Garden of Love
74 To Love And Cherish Until Death Do You Part?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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74 To Love And Cherish Until Death Do You Part?

They spend their whole night together on the shore. Alan make the bonfire near them as he and Hazel lying on the ground looking at the stars.

Use his arm to be her pillow, Hazel leaned closer to his embrace. Alan cover her body with the wool blanket he bring before they come here.

Talking all night together and be more open toward each other until they both fall asleep.

The next morning,

Alan shake her body gently.

"Hazel, wake up."

"Ermm.." she groans.

"Wake up dear, we have to go back now or we'll be late." he kiss her corner of lips.

"It's okay.. I don't have any case right now." she still close her eyes.

"No, it's not okay. It's our wedding day today."

Upon hearing 'Wedding Day' she immediately open up her eyes and sit up.


"Seeing her shocked face, Alan turn a bit sullen.

"You don't want to marry me?"

"Huh? No no no. I didn't mean that way. It just…too sudden. When did you have time to do this?" she ask and stand up, brushing the sand from her dress and hair.

"When I was away from you." he answer and help her to brush the sand off.

"You really…"

"Fast. I know." he smile and led her back to the airplane.

They landed at the private air plane hangar in the city.

All of her group already waiting them with two black Roll Royce.

They go with a separate cars. The guys take the first car and the girls take the second.

They go to the VIP suite in the biggest hotel in the city. Akiko and Lola help her strip off and do her bath.

"Whoa! girls, I don't need you to come with me inside." she yelp.

"No. Can't do. This is your biggest day of your life. So, we can't let anything wrong happen today."

Hazel just sigh helplessly.

Looking at her body, Akiko and Lola felt a bit jealous.

"Are you even a human, Hazel?"Lola asked and Akiko nod beside her

"Why'd you ask?"

"I'm so jealous with your perfect skin and shape."

"'s sound weird when you said that."

"She's right, Hazel. You..look like a doll. There is no single hair on your body. Your skin was so smooth." Akiko start

"Oh come on you girls. Cut it off." she blush.


After done with her bath, they do her manicure and make up before they do her hair and lastly wore the wedding dress.

Looking the reflection on mirror in front of her, she almost cry.

"No! Don't cry. Your make up will ruin because of it." Lola yelled a bit making her immediately blink her eyes few times try to hold her tears.

Knock! Knock!

Akiko open the door and let Laura and one woman beside her in.

"Ma'am." Akiko bow her head a little seeing Hazel's mother.

Laura also bow her head slightly. When her eyes caught Hazel's figure in the room standing in front of the mirror, she smile happily.

"My dear.."

"Mom.." Hazel hug her and then she divert her eyes to the woman behind Laura.

To her surprise, the woman is her biological mother. She look a bit healthy .

"Alan's invited her here personally." Laura said with a gentle voice.

Hazel was speechless.

"I'm sorry if I came at the wrong time, Yuan Li." she said with a bit sad in her voice.

Yuan Li is her name given by her mother. While Hazel is a name that her father registered her after she move in with her father.

"Alan invited you?" she ask again.

"He said he want to marry you, and he want my blessing for that. I can't believe that I can't recognize your face when I met you in the hospital before. You are my daughter. I am so sorry Yuan Li.. please forgive me." she start to cry making Hazel also start wells up.

"It's okay. Thank you for coming, mother. Thank you for giving him your blessing." she pat on her shoulder before she hug her.

Laura wipe her corner of her eyes. She smile seeing both of them. "Let's wait at the hall."

'Fuhh..Luckily the make up didn't ruin by the tears.' Lola fanning in relief.

After both of her mother went out, another knocking sound make them turn to the door.

Akiko open the door and she was a bit surprise after seeing the person in front of her.

"Ah, please come in." she invited the guest in.

'Wow! She's beautiful. On par with Hazel I guess.'

Hazel look at the guest. She smile a bit.

"Hai Rin." she said and look at both of her side. There is three children with her.

"Hazel, congratulation on your wedding with Andy. I really hope you love him like how he loves you." she hug her, friendly.

