Garden of Love
63 His Ex-Girlfriend?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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63 His Ex-Girlfriend?

"Uhm…he' special someone." She look at Alan face like she was really missing him.

Hazel lowered her head. "If that's the case, I'll leave you with him. Maybe you two need some time alone." She stand up ready to go.

Alan immediately grab her hand before she walk. "You don't have to go."

She shook her head. "No, I'm a bit tired. See you later, Alan." She said. Well, she really is tired.

Alan sigh and nodded. "Okay."

After Hazel closed the door, Alan turn his head to the woman in front of him.

"Where have you been??" she buried her face to his chest wet his shirt with her tears.

Pat her back he calm her down again.

"I'm sorry. I got into coma for one year before lost my memory for about one year and a half now. So I was really clueless about who I am. I was in the overseas when I wake up." He explain to her.

" know how worried I was? I've been missing you so much."

"I'm sorry."

"Hai Rin, how is everyone?" he ask when he remember what had happen that night when he was heavily injured.

"Everyone now already settled down with their own family. Everything back to places. Except for you. You leave us with a grief. Not only your family, but mine to are affected by the accident that happen to you.." she wipe her tears.

"God… finally, I meet with you again! Andy, please don't leave me again." She look deep into his eyes.

Alan smile to her. "I will not, but Rin…"

"Good! Let's return to the mansion. They must be happy to see you." She already grab his hand ready to drag him out from the bed.

"Wait.. I can't..not now, okay?" he said making her turned to him.

"What? Why?" she tilt her head a bit.

"I..i still need to tell Hazel and my others friend about this. After all, they treat me for about two years and a half. I don't want to go without discuss with them first." Alan look at her wanting her to understand his situation.

"O-o kay.. but, don't take too long."

"Thanks Rin."

"Hmm." She smile to him before a question cross in her mind.

"Oh! How long will you stay here?"

"I'm not sure yet."

"Tomorrow night! Let's go to the end of spring season festival. They have firework, cultural dance and food…oh my god! Just like the last time!" she was excited to the point Alan couldn't say no to her.


"Yes! So, I'll wait for you for dinner. I had a lot of things I want to talk to you." She said before she fled to her room after that.

Alan just shake her head looking at her cute act. "Well, that's her." He mumble.

Alan knock on Hazel door room.


After a few times knock, Hazel open the door. "Yes?"

"Let's grab some dinner." He smile to her.

Feeling a bit hungry, she nodded and take her purse and phone before she headed out with Alan.

"So, you already regain your memory back?" she ask him when they walk together.

"Hm, yeah."

"Did you feel any pain? Some patient will have these symptom. Did your memory come by fragment per fragment?" she halt her pace and look at him with a worried face.

Alan give a peck on her cheek a little. "You worried about me, do you?" he wink at her.

Hazel touch where he kiss her earlier. "Hey..i'm your doctor. It's normal for me to ask you this question."

He chuckles and place his hand around her shoulder.

"I do feel a bit pain inside my head. But, Dr. Hazel, rest assured I can handle the pain. And yes, it's come by fragment per fragment. Also, don't worry. I'm good at 'not-to-get-panic' mode."

"Okay. That's good then. If you feels like you can't endure the pain, do tell me. I will prescribe you with a medicine."

"Roger, my dear." He nod.

"Let's go and eat. I'm famished." She said afterward and they continue to go to the restaurant beside the resort building.


They take a table that allowed them to savor the view of flower field. After a minute they sat down, Hai Rin come to their table.

"Sorry I running late." She smile to both of them.

Hazel slightly smile to her and turn her eyes to Alan. Unfortunately Alan eyes fixed on the woman who take a sit in front of him and of course beside her.

Well, she can't denied that the woman look super beautiful. She can't even compared to her. Her figure was stunning too. For a woman to praise another woman is beautiful that's mean she really is beautiful.

"Sorry, am I interrupting you guys?" she ask politely after she notice Hazel gaze toward her is a bit different.

"Uh- no.. we just want to start order." Alan reply before Hazel could say anything.

She then divert her eyes to the field and enjoy the view after the waiter take their order.

While Alan and Hai Rin enjoyed their time with a trivial chit chat like how he was when he lost his memory, where he lives, what he do and everything about him. It's continue to be about more than half an hour now. Somehow, it makes it annoyed. Oh, wait. More like envious to her.

"So, Hazel. You are the one who save him back then right? Hai Rin turn to her.

"Yeah." she reply short and not even look at her making Hai Rin scrunch her eyebrow.

"Don't bother with her attitude. She always like that." Alan jokes. But not to Hazel. She feel like Alan just humiliate her in front of what? His ex-girlfriend? Hazel feel a bit angry.

"Yeah, don't bother me. I'm full now. Here is my share." She take out her purse and put the money on the table before she stand up.

"Hazel, that's not what I meant.." Alan hold her hand from leaving.

"Yeah, whatever. I'll take my leave now. You two can continue to chit chat." She wiggle her hand from Alan and leave him behind.

Wipe his mouth with the napkin, he look at Hai Rin who is clearly shock by what happen earlier.

"I'm sorry. I'll see you around, later." He said apologetically to her.

Hai Rin smile and nod to him.


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