Garden of Love
79 Silly Girl.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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79 Silly Girl.

Nigel rummaging his backpack which he bring this afternoon, he wants to check the video he recorded from the drone, but he can't find the drone.

He snap his finger, he suddenly remember. 'Lola!' he did pass his drone to her before they headed back to hotel.

He went to her room and knock on her door, but to no avail. She's not answering him nor open the door. It still too early for her to go to bed. Worried about her, he take his wallet and left his room to find her.

Lola sit on the stool at the bar counter. She drink a few big glass of beer before she ordered the Chardonnay. She already drunk, she's not so well with the alcohol. However, that is the only way she can divert her attention and blank her mind for a moment.

Again, something happen. Well, her dress is a quite open and her sexy body and looks will of course alert any man's attention.

A quite muscular man sit beside her. Noticing her sad face and he ask her out of the blue. "You hurt, girl?"

Lola nod and smile in a weird way. "Because of"

That man scrunch his eyebrow a little. "Yeah, that man must be stupid to hurt such a beauty like you."

Lola hiccup a little before she reply to him. "Because he was crazy..crazy with the bitch that dump him for another guy."

"Hmm..poor you."

"Don't poor me. I'm a grown woman..I can..I can find another man..I can't…" she mumble and she place her head on the table counter.

"Give it a try."

"Try?" she ask and blink her eyes few times like it was so hard to figure it out his meaning.

"Yeah, come here, I show you." he use his finger instructing Lola leaned closer to him.

"Lola do as what he say, she leaned forward as her face closer to him.

Just when that man want to touch her, Nigel cover her eyes and yank her body back to his.

"Don't touch her." he said with a cold voice to the man.

That man look at him and smirk.

"Huh, so you're the idiot?"

"I don't know what you talk about." he pay for the bill and carry Lola to her room back.


Standing in front of the door, he try to awake her.

"Lola.. where did you put your keys?"

"Ermm…" she handed him her purse.

Inside the purse, he find the keys and open the door.

He lie her down on the bed gently.

He look around the room and then he went to the bathroom.


He wipe her face with a damp towel to reduce the alcohol stench and tug her body into the comforter.

"Why did you go to the bar?" he ask softly.

"I'm sad..I'm mad…" she whimper.


"Because you want her back with you." she start to cry. She was totally drunk and don't even know what she talk about.

Nigel stop from what he doing right now. He focus on her.

"You sad and mad because I want her back with me?" he ask again.

Lola nod. "I don't like her. She will ruin your life again..I don't want any woman to have you. I hate with the thoughts that you sleep with other woman."

"Isn't that make you don't want me marry anyone?"


"And why is that?"

"I..I.." she stop for a quite long before Nigel noticed that she actually sleep.

"Silly girl." he leaned to her and kiss her forehead before he returned back to his room.


The next morning,

Lola wake up and she feel hurt in her head. She look around her and find that she's in her room.

Take a bath, she relax a bit before she decide to go and knock on Nigel's room.


Knock! Knock!

Nigel open his door room and look at the woman in front of him with a question looks.

"May i come in?"

"What do you want?"he ask and invited her in.

"Can we talk?" Sydney makes a sad face.

"Talk about what?"

"Things that happen in the past." she look at him and said again with a sad voice this time. "Please.."

Sighing, he nod. "Wait, I'll change first."

A minute later, they both walk out from the room and that is when he bump with Lola.

Lola look at him and then turn to look the woman beside him.

"Listen, i had things with Sydney. I'll be back on lunch hour." he said with a bit guilty on his face.

Lola glance a bit at Sydney who is secretly grinning to her.

"It's okay. I will go on my own. Don't wait for me." she smile and leave him.

She walk to the lobby and renting a motorcycle. After she get the keys and go the motorcycle, she bump her head with a man's chest.

"Sorry." she apologizes and want to leave the man but he hold her arm.

"Wait, you are the girl from last night." the man said.

"Excuse me? Did i know you??" she look at the muscular man in front of her with a confuse face. She knows she drunk last night, so she barely remember what happen last night.

He scoffs, "So, you didn't remember me at all huh?"

Lola just shake her head and ready to go.

"Whoa, wait. i still not finish yet. Yesterday night, I don't properly introduce myself to you."

She cross her arm around her chest and tilt her head a little.

"I am Jake Rover. " he extended his hand.

"Call me Jake."


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