Garden of Love
62 He“s My Special Someone.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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62 He“s My Special Someone.

"I did. But there is no point. She would've not remember me anymore. I was a bad mother after all." she stare at Hazel. Hazel pretend to not hear it as she still busy at the machines writing something on her report.

"You said you sold your daughter, why would you do that?" Alan ask again.

She lowered her eyes and clench on her covers.

"I was so stupid. I want my husband to look at me again, but then he never return back to me. I spend all of the money I had on him until I went broke. Years after he marry his mistress, they never once got a child and now he did the same thing he do to me to his mistress. Even though seeing his state make me feel a bit happy but I still couldn't get rid the regret that i feel when I sold my own daughter. Every time I look at someone who had the same eyes color with my daughter make me sad."

Alan divert his eyes to Hazel. She still put on the stoic face.

"Hmm.. so where do you live now?"

"I am homeless. But, the nurse tell me that all my medical fees has been paid by someone."

"Well ma'am, please take care of your health after this. I believe your daughter will understand your situation sooner or later."

"If I was going to die, I really wish to see her and apologize to her for what happen years ago before I die. I should raise her and treat her nicely when i had a chance." she whimpering again.

Alan pat on her back.

"I'm sure she knows."

Hazel put back the report. She turn to the patient and said "Well, ma'am you should not cry. It's not good for your condition right now. You will start your therapy for the next three month. So I will arrange your medication for the next three months."

After the patient nod, she look at Alan.

"Let's go."

Alan smile to the patient and follow Hazel from behind.

After they walk out, Hazel take off her mask and settle a few things before she pass over the case to the doctor in-charge for her mother.

Alan was still waiting for her at the lobby. When she approaching him without he noticed her, she hug him from behind.

"I need to go somewhere where I can forget all of the things that bothering me right now." she said with a low voice.

Alan was dumbfound with her behavior. It was so out of the blue for her to suddenly hug him.

"Let's go. I'll bring you to one place." he said and turn his body around and facing her.


"Somewhere around the north of this City I guess."

Hazel just follow him after that to the car park.

They check out from the hotel and drive to the QingLong Town.

"How do you know about this place?" Hazel ask. She's a bit curious.

"I don't know. I just know the way." he replied.

" you think, maybe you from this City?"

Shrugged he reply "Maybe."

"It'll be better if we find your family or your friends while we are in this trip, right?"

"Why? You could not wait to get married to me?" he tease her.

"Wha…who..who wants to marry you?" she stammered.

"Uh-huh? Still not giving up?" he ask.


"Come on hazel, fall for me."

"No, I don't want to.." she rolled her eyes.

Alan chuckles seeing her action. 'Yup! She really is stubborn.'




Four hour driving, they finally arrived at the Eternal Flower Farm & Resort. Hazel open her mouth when they pass the entrance gate. This is really beautiful place, indeed. All along the way she was amazed by the scenery.

This place is really like a 'mini heaven' for those who like greenery. Alan take out their luggage from the trunk. He wearing his sunglasses and his panama hat while Hazel also put on her wide brim sun hat.

They walk to the counter and when Alan take off his sunglasses, a loud of clattering sound make him and Hazel turn around to look at the cause.

"An…An..Andy??" a very beautiful lady was stammered, looking at him.

She cover her mouth with her palm and her eyes start to form tears. Once she move her hand from her mouth, her tears rolling down.

"It's me..Hai..Hai Rin.." she said.

Upon hearing her name, Alan faint on the floor.


"Alan!" Hazel immediately held his head up. The lady also immediately run to him and sit beside him tug her hand on his shirt. "Andy!"

Hazel shot a look at her and then she ask for a few worker to bring them to their hotel room.

He only faint, no need medical attention. But still, she need to monitor him, he lay on the bed and Hazel start to check on his temperature.

'Normal, so he's not having a fever. But he's sweating a lot.' She then unbutton his shirt a little.

When she want to move her hand, Alan suddenly grab her hand and shot open his eyes. "Hai Rin!" he shout and panting heavily.

Hazel was dumbfounded by what she heard. The lady beside her take a sit on the edge of the bed and take his hand from the grip.

"'s me.." she said with a tears. She doesn't look like she fake it, is she really someone who know him?

'I've seen her…where?' Hazel thought.

"Rin.. I I I'm so sorry." Alan started and he pull the lady into his embrace to calm her down from crying.

"It's okay..don't cry. I'm back now." he said gently to her.

Again. Hazel was dumbfounded. But, she take a deep breath and plastered her smile on her face.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but do you by any chance..know him? Miss?"

Hai Rin turn around and look at her as Alan also release her from his embrace.

"Uhm…he' special someone."


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