Garden of Love
71 Did You See Alan?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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71 Did You See Alan?

"I love you, Hazel." he said while the mic still turn on and they earn a loud cheering from the Audience.

"Whoa!! You really is a 'gentleman' I must say!" the host also cheering on them.

He gather all of the participant and let the audience to decide who is the winner.

And of course, the winner is Alan and Hazel. They won two ticket to Venice, Italy for a week. While for the Joe and Akiko, they also won a ticket to Bali, indonesia. Nigel and Lola won ticket to Palawan Island, Philipines and the fourth place is the couple from before. They won a ticket to Krabi Island, Thailand.

With that, the ended the show for tonight.


Hai Rin standing at the side of Richard's Royal Royce car while waiting for Alan to go out from the bar.

When she spotted him, she wave her hand to him making him turn around and strode to her.

"Rin, I'm sorry for making you wait." he look at her and then he turn to look at Richard.

"It's okay. We will return back to Imperial City tomorrow. So this is your private things that I ask Richard to get it for you." she handed him a medium size of bag.

Open the zip, he look inside the bag.

It's his ID, every single license from driving, diving, riding, flying and few others. There is also a gun inside it. Yup, his favorite gun. He rummage again until he found the butterfly pendant.

It's look different from before.

"It is designed by Ramon. He said this is the new tech. It will help you in the future, maybe." Hai Rin shrugged her shoulder.

Ramon is Richard's best hacker. Even though his memory still not fully back, he know this Ramon guy must be someone that is important too.

"Thanks." he said and put back all his belonging inside the bag.

"I hope you find your happiness Andy." She walk to him and give him a farewell hug.

Richard also hug him a little. "Return home whenever you want. They miss you."

Alan nod. "I will."

He send them off before he walk back to Hazel and others.

"Done?" she ask when seeing Alan walk to her.

Alan nod and he leaned forward to her.

"So, my love here are not sulking anymore?" he smile teasingly.

"Home, Alan." Hazel stare him back.


All of them already drive off from the bar, he hold her hand and led her to her car.

"Keys.." he said to her making her frowned a moment. But still handed him the car remote key.

"I do have a license. Don't worry. I got my wallet back." he assured her when seeing her face.

"I didn't say anything."

"Yeah? Your face does." he said as him drive the car.

After took a shower, Hazel wrap her body with her bathrobe and went over to Alan's room.

Knocking the door, Alan open the door and look at her from top to toe.

"What's wrong?" she ask.

"Nothing, come in." he led her to the bed and lay together.

He stare the ceiling.

"I've been missing you. A lot." Alan started.

"Hmm..yeah, me too." Hazel also stare the ceiling like he does.

"Can I ask you something, Hazel?"


"Why did you leave me last time? What did I do wrong?" he turn to the side and look at her.

Hazel was dumbfounded by the question. She silent a moment before she reply him.

"Maybe because I was..jealous." she did not look at him.

"Jealous?" he frowned a bit.

"Erm..she was your first love, isn't she?"

" that why you feel jealous?"

"Not only that."


"I saw you both on the festival night. Kissing." she closed her eyes try to not remember the scene.

Alan immediately sit up and look at her with a surprise look.

"Kissing? Hazel, I never kiss her." he state making Hazel shot her eyes toward him. Like she was seeking the truth from his word.


"No, I never kiss her." he said again.

"Wait, do you think I would just kiss her because she was my first love? She is my first love, but she also my master's wife. I know my limit, Hazel."

"I'm sorry for mistaken you. I'm sorry I'm doubting you." she said with a low tone.

Lay back on the bed, he look at her face dearly.

"I didn't blame you. I know it's hard for you to trust anyone anymore. But, please..not to me Hazel. You can trust me." he smile.

"And..not only that." she look at him.

"Is there more?" he ask and Hazel nod.

"I heard about you promise to be her shield and sword and everything that you talk to her in the garden that night."

Again, Alan was shocked. How come he didn't noticed her presence that night? He was best skilled agent back then. Is that because he hasn't been training for years that make him weak? Shake off his thought, he said.

"Why didn't you tell me that you heard what we talked that night? I can explain to you that time." his voice sound a bit sad. Maybe he was sad by her assumption without even asking him.

"I was so sad, in one night I saw you kiss her and then you talked about your past with her. My heart hurt. I feel the same thing when i lost Sam that night."

Alan pull her into his embrace.

"Listen, that night we didn't kiss. She pull me closer to her so that I can hear what she was saying. And the things in the waterfall..indeed, I promise her to be her shield and sword and her protector. But, that's happen when I still not meeting you. I already move on when I lost my memory. I want you. I want only you. Even if she is my first love, but you are my last love that I want to be with. My feeling for her are totally dismissed when I met you, I'm happy that she has a good life with the one she love. So I want to be happy to with the one I love too. And that is you, Hazel." his voice is above the whisper and it makes Hazel tears up a bit.

"Are you sure, you want to be with me? I'm hot tempered you know. I will turn your world upside down when you're with me." she manage to ask this question and hide her hoarse voice.

"Yes, I know it will be hard for me to control your anger. But hey, trust my flirting skill, alright?" he chuckles and kiss her on top of her head.

"Mm. Your flirting skill huh?" Hazel smile, she snugging him and shut her eyes. Kiss his chest she wish a goodnight to him.


The next morning, Hazel wake up a bit late than usual.

She look at her side and found it empty without Alan beside her. She sit up and look around the room.

Yup, she still in Alan's room. She thought that Alan maybe took a shower, so she went back to her room and get dress.

Today, she need to attend a case in Army Hospital. The patient is one of the Marshall special unit force. His condition worsen and others doctors couldn't come up with a better solution. Because he is someone important, the govern agree to paid her sum of money to save his life.

She rushing to her car and leave the house after she was done. She didn't even check where is Alan is. Until midnight only she return back to Sun House.

Tomorrow she still need to go the Army Hospital again.

She took a shower and went to Alan's room. Knocking a few times, there is no respond from his room.

She decide to open the door. When she walk inside the room, it was dark and the condition still same as this morning when she left the room. Feeling a bit uneasy, she walk out and knock on Chase's door.

"Hm?" Chase asking her.

"Did you see Alan?" she ask worriedly.

He shake his head. After Hazel nod, he closed the door.

She went to everyone room and ask the same question.

No one seeing him today and no one know where he's been.

She returned back to her room and dial on his phone. Unfortunately, his phone can't get through.

She almost cry with a thought that he left her.


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