Garden of Love
77 We Can Have Sex If You Wan
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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77 We Can Have Sex If You Wan

The next day, Hazel and Alan spend their day in the hotel suite.

Hazel totally can't move from the bed. She was carried by Alan due to her private part seem to still feeling a bit pain from the last night activity.

Luckily she was a doctor, facing this problem is a simple matter to her. However, as a woman and a wife, she still want a full attention from Alan, so she pretend like she was in need while actually she can handle by herself.

They spend most of the time cuddling and telling to each other about their story and dreams.

In Bali, Indonesia.

Akiko and Joe currently enjoying the sunup on the beach. They both stay at the hotel near the beach. The view was beautiful. They rent a motorcycle after they had breakfast, strolling around the town and visited historical temples before they both go for food hunting.

They had a weird looking food selling at the roadside. Most of the traveler will buy and try to eat the food they sell. it's such a rare opportunity to eat different food in different country.

When they make a stop at the gas station, Akiko went to the washroom while Joe fill up the fuel. One France lady approaching him and asking about the way to go to the volcano.

At first, Joe only verbally give her the direction. But she was totally lost and had a bad sight with a road map around this area. Seeing her troubled face, Joe finally agree to show her the way.

He wait for Akiko to return back from the washroom. He park the motorcycle at the side of the station gas and went over to the French lady earlier. She was with her friend driving a red mini cooper.

When Akiko done with her urgent need, she find that Joe already enjoying talking with two foreign girl. She smile and approach them after that.


"Oh, Akiko.. this is Amelia and Rosie. They both from french and they actually want to go to the volcano and they don't know the way to go there.""Oh, really?" Akiko look at them both and greet them politely.

"Yeah..we've lost so many times, so we thought that maybe we can ask for your help. Is it okay?" Amelia ask Akiko.

Akiko turn to look at Joe, feeling a bit guilty if she want to reject her because she really look like a lost puppy right now, she nod her head in agree.

So with that, the four of them get in the car and drive off from the gas station. Joe drive the car while Amelia sit at the front passenger seat. Akiko and Rosie sit at the back passenger seat.

Amelia was so talk-active with Joe beside her. They talk non-stop to the point where Akiko and Rosie can't follow with their conversation anymore.

"So you guys is actually a doctor? Wow amazing! Must be tired being a doctor right?"

Joe smile and scratch her hair a bit. "Not really. We like our job so tired is something that know, we're happy as long as we can help people in needs."

Amelia look at him with an amaze expression.

Joe glance at the back mirror looking at Akiko. She look..calm. 'She's so calm. Doesn't she not feel a little bit jealous?'

"So, are you guys..a good friend? Did you guys met at the hospital?"

Joe turn to look at the girl beside him again. "Yeah, we kinda met at the hospital."

Akiko shot a look at him from the back passenger seat. 'Friend?? Really Joe??'

They arrive at the volcano site after the afternoon, they thought that may be Amelia and Rosie will part ways with them, but they are wrong. Both of the girls still following them and of course, Akiko was left behind.

Joe was too busy with the those girls smiling and talking intimately making Akiko want to burst in anger. However, she still act composed on the outside while the inside was already hit by the typhoon.

On the way back, the girls ask again.

"So, where did you both stay?"

"We..stay at the Seminyak Beach Resort and Spa. Really close with the beach." Joe reply making Amelia smile even wider.

"Really? We also stay at the same resort! Do you know, tonight they held a party on the beach. How about we go there together?"

Joe turn to Akiko and ask her. "What do you think? Should we joining them?"

Akiko look at him with a plain expression. "I'll pass. I'm a bit tired to go to party today. I'm sorry, but you guys can go without me." she plastered a smile on her face.

Joe scrunch his eyebrow. 'Really? Not a bit care about me? Is she really love me or not?'

"Come on Joe! You must come with us!" Amelia already tug her hand on his arm.

"Y..Yeah…sure.." he focus back on driving while Akiko clench her fist tightly without anyone noticing it.


