Garden of Love
66 I Don’t Love You
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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66 I Don’t Love You

After a long hour flight, they arrive at Moon City Airport. Chase pick him and Hai Rin up from the airport.

He already landed earlier from him. After he send Violet to her home, he drive back to the airport picking up Alan and his new family. That is what Chase thought.

But just when he saw the woman so-called 'Family', his eyes turns wide.

"I'm sorry, if I'm not mistaken…you are Mrs Lee, right?" he courage up to ask her straight forward.

Hai Rin smile to her politely. "Yes, I am. are Chase? Chase Chivalry second son of James Chivalry?"

Chase nod. "Uhm.. You're not Mr. Richard right?" Chase turn his eyes to Alan.

Alan clearing his throat. "What if, I am Mr. Richard?" Hai Rin also hide her smile.

"I don't believe you. He's rumored with a very handsome face."

Hearing those, Hai Rin let out her laugh. She then look at him and said "He's my private butler. Andy Lu. Well, actually he is my husband's butler but then he was assigned to be my butler." She explain to Chase while they were in the car.

"Butler??" Chase ask again.

"Yes, I am. I've been raise up in Lee mansion from when I was 5 years old." Alan took a glance to Chase beside him.

" what happened between you and Hazel?"

"I don't know. She just left without saying anything to me." he divert his eyes to the outside of the window.

Chase did not ask him again. He could see Alan is a bit distracted. Something must have been happen when he was away with Hazel, he thought.

Hazel now resting in her office when suddenly Alan knock on her glass door.

Lift up her head, she look at him and the woman behind him. She signal him to come in.

"Hazel, are you okay? Why did you left without telling me? and you told them that I decide to stay with my family? When did I said that?" he look at her eyes which shows a faint dark circle.

Before Hazel could said anything, Hai Rin step up and hold Alan's arm a little.

"Andy, let me talk to her." She said.

Alan look at Hai Rin and then turn to Hazel. Hazel lift up his eyebrow a little.

"Okay, I'll bring you two a coffee." He said and walk out from Hazel office.

After Alan close the door, she ask "What do you want to talk about?"

"Sorry for not introduce myself earlier. My name is Hai Rin. Andy is my.."

"Butler. I know. I saw the giant drawing portraits at Lee Mansion last time. And you are the lady of Lee, am I right?" he ask her. Her voice sound a bit cold.

"So, you know who is he after all."

"I just know it few days ago." She lean on her desk looking at her and crossing her arm around her chest.

"Okay..put that aside. He is my important person that went missing three years ago. I tried very hard to find him but he was totally out of reach. Like he was vanish."

"Very hard??" she lifting her eyebrow making Hai Rin feel a bit annoyed by her.

"Yes I am."

"Bullshit." She scoffs.

"Excuse me?" Hai Rin start to feel raged.

"I search his identity over the year when he was in coma. But all lead go to the dead end. And there is no single person in this whole world filed a report about him being missing. Is that what you called 'very hard' to find him?"

"Listen, Hazel or whatever your name is. He was one of the elite squad. His identity cannot be revealed just like that. To cover up mission that we involved years ago, we can't go to the public and announce him being missing. The word 'very hard' I implementing here is when I instructed other squad to track him down secretly. Because he was lost in the sea, we search the sea and other related area. Of course we do not assume a barely dead man will travel around the world, wouldn't we?

"And…who would have thought that this genius doctor here will move him just when my squad start to search for him on the land. Not to mention, how do you move him without noticing your government?"

"Huh?" hazel scoffs again. She already burning up with her statement.

"I save your fucking dog for years, and I even return him to you… this is how you say thank you?"


Hazel close her eyes and touch her burning cheek.

Without delay, she raise her hand and slap back at her. Unfortunately, the moment she slap, the person who standing in front of her is not Hai Rin but Alan who is shielding Hai Rin.


Hazel retracted back her hand and look at Alan with a surprise look.



Both of them shout at the same time.

Hai Rin immediately shot a death glare to Hazel before she raise up Alan's face and look at his cheek.

There is a scratch trace on his cheek and it's also had a blood along the scratch.

Alan still silent, while Hazel run to her cupboard and find first aid kit box.

"Let me take a look." She said and want to hold his hand. But immediately Hai Rin grab her wrist before she could hold his hand.

"You just calling him 'dog', and now you want to touch him again? Aren't you afraid to dirt your hand, Dr. Hazel?" her voice were cold.

"I.." she stammered a little.

"Rin, that's okay.." Alan hold both of their hand before Hai Rin loose her grip.

"But she.."

"I need some time alone with her.. could you wait for me at the outside?" he said gently.

Sighing, Hai Rin nod and left the room.

Hazel rummage the first aid kit box and apply the medicine onto his cheek.

Alan stare at her face silently while leaning back on her desk.

"I'm sorry." She said to him.


"Alan, you should return back to your home. Now, you already regain your memory so, there is no use for you to stay here." She said try to hide her true feeling.

"Is that so?"


"How about my debt? I still not paying your treatment bill yet."

"That's okay. You treat me and Aslan with so kind. So I just take your kindness towards us as your payment."

Cupped her face, he search her eyes.

"But, I can't just leave you.. I promise your father that I will marry you. I love you Hazel. How could I leave my love here." He try to persuade her.

'You promise me like how you promise her? You promise to be her shield! Her sword! What am I to you Alan?!' she screamed inside her heart.

"Leave me Alan, return back to your Master. I don't love you. Don't you get it?" she look at his eyes with a determination.

'Oh god!! This is fucking hard!'

Alan frowned and his face clearly look shocked and sad.

"You love me Hazel. Don't try to deny it."

"No. I'm not."


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