"Thank you." her eyes still fix on her children who is currently a quite 'active'. They have been running around since they entered the room.

"Oh, I'm sorry. This is my children. Adrian. Ad, come down from the table." she yelled a bit to her son and divert her eyes to her daughter who hid below the table. They were playing 'peek-a-boo'.

"And that is Aurora. Aur, get out from the table please." she sigh and after both of her kids sit down on the couch, she turn to the youngest child who hid behind her.

"This is the third one, Athena. She's a bit shy. So that is why she like to hide behind me and not speak much."

Hazel look at the youngest child. All of the three of them look so cute and beautiful. Well, of course they look beautiful. Just look at her mother, and father.

She smile and extended her hand to Athena. "Hi, there."

"Hi." she blink her eyes to Hazel a few times.

Giggles with her cute face and voice, she look back at Hai Rin.

"Uhm, I am sorry for what happen last time." she started.

"It's okay. I'm sorry too for not clearing up the things between us before."

"Yeah. Luckily your husband meet me and explain everything before I really regret it." she sigh.

"You don't have to worry Hazel, I love my husband. There is no way I would betray him. So, be happy with Andy." she hug her again before they walk out from the room.

"O-kay….so who is that??" Lola and Akiko already crossing their arm on the chest.

"That's…Alan's first love." Hazel said making both of them dumbfounded.


"Yes, she is.." Hazel reply to Akiko and smile to both of them.

"Holy shit! Damn, she's beautiful! I mean, you more beautiful." Lola look at her with disbelief. Still shock about the fact that the woman before is Alan's first love.

"Don't worry. I'm okay." Hazel said again and look herself in the mirror.

Not long after, Violet came in to the room, huffing.

"Sorry, I running late." she said and looking at the three of them.

"It's okay." Hazel reply and smile to her.

"Whoa, you look amazing..I like how you choose your dress." Lola look at Violet. She was wearing a halter neck dress. The three of them is Hazel's bridesmaid today.

"Shall we go, my dear princess?" Mr. Jokovic pop in from the door making all of them jolt a bit in surprise.

Alan stand steadily in front of the priest as the guest all sit silently on the row bench at the both side of the wedding hall.

Chase, Joe and Nigel also standing straight at the right side of the groom. Today their job is to be the best man for Alan's big day. All of them wearing a navy blue three piece suit with a white rose in the left pocket.

As the Pachellbel - Canon in D Major start to played, all the guest turned to looked at the entrance door.

Hazel hold her father arm tightly, because she was so nervous. Mr. Jokovic caress her hand a little and whisper to her.

"Breathe in, just look at your husband if you feel nervous."

And so, she look up and see Alan was standing there with a white ivory tuxedo with a black bow tie and a black pants. He looks like a prince. Except there is no crown on his head.

A smile plastered on his face makes him looks so handsome. Hazel's heart skip a bit.


Alan eyes falls on her since she was standing at the entrance door, she was so beautiful with the ivory lace mermaid wedding dress on her and her hair was beautifully done with a tiara that he designed by himself, makes her look like a Greek goddess from the ancient times.

Well, not only them both were stunning looking at each other, the three of the best man and the bridesmaid also secretly look at their lover.

The bridesmaid wearing a navy blue dress match with the best man. They also wearing a white flower ring on their head.

The guest is mostly from Alan's, Hazel's,Chase's, Lee's and Yu's family and certain army and agent who knows him.

Standing side by side, she couldn't help but feel more nervous than before and she can't concentrate on the priest's speech. She only back to earth when they start to do Wedding Vows.

Facing each other, the priest start.

"Do you take Hazel Jokovic as your lawful wife , to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

Look at her eyes, he said "I do."

The priest then turn to Hazel and said again.

"Do you take Andy Lu as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

"I do."

Aslan as the ring bearer man, come forward to both of them and handed a set of ring.

There is so much question on Hazel's mind right now, but she hold it back in her heart for a moment.

After exchanging the ring, the priest announce. "You may kiss now."

Lift up her chin, he leaned forward to her and kiss her lips gently.

"I'm fully yours, Mrs. Lu."


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