Garden of Love
72 Mesmerizing Morning View.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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72 Mesmerizing Morning View.

Alan landing on the helipad behind the mansion.

He take off his aviation headset and stride to the house.

Looking at the old man standing in front of the back door, both of them smiling.

"Dad…" he hug the old man.

"You remember?" Ang Lu ask him.

"Yes, I'm sorry I couldn't recognize you before." he said as both of them walk inside the house together.

"Auntie Yin." he hug her a little and smile to her.

Hai Yin smile widely to him. "You're back."

Andy nod and he returned his gaze to his father.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier, dad?" he ask.

Ang Lu pat his back and led them to the living hall.

"That's because I want you to work hard a little. You're my son after all. Slacking off is not allowed." he said firmly.

"Hm..weird old man." he commenting.

"So, what does bring you here?" Ang Lu asked curiously.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot my true intention coming here."

He sit across his father and clasp his finger together.

"Dad, I want to marry Hazel. So, her father request a meeting between two family, so, we can discuss on the marriages thing together."

Ang Lu and Hai Yin look each other.

"Wow, that is a good news! When the meeting is?" Ang Lu showed a surprised expression. He is more than happy to heard this.

"Uh- as soon as possible."

"Good. Let's meet them tomorrow. You stay the night here. I want to cook something you like." he smile and look at his wife.

Hai Yin smile and said to Alan. "That's right. Stay the night here. Your dad has been missing you so badly. I never knew that you is his son. Thank you for taking care of me and my family back then Andy."

Andy smile to her. He's happy to look at his father. Despite that his father once a 'Grim Reaper' and the most terrifying assassins, he never imagine that his father had a charming side.

Oh well, maybe he inherit his charming and his mother beauty. That is why he genetically almost labeled as 'perfect'.


The next morning, his family went to Russia for meeting with Hazel family.

He informed Mr. Jokovic about the meeting. To no surprise, he accept the meeting and even prepare a delicious cuisine for the guest.

They arrived in the evening. From the airport, they straight to the mansion.

"So, Hazel is also from a rich background?" Ang Lu ask when they pass by the entrance gate.


"Why do my kids like to hook up with the rich?" he mumble himself.

Alan scoff. Well, he also don't know why his fate keep pulling him to someone with a higher background.

Not only him, but his sister, Zi Fei also married a billionaire guy. And that guy is actually is the twin brother to his first love. How ironic.

That's make him, literally had a connection to her as an in-law family though.

They arrive at the main house and they step out from the car.

In front of the door, Mr. Jokovic and his wife Madam Laura already waiting for them.

"Alan!" he smile and hug him friendly.

Release his hug, he introduced his family to him. After the greetings, they invite them in and discuss the about the weddings ceremony together.

"Why is Hazel not with you?" Mr. Jokovic ask him when he just noticed that his daughter were not coming along.

"I want to keep this surprise from her. That is why I didn't tell her about this meeting." he replied.

"Oh! Then, don't worry. Your secret is safe with me." he wink at him.

"Papa!" Aslan shout from the stairs.

Alan look up at the Aslan. He miss him so much.


Aslan runs to Alan and hurriedly Alan carry him to his arm.

"How are you buddy? Did you miss me?" he ask while Aslan already hug his neck.

"I miss you! Did you come to pick me up??" his eyes lit a bit.

Ang Lu and his wife look each other before they both smile.

"He really treasure both of them." Hai Yin nod in agree.

"Yes, he is. I'm happy he met with my daughter." Mr. Jokovic interject him and then he led both of them to the dining hall.


Alan scratch his hair a bit.

"Uhm..I actually come to discuss with your grandparents about marrying your mommy. So can.."

"So you're not here because of me?" he sulking.

"No no..don't get me wrong. I miss you but I still need to propose your mom too. Once I done with this, we can go home, okay? And I'll give you a little brother or sister in the future. How does that sound?" he ask.

"You want to give me a little brother or sister? Really? Can we go home after you marry my mom?" he blink a few times to him.

"Yup." he nod assuring him.

"Okay. I'll wait!"

"Good boy."

Both of them also walk to the dining hall joining the elders.


Chase look at his phone after he got a notification.

He frowned a moment before he turn to Nigel and Joe who also look at their phone.

"You guys…" Chase started.

"Yeah.." Nigel nod without looking at him.

"No way.." Joe shook his head and turn to both of them before he continue again.

"Wow, I feel like I want to faint right now.."

"How about the girls?" Nigel ask and a second he said Akiko shout from the lab and run to them with Lola behind her.

"Ahhhh!!! you guys! You Guys!" she sit beside Joe and shake his body heavily.

"Is this real?? is this really happening??" Lola ask in a same shocking voice to them.

Chase and Nigel nod with a 'Yes!'

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh. My. Fucking. God!!" Lola circling them with a disbelief face.

"Okay, calm down you guys." Chase said to them making all of them look at him.

"We should not tell her anything yet. Keep this secret and get yourself ready. Okay?"

All of them nod in sync.


It's the third day since Alan didn't return home. In the Operation room, Hazel could not focusing on her surgery. However, she still manage to close up the surgery successfully.

After a long hours of working, she went home a bit late than usual.

She skip the shower and change her attire before she go to bed. In the middle of the night, she could feel like someone was hugging her from behind.

She could feel the warmth and the familiar scent.

"Mm..Alan.." she snug to his embrace.

Alan smile contently when heard Hazel call his name in her sleep.

"I'm back" he whisper to her ear and sleep beside her.


The moment she open her eyes in the morning, she blink her eyes a few times before she decide to poke the man beside her.

Poking his cheek, Alan grunt a bit and said "Hazel, it's really me. don't poke me."

Hazel gasp. She immediately hug him tightly.

"It's really you!"

"Ouch! Hazel, do you want to kill me?" he yelp a bit when Hazel throw herself to him so sudden.

"Oh, I'm sorry." she use her both hand to lift up her body and look at him.

"Morning, Hazel." he caress her cheek softly. Their face is so close and he could see her brown hair and her honey colored eyes.

It's such a mesmerizing morning view.

"Morning.." she reply.

"Where did you go these past three days?" she ask him when seeing he still staring at her face.

"I do some preparation." he smile and place her hand behind his head.

Before she could ask him again, he draw her head closer to him and he kiss her lips gently.

Hazel didn't refuse and she also kiss him back. The kiss turn into a passionate kiss when Alan draw his hand to her back slowly and stop at her hips.

'Damn! He's awaken now.' he curse inwardly.

Release the kiss, he give her a peck on her cheek.

"I can't go on beyond this. I'm sorry." he whisper to her making her immediately understand.

She nod and go to her bathroom after that. Her heart was beating so fast. The sensation he gave her driving her nuts. She rest her body inside the Jacuzzi.


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