with a 'I don't believe you!'

"I'm traveler."

Lola smile. "Yeah, thanks for your invitation. But, no.. thanks. I'll go my own way. Chiao!" she leave him on the parking spot.

She go to one of the hidden waterfall. There is not many people who know about this place. Only a truly traveler or locals who know this place.

At first she was lost, then she stop and asking the local to show the way here. Luckily the locals know how to communicate with her. So it's easier to follow the direction.

Take off her shirt and pants and leave only her one piece swimsuit, she jump into the deep water.

When she resurface, she was a bit shock when seeing Jake just arrive and he was setting his camera at the side of the waterfall.

He also look surprise to see her here and then he smile.

"Looks like our destiny always cross each other."

Lola just gave him a smirk and then she continue to dive. After almost an hour playing in the water, she wipe her body with the towel and drank her mineral.

She look at the Jake who still take the photo and sometimes he do some weird pose just to get a good angle.

"Are you really a traveler?" she ask.

Jake turn to her a bit before he divert his eyes to his camera back.

"Yeah. I've been travel around the world for almost 3 years now."

"Wow, that long?" she take a sit on the rock and wear her pants before she removes her swimsuit.


"So, who are you before you become a traveler?"

"I just a normal guy. Not after my wife died 4 years ago. Because I was so lonely, I decide to go and travel around the world."

"Your kids?" she already change her clothes.

"I don't have one."

"Oh, so your wife.."

"Brain tumor. Before she met me. Well, she's my student back then." he stop and stare the ground mindlessly.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. She was happy in her last day."

"Well, nice talking to you Jake. I'm leaving now." she smile and take her backpack.

"You know, there is a high ground near the south of this island. Maybe you can go hiking the mountain and shout at the top of it. Maybe it can make you feel better." he suggesting her.

"Thanks for the advice."

She leave him and ride her motorcycle.

She go to Marina park and some of locals town. Until it was dusk, she return back to the hotel.

When she park the motorcycle. Once again, she bump with Jake.

"Wow, three times in a row! What a good luck!" He said sarcastically.

"Heh..did you following me?"

"Girl, please. I have my dignity even though I look like this."

Lola burst into laugh.

"Wanna grab something to eat?" she offered him. Well, she still do not want to see Nigel for dinner tonight, so she rather spend her time with Jake. After all, he's not that bad. Even his look like a vulgar man.

"Sure." he said as they both walk to the dinner hall.

They take a table in the corner of the hall and order an appetizer for the starter.

"So, did you sulking with your boyfriend?" he start.

"Who? Me?" Lola ask with a curious tone in her voice.

"Nope, I ask that aunty over there." sarcasm.

" he's not my boyfriend." she chuckles with his jokes.


"What? I tell you the truth."

"No way girl, i saw how he look at you. I try to kiss you and he was so mad that time. Even though i was drunk i still can remember how cold he look at me."

"You need to see ophthalmologist." she smile and drink her water.

"You're the one who need to see a Cardiologist. Let them check on your weird heart."

Lola burst into laugh. "No need. My team are full with doctors. I really don't need one."

"So, you're a doctor?"

"Yes, I am." she smile.


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