Garden of Love
68 88 Bar.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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68 88 Bar.

Hazel walk to the cemetery alley. She stop her pace in front the gravestone of Samuel Smith.

She stare at the grass around the grave.

"It's been so long since last I came here, right Sam?" She said with a low voice.

She standing in front of the grave for a quite long before suddenly there is somebody standing beside her, looking at the same gravestone.

"Are you Ms. Hazel?" a slow yet magnetic voice make her startle.

"Who are you?" she look at the man. The man standing beside her is super attractive and handsome.

"My name is Richard. Richard Lee." the man introduce himself to her.

"Lee? Are you his brother? Or master?"

"Can we talk?" he ignoring her question and look at her face.

Hazel want to refuse, but her heart insist her to listen to this man. Finally, she decide to accept his request.

She nod and he led her to the bench near them.

"So, what is this about?" she ask when they already sit down.

"I heard you are the doctor who save Andy three years ago, is that right?"

"Hm yeah, I just help him that day with my teammates."

"Well, thank you for saving his life. But, that is not the reason why I want to talk to you. It's regarding my wife and her butler status." He lean on the bench and relaxing his body a little.

"Your wife?" Hazel scrunch her eyebrow. Which one is it?

"Yes, Hai Rin is my wife. She is my wife before they both met four years ago." Richard said making Hazel dropped her jaw in unbelievable expression.

"I marry her with a condition that time. So I assign Andy, which is actually my private butler ever since we were 5 years old to help her with all her needs and everything about her is arranged by him.

"He fell in love with my wife because he know that our marriages is fake, but, unfortunately my wife didn't feel the same way. She love me back then, but she also love him as her family. Andy has been through thick and thin with her, protect her and will do anything for her, so it's normal for her to love him as her brother.

"The day he confess his feeling to my wife, my wife had to reject him and he decide to let it go and move on from the false love he fell into. He went to travel around the world until the day when I finally found him, my wife has been kidnap and we start a mission to find my wife.

"I believe you know how important Lee is. So the news and the mission we carried must be hide from the outside world. I was the wrong one ,because I instructing him to go on the mission that day.

"He try to save my wife who was pregnant that time and the consequence is he was hit and injured. We try to send our diving troop and secret agent for almost half of year.

"We thought he might be…dead, but luckily you save him that time. I am so thankful to you."

Hazel pinch the space between her eyebrow try to digest every single word he told her.

"So..the woman who was with him is actually your wife?" she ask.


", Andy, he loves her even though he knew she was your wife?"

"It's not his fault to fall for her. It was me."

Hazel frowned even more. 'He blame himself? What the hell is wrong with his brain?'

"Listen, I don't know what is your relationship with Andy, but I know how good he is. About my wife, please don't feel challenged by her. She love him just as her family. We already had three kids. I trust her, so maybe you should trust him too." He smile slightly before he stood up and leave her behind.

Hazel still sitting on the bench, staring at the graveyard.

"What should I do now, Sam?" she mumble.

She stand up and ready to go. When she open her car door, her phone ringing. It was Lola.


"Hazel, where are you?" she ask.


"Never mind, join us here. We at the 88 bar right now. Let's chill out tonight." She interject Hazel before she could finish her sentence.

Hazel look at her watch and sighing. "Fine. I'll meet you guys there."

She drive to the bar. When she went inside, she can immediately spot Lola because of her red hair.

All of her teammates and violet too were there enjoying their night. Luckily Aslan has been send back to her father's mansion, the day Alan come back home.

At first Aslan refuse to returned back without seeing Alan, but she manage to console him by telling him that Alan are now with his family.

But Aslan misunderstand the meaning, he thought that Alan now are preparing for his wedding with Hazel. So, he returned back happily.

Her group sit on the big couch near the stage. Tonight is the comedian night and duet night. They used to enjoy the show when Sam was still around. After Sam died, no one dare to ask Hazel to join them to the bar.

Hazel look at Lola who was sitting next to Nigel. They somehow manage to get close back together again, like before. Nigel also look at her with a different gaze not like his usual gaze. But she just ignore it and enjoy the show.

In the corner of the bar, Alan, Richard and Hai Rin also there sit at the VIP lounge. Richard look happy seeing Alan has returned.

All of them laugh heartily with the jokes that Russell Peters presenting right now. Hazel just smile faintly. Her mind was in a daze right now.

"Are you okay?" Chase ask her when seeing she still look unhappy since the day Alan left her.

She nod. "I think I might need something to drink. I'll be right back." She said and walk to the bar counter.

She sit at the stool and drink her cocktails. Suddenly the waiter give her another drink saying that it was from the man who sit at the corner of the counter.

She smile and lift up her glass before she drink. After she finish her drink, the man walk to her and sit next to her.

"Such a pretty lady should not drink alone."

"Thank you for your compliment, but I'm not alone. I'm sorry." She glared at the man coldly.

"Don't be so shy. You look sad, maybe I can make you happy tonight? What you do say?" he lean closer to her make her move back a little.

"I say, no. leave me alone" she yank her hand from his lewd touch.

"Come on, baby doll.. I'll be very gentle to you…"

"Didn't she said no?" a cold voice from behind interject his sentence.

Hazel flinch a bit when she hear the familiar voice, she then look at the figure with full of question.

"Back off hero!" that man slightly shouted when he was disturbed.

He try to reach Hazel hand again and suddenly his has was grab by Alan.

"She's my girlfriend. You're the one who should back off now." His voice is deep and cold. He stare at the man like he want to murder him right now.

It send the chills down to the spine. The man immediately yank back his hand and leave the bar.


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