Garden of Love
69 I Volunteer.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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69 I Volunteer.

After that man left, Hazel look at Alan with a mixed expression. She missed him, but when she remember the night he was kissing her at the festival, her heart hurt a bit.

"Are you alright?" he walk over to Hazel and check on her arm.

Retract her hand slowly, she nod. "Yeah. Thanks." She stood up from the stool. Before she go, Alan grab her hand gently.


His gentle voice make Hazel feel a bit calm. She inhale and turn around facing him.

"I've missed you." He bring her closer to him and hug her. Hazel was surprised but she still act calm.

Secretly inhale his scent which is she miss so much.

A moment after, he release her "I'm sorry. I was carried away." He turn around and want to leave her, but Hazel hold his arm, making he stop.

"Don't..leave me." she said with a slow voice but still can be heard by Alan.

He frowned and look at her face.

"What did you say?"

Hazel lowered her head, but Alan cupped her face and lift it up to look at him.

"Say that again."

She divert her eyes to the side and mumble slowly "Don't leave me."

Alan chuckles and smile widely to her. "Sorry, I can't hear you. Say that again."

"I said don't leave…mmm.." she was surprised when Alan suddenly kiss her.

She closed her eyes and devour his soft and cold lips. Just when they start to kiss each other passionately, suddenly a cough from behind them make them stop immediately.

"Are you guys making a free show or what?" Joe pat on Alan's shoulder. While Akiko giggles and walk to Hazel.

"Are you guys already make up?" she whisper to her.

Hazel took a glance at Alan's face before she nodded. Yeah, this time she want to fix everything that she do wrong to him. She already decided to open her heart again, only for him of course.

But, before that she had a lot things that she need him to explain to her.

"Kiko baby, let's go.. let this two love bird talk more." Joe hold Akiko waist and leave them at the counter.

They both want to bring the wine to their couch, so they volunteer to go to the counter. That is when they bump into Hazel and alan who was making a kissing scene earlier.

Alan leaned closer to Hazel's face.

"So, about earlier and the kiss…"

Hazel cover his mouth with her palm immediately. "Shh!"

"We'll talk this when we go home." she whisper to him making him lift up her eyebrow.

Putting down her hand with his, he look at her eyes. "Am I allowed to go home?"

Hazel was surprise when seeing Alan eyes somehow look a bit red and his voice also sounded a bit sad.


He kiss her cheek. "Thank you. I thought I will never return to our home again."

The word of 'Our home' struck Hazel's frozen heart. She feel so guilty when she remember how she make Alan go from the Sun House. How selfish she is back then.

"I'm sorry… please return home. So that we can have a proper talk, okay?" she hold his cheek and return his gaze with a loving gaze from her.

Alan nod, "I will."

They part away with Hazel return to the group while Alan return to the VIP room.

When he walk inside the room, Hai Rin already smiling to him making him scrunch his eyebrow.

"You plan this do you?" he ask and turn to look at Richard who sit silently beside Hai Rin before he avert his eyes to the real culprit.

"Well, it's for your own good." she reply.

He then turned to look at Richard.

"I'm just my wife slave. Don't blame me."

Alan shook his head in disbelief.

"Really?..what did you tell her to make her change her mind?" Alan take a sit beside Richard and crossing his arm.

"I told her all the things that happen years ago." Richard take a sip from his wine glass.

"Relax Andy, she won't realize she love you, not until she was threaten by my presence. You should thank me. Without me, she surely not accepting the fact that she love you until now." Hai Rin smile meaningfully to him.

Yup, that's right. Some people will only realize something so precious to them when they lost it. If that the only way to make her give in, then he had nothing to object. It is effective to her obviously. Maybe he really need to be thankfull to Hai Rin and Richard.

"Next we have a duet singing competition, who volunteer to sing on the stage?? raise your hands, peeps! Come on come on! There is prize for the winner and all the volunteers.." the host started to walk to the audience finding a volunteer.

Akiko and Joe raise up their hand.

Lola look at Niigel as she lift up her eyebrow. Smirking to her, they both also raise up their hand.

Not long after there is one couple also raise up their hand.

The three couple were invited to the stage.

"Okay, one more couple please! Hurry hurry! don't be shy, it just for fun. Even though your voice might sound like a broken mic, we don't mind though. It's Friday night. Nobody will remember your face after this night." the host try to jokes around.

The hall burst into laugh. "Alright, since there is no other volunteer wants to raise up their hand, how about I pick randomly? Are you okay with it?"


"Okay, please don't blame me." he smile and squinting his eyes to the each corner of the hall until his gaze stop at Hazel.

Hazel was checking her phone when the host point his finger to her, and soon a spotlight light her up making her look around.

"What?" she look at Chase like a she was lost.

"It's your luck today, miss.." the host walk to her with a mic.

Hazel just follow the cue, she stand up and take the mic. "Hazel."

"Such a beautiful name, just like my aunty's favorite coffee. Hazel-nut Coffee."

Hazel chuckles on the jokes. "Yeah, I know I'm sweet and nice and warm, right?"

"Oh my god! Such a confident girl!" the host led her to the stage. While others on the hall laughing with her reply.

"Okay, now it's time to find you a partner! Okay, tell me which one you like? I will find that man and drag him here." the host ask.


"I volunteer." a deep voice said from the corner of the hall making all the eyes turn to the man.


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