Garden of Love
73 Marry Me!
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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73 Marry Me!

When she walk out from the bathroom, Alan already took a shower and wait for her while leaning on the divider door between her room and his.

"Is there anything you want to talk?" Hazel ask him. She want to walk to her dress room.

"Hazel, I already prepared your dress. Wear the dress I choose for you, okay?" Alan said making her stop her pace. She turn around and look at the dress he mention.

It's a flowy knee-length dress. She then divert her eyes back to him.

Alan walk closer to her and hold both of her hand.

"Clear your schedule for today. I want to spend my time with you." he kiss her forehead before he walk out from the room.

Hazel was dumbfound, but she still wear the dress. She thought that maybe Alan want to have a date with her, so she put on the make up and dolled up properly.

Alan was waiting for her in the living room, while other occupant also there. Peeking at him behind the big tree and bush in the center of the hall.

When Hazel standing at the stairs looking at him, Alan lift his eyebrow. His eyes fell on the dress and the way she makeup.

She was so beautiful with the dress on her. The choker she wear make her look more..astonishing. Her wavy brown hair was side to the right and show her beautiful neck line and shoulder.

Hazel tilt her head a little when she see how Alan turn into stone looking at her.

"Am I that godly beautiful?" she smile to him.

Alan back to the earth and he plant a kiss on her cheek.

"Beyond goddess. Your looks almost make me want to lock you up on the bed the whole day." he smile and his word makes Hazel blushing.

While the other occupants who is hiding right now almost choked with his word.

Nigel and Joe has the same thought. 'Flirtatious level is unbeatable!'

Alan hold her hand and said "Let's go."

Before he close the door, he turn his eyes to the tree.

"I can see you guys, you know." he smirking and close the door.

All of them who is in hiding look at each other.

'Oh, damn! We've got caught.'

At first Alan bring her to the town, watching movies and then eat ice cream and buy her a lot of branded items before he bring her to the private Air plane hangar.

Alan help Hazel put on her Aviation headset and help her sit on the small air plane.

After he buckle her up and he start the engine, Hazel leaned forward to him at the front seat.

"We are we going?"

"You'll know later."

Not asking anymore, she lean back to the seat and enjoy the air plane ride with him.

It's small and cozy. There is only her and him inside the plane. The view is superb. With a good weather today, she feel like a bird on the sky. Flying to the high sky.

"This is awesome!" she said with an excitement.

"Not yet." Alan smile and he turn the gear to the right making them literally swirling in the sky before he bring her to the coast of the side country.

When he see the shorelines from the window, he said to her through the aviation headset.



"Focus on the view at the right side. I want to show you something."

"You spotted something good?" she ask. But Alan didn't reply her, so she divert her eyes to the side he told her.

The sky start to form a yellowish background as the sun ready to be set down for today.

Hazel see something on the shorelines. It's like a words. She narrowed her eyes to the spot until she clear with what she see.

'Marry Me, Hazel!'

Her eyes turns wider. Her face really surprise by what she saw.

Through the Aviation headset, he propose her.

"Marry me, Hazel. I'll be your world, your heaven, your everything."

Hazel was touched, her eyes start to wells up. She silent a moment before she reply him.

"Of course, you idiot!" she wipe her tears and smile looking at the outside of the window.

"I landing right now." he was so happy with her reply that he couldn't help but to landing the plane so that he could hug her and kiss her.

Hazel chuckles from behind.


Landing close to the shore, he help her get out from the plane.

A small gazebo decorate with a white silk and flower around them make Hazel turn to look at him.

"I do some preparation before I bring you here." he said casually.

'Ah- the preparation that he mentioned this morning.'

They sit at the table and enjoying their dinner. It's already 7 pm when they start to enjoying their dinner.

They walk barefoot together, and there is no one else around the shore except them both.

He led her to the canoe. He push the canoe to the water.

Hazel tilt her head. How is he managed to planned for propose her with a weird stuff. First, he pick her dress. Who in the world would pick the dress for the girl he want to proposed to? Second, he bring her ride the air plane. Well, there is a few people do that, but it can be count and normally they will sit back or watch the view together. Not the one who navigated the plane. And now, a canoe?? seriously? Hazel thought.

However, she still follow him and he lift her up to the canoe. Making sure she's not wet by the water.

He rower the canoe to a bit farther from the shore before he place the rower in front of them.

With a moonlight that shining bright on the ocean, Alan look at her lovingly.

"Do you know why I bring you here?" he ask.

Hazel squinted her eyes a bit. "Murder me?"

Alan let out a laugh. "Why would I murder you?"

"Well, isn't it the reason why you bring me to the quiet place? Where is nobody here except for us."

"You really funny Hazel." he wipe his corner of eyes.

"That's not it?" she ask innocently.

"I love you. There is no way I would do that." he replied before he stop for a bit.

"Do you remember when the first time you met me?" he ask her with a serious tone.

Hazel nod.

"You must be think that we met on the ocean when I was injured, aren't you?" he ask again and Hazel nod.

"Wrong, dear. I've met you before that."

Hazel squint her eyes again. 'When?'

Alan smile before he continue.

"I've met you for the first time in Xianwu beach resort, we bump into each other in front of the elevator."

Hazel start to rewind back her memory to the time he mentioned and…'Ah!'

"You're that man??" she ask with a question look.

"Yes, I am." he nod.

"Oh my god! That's so…long ago." she look at him with disbelief.

"And..there is a second time where I've met you with a..shameless condition I must say."

"There is another?"

"We've met in Santorini, Greece."

"What??" another rewinding memory until she gasp.

"Don't tell me…."

"Yes, I am that man who hug you and mistaken you for someone else." he nod again.

"Your first love rejecting you?" she ask and Alan nod again and he shake her head after that.

"No, before she reject me."

"Same things."

Alan chuckles seeing her annoyed reaction.

"And the third times is when you save me. I was so glad that god let us meet again, and I fall in love with you in every way."

"If you noticed, our meet up point is always near the shore, right? That is why I choose this location to propose you. I want you to be with me forever. In this life and afterlife too."

"Mm..god sure know how to keep us meet up until I was really fall in love with you."

"The day I was in XiaWu Beach , that is my first time I walk out from my dark life after Sam died. The day when you hug me in the beach at Santorini, that is when I was missing him so badly that I feel like I want to drowned myself. The warmth you give me that day washed away the feeling. And you know what, the day that I save you. It's actually Sam birthday. I busying myself so that I would not remember his birthday. Who would have thought, that day, you coming to me and 'rebirth' again with the miracle that I help you with."

Cupped her face, Alan look deep into her eyes.

"I'm so glad that you agree to be my wife. I'm so glad that I was almost died back then just to have met you in this life. Thank you, Hazel."

He kissed her lips as her happy tears rolling down.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A fireworks start to fill up the night sky. Both of them are enjoying the view from the sea.

"Last time, we don't manage to see the festival together, this time, I bring the festival to you."

Hazel was speechless. Her eyes caught a thousand lantern starting to flown to the sky from the shore. The view is similar to a scene from the Rapunzel.


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