Garden of Love
70 You Were Meant For Me
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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70 You Were Meant For Me

" it your boyfriend?" the host ask looking at the both of them.

"Uh.." Hazel was surprised seeing Alan suddenly volunteer to be her partner.

"She's my bride-to-be." Alan states, make all the crowd start to cheer.

"Woah!! you're so brave. Saying it out loud. Come here, come here." the host invite him to the stage.

Hazel already blushing to where she can't hide anymore her reddish face from everyone.

All of the four couples gather at the stage.

"Okay, the game is simple. You close your partner eyes with the cloth we give you and let him or she pick the song. Once you pick the song, you need to sing it and dance it accordingly to the song. The best prop and dance will get the loud cheer from our audience here. The winner will get the prizes. Got it?" the host explained to the eight of them.

All of the participant nodded their head. They draw the random number before they pick the song.

"Ready?" Alan said to Hazel

"Yeah." she smile. This is the first time she feel so alive again after Sam died.

"Let's do our best." he kiss on her top of head.

Alan draw the number and he got the last number, while Nigel got the first and Joe is the second.

"Let's do our best, bro." Joe said before they do fist bump to each other and went to their partner.

For the first couple, Lola need to pick the song since they will be the first couple to make a show.

"Find us a good song, Lola." Nigel remind her.

Lola stand in front of the touch screen facing the audience with a wrapping eyes with a cloth.

She randomly place her finger on the song.

Nigel on the side froze when see the title of the song that she pick.

'So many list, why she pick this one?' he thought.

While the audience already start to cheering.

Open the wrap, she look at the title. 'Lucky'

"Oh." she said with a shock expression before she turn to Nigel and mouthed to him 'Sorry!'

Nigel could only sigh, they check on the mic and get into the mood.

"Presenting our first participant with a song from Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, Lucky!" the host shouted before Nigel start.

"Do you hear me?~ I'm talking to you~ " he make a gesture like he was trying to hear something. Today must be his lucky day since he also wearing a panama hat.

"Across the water, across the deep blue ocean~ under the open sky, oh my, baby I'm trying." he dance closer to Lola who pretend to be sit on the bench at the middle of the stage.

"Boy I hear you in my dreams~ I feel your whisper across the sea~" she stand up and take Nigel hand that he extended to her.

"I keep you with me in my heart~ you make it easier when life gets hard~"

Both of them do the jazz dance together.

"I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend~

"Lucky to have been where I have been~

"Lucky to be coming home again~

After they're done, all the audience give them a big applause.

"Wow, never thought that Nigel and Lola will have that chemistry between them two." Alan comment on their dance.

He admit that Nigel look pro with the dance and very smooth. He can really dance and whoever look at them right now, would have never thought that they two is actually not a couple at all.

"That's him. He actually pretty good you know. Well, I think both of them is perfectly fit together. But..nah, they both sometimes looks like a cat and dog." Joe also give his opinion.

"Well, times up. My turn now."

"Good luck, man." Andy said.

"Thanks dude."

He walk to Akiko and help her wrap the cloth. He give a peck on her lips.

"Whatever song you pick, let's nail it, baby."

"Uhn!" she nodded and walk to the screen.

The song that she pick is the duet song of Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, true colors.

Take a guitar, Joe start to play it. He's good with the music instrument.

He sit on the high stool while Akiko do the slow dance.

When they started, the audience silence and watch their show as they absorb into their own world.

"So don't be afraid to let them show~

"Your true colors~

"True colors are beautiful~~

"I see your true colors~ Shining through~

"I see your true color~ and that's why I love you~

Joe lean his forehead to Akiko's and stare her lips.

"So don't be afraid to let them show~

"Your true colors~ true colors are beautiful~

"Like a rainbow~

"Oh oh oh oh oh like a rainbow.~

Another loud applause for both of them.

Joe kiss Akiko dearly making the audience go loud and louder with the cheering.


"You really nail it man!" Alan pat on his shoulder when they're done performing.

Joe just smile happily while holding Akiko's hand.

The third couple went up and performing a song from Meghan Trainor and John Legend, 'Like I'm gonna lose you'.

Both of them had a good voice. They perform a casual dance like they were talking but people can see the gesture and motion they do sync with the lyric.

Yup, all the three couple is a tough competitor. All of them can dance and sing.

Hazel still look normal like nothing that worried her. While Alan look like he was thinking about how they need to perform to get a loud applause from the audience.

"Why you look so worried?" Hazel ask.

"They all can dance and sing. I'm a bit lack of confidence."

Hazel smile. 'So, he do have something that he can't do.' she thought.

"It's okay. We do this just for fun. I don't know either how to dance and sing. We do what we can, alright?" she calm him down.

Alan nod.

"Okay. Let's do our best." he smile.

"Okay, our last participant for today contest is…oh, the one I randomly pick earlier. With her groom to-be I assume. Let's invite the girl to choose the song." the host started.

Alan put the cloth to her eyes gently and wrap it.

"I trust your choice." he said and kiss her cheek lightly.

When she stand in front of the screen, she scroll on the song which is not in duet category.

And when she done picking the song, only then the host noticed the song she choose is not in the duet list. But Hazel informed him that she's okay with the song.

She pick the song from the movie. She look at Alan and blink her eyes a few time.

Alan nod.

They both walk to the stage and they use the bench that Lola use before.

She curled up on the bench and lowered her head as she start singing.

"Born on the wrong side of the ocean~ with all the tides against you~

"You never thought you'd be much good for anyone~

"But that's so far from the truth~

Alan take the cue, he take a sit in front of her and he lifting her face as he start singing too.

"I know there's pain in your heart~

"And you're covered in scars~

"Wish you could see what I do~

"Cause baby, everything you are~

"Is everything I need~ you're everything to me~

"Baby every single part~ is who you're meant to be~

"And you're everything I need~

Her eyes start to redden as she look him in the eyes. All of the audience turns deadly silence in the hall. Like they were watching an emotion movies.

Hazel divert her eyes away and sing again.

"You can say I'm wrong~ you can turn your back against me~"

Alan sing "But I am here to stay~"

Hazel stand up and facing the audience with her almost cry face.

"Like the sea~ he keeps kissing the shoreline~

"No matter how many times she pushes him away~"

Alan turn her body to facing him and them both sing together.

"Cause baby, everything you are~

"Is everything I need~ you're everything to me~

"Baby, every single part~ is who you're meant to be~

"Cause you were meant for me~

Hazel wipe her tears that just rolled down while Alan continue to sing.

"And everything happens for a reason~

"It's all a blessing in disguise~

"I used to question who I was~ well now I see~

"The answer is in your eyes~"

He search her eyes and they sang together again. This time, their voice is a bit slower.

"Cause baby, everything you are~

"Is everything I need~ you're everything to me~

"Baby, every single part~ is who you're meant to be~

"Cause you were meant for me~

"And you're everything I need~"

He kiss her lips deeply as the audience start to roar and cheering. They stand up and give a big applause to both of them.

"I love you, Hazel."


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