Garden of Love
65 Your Promise
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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65 Your Promise

"3 2 1" they both said it in unison.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The firework start to fill the night sky. Hai Rin stare at Alan with a warm smile plastered on her face. While Alan were looking at the firework.

She tug her hand on his shirt and pull it closer to her. Due to the firework sound, it will make him difficult to hear what she was about to said, so she decide to whisper to him.

Alan was a bit surprised by the sudden action from her, but he didn't refuse it either.

When she was close enough to him, she said to him. "Andy, welcome back!"

Alan divert his eye to her after that.

"Just that?" he ask and smile.

She nod. "Oh, let's go to my waterfall." She suddenly said making Alan frowned.

"Come on! I want to bring you back to our past time together."


"It's such a momento place. I'll tell you once we there." She walk to her horse and take the reins.

Alan follow behind her.



Hazel didn't go to her room, instead she was hiding in the garden behind the resort. It's quiet and full with flower and it make her calm.

"He's not yours, Hazel. Stop crying. I don't love him." She sniffing while rub her chest slowly.

Her right hand wipe her tears away. 'Cool down, you stupid heart.'

She sit at the bench which is a bit hidden for a quite a while. Suddenly her ear caught a sound of people coming to the near of her hiding place.

'Oh don't come here!' she cover her face with her palm.

"Ah!" a female voice come to her hearing.

"Rin, be careful."

Hazel jolt her body a bit. That's a familiar voice. It's Alan! What are they doing here right now?!

Hazel want to go out, but she can't. if she go now, both of them will surely see her. She sit still on the bench and try to not make any sound.

"Haha..sorry sorry. I scare you huh?" she said happily.

"You always careless.."

"Hmm.. that's why I need you to be my protector again." She grinning.


They walk to the bench near the waterfall.

"Andy, look at this Lilies and my baby orchids." She point her finger toward an area near them.

"Today is the first moon, so my babies here will bloom right about…now! Look! Look!" she said again with an excited voice and face.

Alan laugh softly seeing her reaction. He then look at the flower which start to bloom.

"It's beautiful." He said.

"Hmm.. I know right.." she smile to him.

"Andy, do you remember? This is the place that you used to confess your love to me."

Hazel on the other side was surprised by what she just heard. She couldn't stand to stay there, but she can't go out now too.

Alan flinch a bit. He turn to her and smile to her.

"You still remember?" they talk and took a sit on the bench.

"Of course I remember. I remember every single moment when we were together back then." She stop before she continue again.

"Andy, return back to me, please?" her voice sound sad, like she was waiting for him for too long.

Alan sigh. He silent a moment before he reply her.

"I'm sorry Rin, I still have things to do in Arandell. I can't just leave Hazel like that…"

"So, you forgetting about your promise you made before? You said you will always stay by my side. Being my shield and sword."

"..Hmm..let me think about it. After all, you still can survive without me for these past years." Alan try to console her.

"Do you know how many times I cry when I thought about you? Do you know how I wish I could take your hand that day in the ocean back then? I was so lost when you're gone. " she cry and Alan pull her into his embrace.

"I'm sorry." He pat on her back.

"Let's get back. It's getting late now." He said again when she already calm down a little.

After Alan and Hai Rin walk out from the garden, Hazel burst into tears.

She want to suppress her feeling, but it was too hard for her. She had no control over her tears.

'Shield? Sword? Confess? What are you, Alan? Did you promise her the moon and the star too?'

After she feel a little bit calm, she went back to her room. She take a shower and pack up her belonging back to her luggage.

Hazel check-out from the resort at the dawn and drive back to the Calestical City airport. She already give a call to her private pilot on her way and she also text Chase to return back to Arandell. Their mission is now complete and Alan already found his 'family'.

With that she left Alan in the QingLong town and she decide to toughen her heart. No, her wall around her heart.


In next morning,

Alan knock on her door room for many time, but to no avail, she not open it.

Finally, he went to the counter and ask for the spare key. Unfortunately, the lady on the counter tells him that she already check-out.

Took out his phone, he try to call her. But her phone is now switch off. He try to call Joe after that.

"Hey, man.." Joe greet him.

"Do you know where Hazel is?" Alan ask. His voice sounded worried.

"Huh? Didn't she already return back to Arandell?"

"What? When?"

"Uhm…she's inform us to return back since you already found your family. So yeah, we're still at the airport in Imperial City."

Alan dumbfound by what he just heard.

When did he decide he want to stay here? He look at his wrist watch.

"Thanks, man." He cut off the call and when he want to return back to his room, he bump with Hai Rin.

"Andy, what's wrong?" she ask a bit worried.

"Rin, I need to return back to Arandell, Moon City. I'll see you again." He said to her.


"Yeah, now."

Hai Rin follow him from behind.

"Let's go then. I call our pilot." She said.

"Rin.." he stop his pace and look at her.

"What? You still one of Lee after all."


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