Garden of Love
78 He’s Been Charmed Again!
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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78 He’s Been Charmed Again!

"Hey, what are we gonna do today?" Lola eat her pastries and look at Nigel in front of her.

Nigel lift up his head and shot her with a question look. "Huh?"

"I mean, we're not coming here to do nothing right? How about kayaking? Do you on it?"

Nigel rub his chin a little, thinking. "Hmm..sounds good."

"Bring along your drone. I want to record it." She said and finish her breakfast.

They arrive at the Palawan Island yesterday evening. So today is their first day activity on the island.


An hour later, Nigel and Lola rent a kayak from the renter and start their journey to explore the beauty of Palawan Island.

Half of the way, Lola was huffing slightly in the middle of the sea.

"Nigel, pass me a mineral water please." she said. They both stop for a bit.

After she done drinking, they start again. "Are you okay Lola?" Nigel ask.

"Yeah. I'm good."

"Sometimes, I feel like you have the energy as a man, you know."

"Why the hell.."

"Well, you do all sort of things that a man do. Not many woman like you."

"Well, here I am.."

"Why don't you try to be more feminist? Save your extra energy, let a man take care of it." he suggesting.

"Mm..even if I am active like a man, I still have a figure of a woman."


"And..why would I need to try something that you prefer?"

Nigel scoff. "Yeah, you right. Why would you want to change because of my preference." he mumble to himself.

They choose a hidden lagoon and tied their kayak at the old wooden cabin, floating on the water before both of them jump into the green and blue sea.

The water is crystal clear with surrounding and the background. It's looks like they were in ancients times. Such a mesmerizing view.

Lola were only wear her bikini and she tied her hair in a bun, left only her fringe. While Nigel wear his boxer and swim freely. Luckily they choose a weekday to travel. So there is not many tourist on the island and only fill in with a few locals.

While in the lagoon, there is only have both of them there. So they are totally free doing they activity.

"Nigel! Come here! I found something." Lola shout at him who is currently floating his body and look at the bright sky.


"Come on!"

Sighing, he swim over to her.

"What is it?"

"Look." she pointed her finger to the bottom of the sea.

"I didn't see anything." he narrowed his eyes and even squint it smaller than before.

"Look closer." she said move a little closer to him.



Nigel lowered his head and try to focus at the white sand under them.

Seeing he already bend his body a little, she snickering and Splash! She shove his head under the water and he unconsciously grab her bra with him.

"Ahh!" Lola scream a bit. Her prank are now backfire her back.

"Bwahh!" Nigel resurface with a bra on his hand and Lola immediately turn around back-facing him.

Look at his hand, his face immediately blushing. "I'm sorry."

He swim to her and handed her, her bra. "Here." and divert his eyes away.

"Don't look." she take her bra and warned him. She can only knot-tie the bra for the neck, but she can't knot-tie it on the back. She clearing her throat a little.

" me, here." if she could see her face right now, it surely look like a boiled shrimp right now.

Nigel swim to her back and take help her to knot-tie her bra. "You know, you had a good skin." he try to make the situation less awkward between them.

"What are you? Dermatologist?" she ask.

"No, I am a man. And I know how to look at woman's skin."


"Done! Let's go back to hotel. I'm famish." he said and swim back to the old cabin.

Lola shake her head try to hide her blushing face from earlier and try to get her head straight.

After having lunch, both of them strolling around until night time.

All the souvenir they bought, they put inside the luggage and they get change their attire before they went out for dinner.

Luckily, they can change the hotel room into two room. The ticket they won is a honeymoon suite, but they made a deal with a couple from other country who check in at the same time with them and swipe the room.

Nigel waiting for her at the lobby patiently. He keep scrolling his phone checking his media social account. Not long after, Lola approaching him.

"Let's go."

Nigel look up and stare at Lola's. Tonight she looks a bit different. She wear a white off shoulder dress and for her hair she let it loose. It's simple, but in Nigel's eyes she look gorgeous tonight.

Both of them walk to the dinning hall. It's an open hall and had a few gazebos around the pool.

"Oh! That is our table." Lola pointing her finger to the gazebo outside the hall with a card on the the table 'Reserved for Mr. Nigel & Ms. Lola.'

When Nigel want to turn around, he accidentally bump into someone.

"Sorry." he said and catch the girl's hand before she really fall down.

"You?" Sydney almost shout. She stand up again and look at Nigel. Her eyes fell on his hair after that.

Nigel also shocked by the unexpected meeting with her. He immediately release her hand after she stand up properly.

"You change you hair color?" she ask. She missing this man, but she had no courage to call him again after that accident.

Touch his hair, he reply "Yeah."

"Nigel?" Lola stand in between them. She look at Nigel with a full of question.

"Lola, this is Sydney. My ex-girlfriend." he introduce Lola to her and continue again. "Sydney, this is Lola. My housemate and teammate."

Lola scan that girl's dress. She really look girly. Just like what Nigel likes. Her face, her curves, her hair and dress. All look girly to her. She smile and grab Nigel hand.

"Nice to meet you." she then divert her eyes to Nigel and smile lovingly. "Now, I'm famish. Let's go."

Before Nigel could say anything else, Lola already drag him to their table leaving Sydney dumbfounded.

"Umm. What was that about?" Nigel ask after they take a sit.

"What?" she didn't see his face, but busy with the selection on the menu.

"That loving smiles you gave me and that you squishing your breast on my arm about." he still look at her plain face.

"Oh? That?"


She close the menu and support her head with her right arm.

"Don't you remember that she dumped you because you caught her fucking with another man?"


"Nigel, her eyes toward you earlier saying that she want you back! Are you gonna forgive her and get back together again?" she ask with a serious tone.

Nigel turn silent. Well, he loved her before. He even almost proposed her. If he can turn back time, he would definitely treat her better and amend all his flaws.

"Nigel?" Lola call him making him avert his eyes back to her.

"Uh- sorry I was in daze."

Lola could see that somehow, he look please with what she just told him. 'Is he still had a feeling to his ex-girlfriend?'

"So, what do you want to eat?" Lola ask him.

"Emm.. I choose this one. It's look delicious." Lola rolled her eyes. 'Yup. He's been charmed again!'


After dinner,

Lola and Nigel went back to their room. When she stand in front of her door room, she feel like she want to drink something. Her heart at this moment is in a weird state.

She feel a bit sad, but what is she sad about? She also feel a bit envious toward the girl she met before, but again, why is she feels that way? And she feels mad at him because of the smiling face he showed her when she said that his ex-girlfriend want him back, and, this is the tough question to her heart. Why is she need to feel mad? Her feeling is mixed with the sad, angry and jealousy. She really need to drink something strong so that she could forget all of this.

She retract back her hand from the door knob and she turn around went to the bar lounge.


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