Garden of Love
61 How Thick She Put Her Wall Around Her Heart?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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61 How Thick She Put Her Wall Around Her Heart?

"Hm, even if you have a girlfriend before? Or maybe someone you love the most?" she ask him again.

Alan don't have answer for that. He really loves Hazel with all his heart. But what if he also said the same thing to someone else, before? His fragment of memory that returned today also make him afraid. Afraid of the possibility that he need to choose between the present and the past.

"You don't have your answer for that, aren't you? Then how could you say that you want to marry me and you mean it in every way?" She lowered her head and then she avert her eyes try to hold her tears.

'Damn you, heart! Stop being sad over him!' she start to curse herself.

Alan didn't reply her. He also lost in his train of thought.




They arrived at the Princeton Hospital in the evening. After landing, they only sleep for a few hour before they headed to the Hospital where Hazel's mom admitted.

He wait for Hazel at the waiting room, while Hazel go and discuss with a team of doctor who treat her mother. She already had the permission from the director of the Princeton Hospital.

She agree to save her mother but with a few condition. The first one is she do not want her identity to be known by the patient and second is all the team member need to call her with the name of 'H'.

All of them agree with her term, they pass to her the patient details and record. After diagnose her case, Hazel look at the details for the treatment that she has been received.

After almost three hour waiting for her at the waiting room, Hazel approaching him and take a sit beside him. She look tired.

"Done?" he ask.

"" she shake her head slowly.

Alan stretch his hand and caress her hair while she lean her head to his shoulder. She's a bit tired but she also need to make sure the surgery went well later. She closed her eyes and inhale his scent. The scent that make her calm and brush away all the tiredness from her.

"When is her schedule?" Alan ask her gently.

"Tonight. After 9 pm."

"You should rest a bit before do her surgery."

"Erm..I am resting now."

Alan flushed a bit. "Need I to bring you to your hotel room? There is a few hour before the surgery."

"No..I like this way."


"Alan, shut up. I need to rest. Lend me your shoulder." She said making Alan shut his mouth after that. Not long after, she fell asleep on his shoulder.

Alan adjusting her posture so that she would feel more comfortable. Luckily there is only few people around them.

He lay Hazel on his lap and cover her body with his black wool coat. He stare at her face and run his finger on her face start from her eyebrow, nose, her rosy cheek and lastly to her velvet lips.

He stop his finger on her lips before he caress her hair again. Her skin so flawless and soft. Her eyelash also long and beautiful. Even without make up, she still look so gorgeous to him.

She sleep for about an hour before she wake up and sat up beside Alan again.

"Alan, thanks..I need to go now. If you want to go back to hotel, you go first. I will return once I settle my surgery" she said while rub her eyes slowly.

"Mm..I'll wait until you're done." He reply.

"Are you sure? It may take a long time to finish." She look at him.

"Yes. I'll wait for you." He smile to her.

"Well, suit yourself."she stand up and ready to go. Just before she want to get up, Alan grab her hand and draw closer to her face.

He kiss softly on her cheek and say "Good luck. Do your best."

Hazel's face blushing. Her heart also beating so fast. She nod and hurriedly walk to the lobby elevator.




She walk out from the surgery room at the dawn. After the other team bring the patient back to her room, she immediately change her attire and walk to the waiting area.

She look at Alan who still sit on the couch staring at the floor.

"Hey..i'm sorry, it took longer to finish the surgery." She said with an apologetic voice.

Alan look up at her and smile. "That's okay..are you done now?" he ask again and Hazel hurriedly nod her head.

"Alright, let's get some rest." He stand up and walk beside her to the car park.


Both of them wake up after afternoon. Alan took a shower and resting at his balcony.

Next room is Hazel's room. He enjoy his view and suddenly Hazel walk out to her balcony, yawning and stretching.

"Urghhh.." she groans and hold the steel railing.

"Had a good sleep?" Alan ask her making her flinch her body a bit.

She turn her body to the next balcony and lean against the railing.

"Hm, yeah. how about you?" she ask while crossing her arm.

"Hmm, not as good as when my sweetheart was with me."

Hazel rolled her eyes. "Let's get ready. I need to check on the patient before I pass over the case to the team back."

"Okay." He stand up after Hazel returned to her room.

After an hour they drove out from the hotel to the Princeton Hospital.

Hazel walk into the room which is designated for the patient she treat, her own biological mother.

When she walk inside with Alan, the old woman already wake up. She look at Hazel and then she turn her eyes to Alan behind her before she divert her eyes back to Hazel.

"Who are you?" the old woman around her forties asking her.

"I'm your doctor." Hazel reply. Luckily she decide to put on the mask before she walk in to her room, if not, for sure her mother could recognize her immediately.

"Hmm.. you have a beautiful eyes and your hair color is not look like us. Are you a foreigner?" she ask again.

"Mm. I am foreigner doctor." she replied short and still continue to check on her meds and all the tube line that attach to her body.

"I used to have a daughter, if she was still here, I bet she will be the same age as you. She also had a beautiful eye color. But, I was so stupid back then. I sold her."

she start to crying. Hazel frowned and look at the monitor which show a 'no-good' sign.

"Ma'am, don't cry. Your heart rate spiking up. You're just wake up from the big surgery. Please control your emotion." she said with a plain voice.

That make Alan turn a look to her. 'How thick she put her wall around her heart?'

"I'm sorry. I think, I've been missing my daughter." she wipe her tears.

"Didn't you try to find her ma'am?" Alan started. He wanted to dig her mother real feeling and what happen to her after she sold Hazel years ago.


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