Garden of Love
75 Honeymoon Gateway.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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75 Honeymoon Gateway.

In the dinner banquet, a lot of the guest make a speech. Some of them said something funny and some of them said something which is a bit sentimental. Until it is Richard turn to stand up and give his speech to the newly wed husband and wife.

"To my little blood brother. I had to call him little brother, because I married first before him. I would like to congratulate you and Hazel. I know the road that you decide to take is surely a lot of bumpy hell. Even though it's hell, you keep stay beside me and stay strong with me."

He chuckles before he continue again. "I still remember when the first day you come to our mansion, you were super annoying with all the questions and you keep making mistakes. But even though you're annoying I still keeping you beside me because I knew you were lonely back then. You only have us as your family. And now, look at you, brother, you will have a wonderful family together with Hazel. Cheers." he raise his glass to him.

Alan wipe his corner of her eyes and take his glass up to him.


"Congratulations, Agent Lu." a group of man in black approaching him and Hazel.

After they left, Hazel tilt her head a little. "Agent?"

"I was in secret service and a butler for Mr. Richard back then." he replied and wrap his arm around her waist.

"Wow, what else that my husband can do?" she ask in a surprise voice. Sarcasm.

"To be perfect, I need to know everything dear. You should be lucky to have a perfect husband." he grinning.

"Damn right, I am so lucky." she kiss his lips. Alan was a bit surprise. It's something out of blue for her to do something like that. Did she turn to be someone else?


"Hey Lola, try this." Nigel shove her a weird looking dish to her plate.

"What is this?" she lift up her eyebrow a bit.

"Come on, take a bite."

Without any delay, she forked the dish and eat it.

Feeling hot at the tip of her tongue, she fan her face.

"You jerk!" she bristle to Nigel who already laugh at her.

Take a glass of water, she drink it in one gulp.

"You!" she grab his collar and shove a raw fish from Akiko's plate to his mouth.

"Take that!"

"Hey..My sashimi." Akiko pouted and Joe pass her his sashimi to her plate.

Chase and Violet just shook their head with Nigel and Lola's behavior.

'What are they? Five years old?'

The party went well. They returned back to the hotel room and resting after a full tiring day.

Hazel walk to the bathroom and take a bath. She was sweating the whole day and her body feel a bit sticky. While Alan is in the balcony, talking with someone over the phone before she went to bathroom.

Relaxing her body in the bathtub, she close her eyes.

These week is full of surprise for her. Alan returned back to her, and then he went missing for days and suddenly when he's back , he propose her and they even got married just after the day he propose. Even though it's so suddenly to her, but the matrimony, the party, all went well accordingly without anything being missed out.

The wedding dress that he design was fit her best, all the accessories and everything that he choose for her is specially design by him and it's suits her taste.

She was still in her own thought when Alan open the bathroom door.

"Hazel?" he call her.

"Yeah?" she reply but still close her eyes.

"When will you be done taking your bath? I can't wait." he whisper to her ear.

Hazel was so shocked as she immediately shot her eyes open and straighten her sit.

Alan also shocked by her sudden act. His eyes look at her half naked body and he was flustered.

When Hazel seeing his face, she immediately cover her breast. "You!" she almost scream. Her face was beyond any pink right now. It was…yup, red.

Alan divert his eyes to else where. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he then stop his word and look at her again.

"Eh, wait. Why can't I look? You are my wife now." he smile and turn to look at her again.

Hazel flinch a bit.

"Oh, that's right. I forgot." she release her hand from the breast without any thought.

'Oh god, I'll have a nosebleed like this.' Alan stand up and flip the curtain and facing the ceramic basin.

"I actually want to use the bathroom, can you hurry up my dear wife? Or you don't mind we share the bathroom?" he ask her.

Hazel already get out from the bathtub and take a quick shower. "Wait up. I almost done."

After she wrap her body with the bathrobe, she flip the curtain and look at Alan who already sit at the toilet bowl looking at her.

"Shower up, so we can get a good rest tonight." she smile before she walk out from the bathroom.

'Erm, I almost got a nosebleed by just looking at your 'melons'. There is no restful night if your were naked before me, Hazel.' he thought himself before he take a shower.


Hazel dry her hair using a blower and put some lotion on her body. She wearing her lingerie that Akiko bring to her this morning. The one that she shop before with Alan but she never wear it.

Get on the bed, she tug herself with the comforter while waiting for her husband.

'Hm, husband? A new word for her.'


When Alan get out from the bathroom, she found that Hazel already asleep. His face turn soft looking at her sleeping face.

He put on his trouser and get on the bed too. He bring her closer and hug her tightly.

His dream to marry her are now fulfill. The one that left is now to make her and Aslan happy for the rest of their life. He smile with a thought of one of his achievement in his life.

"I love you Hazel." he whisper to her before he fall asleep.

The next morning,

Hazel feel like someone was kissing her body. She moans in pleasure. After that she could feel that the kissing was suddenly stop. She scrunch her eyebrow and slowly open her eyes.

She smile and wish a good morning to Alan who was sit up beside her.

"Honey, if you moans like just now, I'm afraid I couldn't control myself anymore. My bro down here are not listening to me since yesterday."

Hazel smile to him. "Mhm? Why you need to restrain yourself?" she ask.

"It was your first time and mine too. I want we to have a good memory of it with a romantic set up too. So, please..any day after today okay? Because today we will go to our honeymoon gateway." he smile and leaned to her.

He kiss her lips deeply before he let it go.

Hazel was in a daze. 'Honeymoon? His first time? Good memory? After today?'

"Dear, let's get pack up.."

When they arrive at the airport, they bump into Nigel, Lola , Joe and Akiko.

"What are you guys doing here?" she ask curiously.

"What? We won our singing competition too." Joe reply making Hazel think a moment before she look at Alan.

"Are we going to Venice?" she ask him.

Alan nod. "Yup."

"Oh. So, how about you two?" Hazel narrowed her eyes to Nigel and Lola.

"We want to trade our ticket with Chase, but he said no. it'll be wasted, so, we decide to go and enjoying our self too." Lola reply casually.

"Are you sure you guys can hold it going together? You guys sometimes act like a cat and a dog. Always bickering." Hazel show a bit worried with their decision.

"Pftt.. relax.. we're not a kid." Nigel said making all of them rolled their eyes in sync.

"Well, enjoy your honeymoon guys."

"Yeah, you too guys." Alan said and Joe pat on Alan's shoulder while Akiko hug Hazel before they part their way.

Same goes with Lola and Nigel. They part their way and went to check-in their flight.

Lola and Nigel get two ticket to Palawan island meanwhile Joe and Akiko get two ticket to Bali.

For Chase, since Violet had to take final exam he need to wait for her to finish her exam first before he takes her for a vacation trip.

For the time being, he could only wait for her and help her with her studies.


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