"I'll be going now." Joe look at Akiko who just walk out from the bathroom.

"Yeah." she replied in short and divert her eyes to the phone.

Looking at her not care expression, he walk out from the room and went over to the party.

Akiko hide her face on the pillow a minute after he gone.

"Damn you Joe! Flirting in front of my eyes ?! Friend your ass !! you idiot !! "she let out her anger.

A few hours later, Joe returns back to the room.

He look at Akiko who is lie face downward on the bed with her arm spreading at the both side of the bed.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I want to make amend. Let's make it out. " he said as he leaned to her and kissed her back of her body.

Akiko turns around and pushes his body away from her.

"Really Joe? I don't want to have sex with my friend! We sleep separately tonight."

"What? Hey, you're the one who didn't say anything earlier. Now you want to blame me alone?" Joe look at her with disbelief.

"Why do I need to say anything? You're the one who not denying her about whether if we are a friend or not! She was so into you! don't you see?!"

"So what if she was into me? You're my girlfriend but you didn't even care about me? You're not even jealous if there is a girl flirting with me! You too calm with a thought that I will never leave you!"

Akiko scoffs, she throw him her pillow and get up from the bed.

"Whatever! I don't want to have sex with you!" she take the comforter and sleep on the couch.

"Yeah, whatever." Joe get on the bed and sleep on one side where he couldn't see her face.


The next morning, Akiko went out early in the morning.

She went strolling around beach and around the market alone. When she left the room, Joe was still sleeping. Because she was still mad at him, she want to divert her attention to somewhere else.

"Eh, isn't you the girl from yesterday? Akiko right?" Rosie ask makes Amelia beside her also turn to look at her.

"Hi, what are you doing here?" Amelia and Rosie come and approach her in friendly manner.

"Er..hi, I was just strolling around finding a good souvenir." she smile awkwardly.

"Oh? Where is your boyfriend?" Amelia ask making Akiko dumbstruck a moment.


"Joe. He is your boyfriend right?" Amelia ask again.

"He told us yesterday at the party, that he actually your boyfriend. He just want to see your reaction, that is why he was so close to us because he want to see your jealousy side. But, who know he fails to do so. You really amazing, girl. How you can keep composed? I bet you must really love him right?" Rosie explain and pat on her shoulder.

"What? He tells you that I am his girlfriend?"

"Yeah, he did. Even though I was a bit sad. But, there is plenty handsome guy out there. So I'll just be fine." Amelia said while looking at her.

"Uh- I'm sorry, I just remember something. I really need to go now. Sorry." she hurriedly leaving the girls and walk back to the resort.


Open the door, the room was covered with an alcohol stench. The room is a bit dark because of the curtain still not open by Joe.

She narrow her eyes on the Joe who is currently leaning on the couch, drunken.

She turn on the table lamp and find the garbage bin.

"Why you drink so much?" Akiko start to mumble as she clean up the mess he makes.

"Kiko, is that you?" he ask with a bit raspy voice.

"It's me idiot, who else?" she still do some cleaning when Joe already stand up from the floor and walk over to her.

Hold her waist from behind, he carry her to the bed.

"Whoa! Wait!" Akiko yelp a bit.

Joe lock her body with him on top of her body and stare into her eyes. "What friend, Akiko? You're not my friend, you're my lover. My woman."

"O-kay..calm down. I was wrong, I'm sorry." she try to console him. Actually she was a bit afraid if suddenly Joe want to **** her or do something beyond her imagination.

"Don't you dare to say that you wont to have sex with me. I love you Akiko. I couldn't bear with the thought of losing you." his eyes start to redden and he hid his face to her collarbone.

Patting his head, Akiko feel a bit moved. "Okay..I'll never said that again. We can have sex if you want."

Joe lift up his head and look at her. "Can we?"

Nod her head, she said "Yes."

Joe kiss her lips as she wrap her hand around his neck.


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