Garden of Love
64 Kissing Scene.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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64 Kissing Scene.

Hazel throw her purse and phone on the bed and she slump on the bed facing down.

'Arghh..' she grunt inwardly.

'Why the hell do I feel so jealous about her? I don't love him, so why I care about whoever he's with in his past. This is good enough, so that, I would not married to him, right? Yup, its good.' She try to calm herself.

Just when she sat up from the bed, there is a knock on her door.

"Hazel, it's me." Alan on the door calling her.

She sigh before she get up and open the door.

"What do you want?" she ask.

"Can we talk?" he said. His face show a worried and apologetic expression.

"I know I was wrong. I am sorry. But, I need some time alone. You should go now." She tried to assure him.

"Hey, come on..tell me, what is wrong with you today? You seem lost." He cupped her face and he search her eyes.

"No, I'm fine." She look at his eyes a moment before she divert it back to somewhere else.

"Are you sure?" he ask her again.

"Mhm." She nod.

"Okay..i'm sorry I said something harsh to you." He caress her cheek.


"Good night Hazel. "He said before he return back to his room.


The next day,

Alan spend his day with Hazel and he show her around the field. He also surprise when he see such a good progress happen when he was not around for almost three years.

"Hazel, tonight, there is a festival around that mountain area, do you want to go there?" he pointed his finger toward the place he meant.

Hazel squinting her eyes a little. ", I'll pass. I don't really like to go to the festival. Especially when the place is crowded with people."

"There is a lot of good food there. Are you sure you want to pass it?" he ask again.

"Mhm. I'm sure. I want to spend my day at my bed." She said again making Alan sigh afterward.



At the entrance lobby, Alan approaching Hai Rin who is waiting for him.

"Hey Rin.."

"Andy.. Let's go.." she said happily.

When they walk out from the glass door, Alan look at Hai Rin with a question look.

"He's been missing you. Let's take a ride with him." Hai Rin said and patting Lucas's neck.

Lucas is a black Arabians breed horse that Alan found years ago. He adopt the horse and keep it in the resort.

Beside Lucas is another one horse, it's a snow white horse. "She's 'snow white'. My horse." Hai Rin walk to her horse and pat her chiseled.


"That's okay. I'm not wearing any dress this time." She giggles when she remember the first time she ride a horse with him.

Alan also chuckles when he remind of what happen years ago.

Like he used to do, he lift her up and put her on the saddle. He take the reins and he sat on Lucas saddle.

"Hey I can ride her, you know.. I've been practice." Hai Rin pouted when she saw Andy is in charge of her horse reins.

"Really? But now is the peak hour. I worry that your horse will scared when there is a lot of people. I don't want you to get hurt again." He said with a gentle voice.

Hai Rin turns silent. She never thought that Andy she knew years ago still the same Andy he is right now.


Hazel rolling on around the bed. Bored.

She then look at the closet and start to have a thought want to join Alan to go to the festival.

She get up from the bed and rummage her clothes inside the closet. She choose a teal color jumpsuit and she let her hair loose. Luckily the car keys in her purse, so, she can drive to the festival.

She took out her phone and send Alan text but no reply from him. Put back her phone, she drive to the festival with a hope she will find him later.

Just like what she thought, it was crowded with people and there is a lot of stall. Yes, Alan was right. There is a lot of delicious food they sell.

Hazel buy a few of them while waiting for the firework to start. Her eyes keep searching Alan's figure but to no luck, she still not find him anywhere.

Finally she decide to find a quiet place and enjoy the view alone.


Alan tie up the reins on the tree near them, Hai Rin walk to the wooden fence and stare at the night sky.

"Do you remember this place?" she ask.

The moonlight tonight is quite bright. He could see how beautiful she was. Even after parting for almost three years, she still beauty like when he first met her.

She is his first love. The person that he swore to be her shield and sword. The person that he swore to protect her life. He was her butler and he also is her best friend.

He was in love with her until the day he lost his memory. Hazel came into his life and fill his heart again with a love. Even though she never say 'yes' to him, but he know that he really madly in love with her. Even his love toward his first love couldn't compare to how much he love Hazel.

"Yeah, I remember." He lowered his head. Somehow, he miss Hazel right now.

"Hmm.. we were very..very close that time. I couldn't imagine what will happen if I hadn't met you Andy. You're my savior..wait,'re my knight." her eyes gleaming looking up at him.

Alan smile toward her. Yup, she still cute like before. He thought.

They were standing facing each other. Show his wrist watch to her, they start counting together.


Hazel find a small alley not far from the festival. He walk to the small forest and suddenly her eyes caught someone figures not far from her.

She squinted her eyes a bit try to focus on the figure.

When the firework started, the sky become brighter with a sparkle from the firework. She could see clearly Alan was standing there with…his ex? Or his girlfriend?

She want to step forward but she immediately stop her pace when she saw her pull Alan shirt to bend a little to her. Well, no. they actually very close.

The night sky made it look like they were kissing. Hazel bit her bottom lip. Her tears start to form from her eyes.

'Dammit!' she walk back to the car spot and throw away all the food she buy before.


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