Garden of Love
76 I“m Yours.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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76 I“m Yours.

They arrived in after afternoon.

After check in at the hotel, they both go strolling around the city. The first place they go is Piazza San Marco. There is a lot of choice of restaurant and cafes.

They pick one restaurant that suit their taste and enjoy their lunch together.

"So where our next stop is?" Hazel ask him after take a bite her sandwich.

"What you like to see?" he also ask her and smile at her.

"Uh…Galleria dell'Accademia?" she lift up her eyebrow and take a glance at the brochure she take at the hotel before they headed out.

"You like to see some art?" he ask.

Hazel take another bite and she remember at how good Alan's with his painting.

"Not really. But, Alan.."

"Hubby." Alan interject her

"Huh? What?" she frowned.

"Call me hubby, wifey.." he smile to her.

Hazel chuckles and smile. "Okay..let's see.." she clearing her throat.

"Hubby, last time I saw your painting work, it's superb. Can you portrait me?" she blink her eyes few times with a wide smile to him.

"Sure, wifey..but only when you're N-A-K-E-D" he spell the last word.

Hazel immediately turn her head around, making sure nobody listening to their conversation.

"How shameless." Hazel lowered her voice.

"We're married. So that thing is allowed. Even if you not do it in front of me, I'm sure I'll remember every curve of your body." he reply casually.

"So you also do the same to her?"

Alan's immediately change his gaze to her.

"'s in the past."

Seeing his trouble look, she let out a soft laugh.

"Relax..I'm joking.."

"However, I still want you to paint a portrait of me because I was so jealous of her. I want something that you do for me. Exclusively."

"Yes, darling." he reply and they continue to enjoy their lunch.

In the night time, they strolled the city and enjoy the nightlife around it. Hazel was so happy. She go to every shop and buy at least one item in every shop.

Luckily he already got his card. At least he is rich before he lost his memory. Even the time when he lost his memory, Richard still transferring him a sum of money to his bank account.

When he ask Richard about the money, he only said that he had a feeling that he is somewhere around this world. And as long he didn't find any proof of him being dead, he will still send him a money.

With that his bank account almost reach to 10 digit. He need to find a new profession after this. He couldn't be the butler for Lee family again after he married her. He need to plan his future wisely so that he can still support her life and their children later.

They both went inside the room tiredly.

"Let's have a shower." he hold her hand and led her to the bathroom after placing all her paper bag inside the closet.

Without any rejection, she follow him from behind.

He open the rain shower and he push her to the wall. Looking at her wet face and clothes makes him swallow a little. He undress her one by one as she also unbutton his shirt one by one.

Cupped her face, he kiss her lips passionately. From her eyelids, he move to her cheek and down to her neck, to her collarbone and he wrap his hand around her waist and lift her up.

She wrap her legs around his hips and wrap her hand around his neck. She moans as his every kiss makes her to let out the pleasure sound.

He buried his head to the cleavage of her breast. The moaning sound from her, makes his heart racing and his sexual need more aroused.

Looked at her face, she said "Honey..can we do the shower first?" Hazel try to keep her mind in awake.

Of course she want to do it with him, but she at least want to set the mood and the bed first before they really 'do it.'

Alan put her down and nod. "Yeah. Good idea."

"I take the bathtub." she said and use the bathtub, while Alan take the shower.

Finish the shower, he went inside first before Hazel.

He set the light to be dim and set the temperature. Lit up a fragrance candle, he place it around the corner of the room.

Hazel in the meantime, were ready with her mental and her body. She wear her sexy black lingerie and put on a light make up. She want to put the lotion, but then, she remember how Alan kiss her body when they were in shower. She put back the lotion and take the body mist instead.

After make sure she was ready enough, she take a deep breathe before she walk out from the bathroom.

Open the door, she look at the candle and the room were already in a romantic setting.

Alan sitting on the couch as he lean his head at the head rest facing his back to her.

She feel a bit nervous but she still stride over to him on the couch. She look at him, he closed his eyes and crossing his arm to his chest with only wearing the bathrobe.

Standing in front of him, she leaned forward and called his name.



Alan grab her waist and pull her to his lap.

Hazel fell on his lap and her face was so close to him.

"Ready?" he whisper to her and stare at her velvet lips.

She answer him with a nod.

"Spread your legs and sit facing me." he whisper to her ear making her more blushing.

She do as he say and he help her to feel more comfortable.

Now they facing each other, cupped her face gently, he look into her eyes lovingly.

"Engrave in your heart that I will only love you. I am yours, Hazel." he said with soft tone and start to kiss her.

His hand start snaking from her neck and stop a moment on her breast. Rub it for a quite while, he move again to the lower part and up again to undress her.

He then carry her to the bed and place her gently like she was so fragile.

Wrap her hand around his neck, she let him stare at her naked body.

Smiling lovingly, he kiss her lips lightly.

"I am so lucky to marry this sexy wife of mine." he mumble and Hazel divert her eyes, she was so shy right now.

"I'll do it slowly." he whisper and then he take off his bathrobe showing his perfect abs.

Cover their body with the comforter, he kiss her belly and move to lower and lower. He stop at the point where Hazel could feel the heat of his tongue.

She moans in pleasure for a some time before Alan stop and spread her legs while his body was in between.

He squish his manhood to her private part gently and it make Hazel flinch her body.

"Ah!" she push his body a bit from her as she feel the pain at her entrance of private part.

Take her hand from his chest, he kiss her hand.

"It's hurt." she whimpering to him and scrunch her eyebrow try to endure the pain.

"I know." he also scrunch his eyebrow try to push it inch by inch slowly without her being in pain.

"It's hurt.." she said again. Her tears start to form and she clench her thighs without conscious.

Alan was the one who flinch this time. He take both of her hand and place it around his neck.

"Baby, relax your muscle..let the pain dissipate." he whisper to her and kiss her lips after .

Every time she start to complaint about the pain, he would kiss her and divert her mind from the pain that she feels.

He was sweating and panting a bit while Hazel was totally in pleasure after the pain start to disappear. Before he finish, he hold her body tightly and thrust more deeper inside her.


He lay on her side with a heart racing like it want to burst out. Looked at the clock, he turn his eyes to his wife.

He sit up and kiss her cheek softly. "I'll clean you up."

Hazel just reply him with a smile. She was tired out. She had no energy left to even lift up her finger.

She could feel her legs a bit trembling and her body feels so weak.

He go to the bathroom and bring a damp towel. He wipes her body and help her wear her bathrobe before he also clean up himself and sleep beside her after that.


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