Garden of Love
60 I Meant It In Every Way
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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60 I Meant It In Every Way

"Papa, where are we going?" Aslan ask Alan which is now leading him into a maze garden.

"Erm, if I'm not mistaken, there is a statue in the middle of this maze. The statue is quite unique and beautiful too." He said happily.

"Did you live here before?" Aslan question making Alan slowing his pace.

'He's right! How do I know about this maze? How do I know every single path around here? Am I someone from here? Did I work here before? If I am someone from here, why there is no one greet me? Wait! I don't see anyone here.'

"Papa?" he wiggles his hand making him flinch a bit.

"Sorry buddy, I lost in my thought. Come on, we don't want to be caught by your mother, right?"

Aslan follow behind him. When they arrive at the center of the maze, Aslan was so excited to see the Lion statue and there is few creature statue which is smaller around it and there is a pond surrounding the statue.

There also had a bench and a few flower growing around the pond.

It is indeed beautiful. Aslan look at the pond while Alan take a sit on the bench near him.

There is a flash of his memory come back to him, It is night time and he was wearing his three pieces suit. He was standing with the statue as the background. He extended his hand to someone on the bench….and he smile to the person.

Only that fragment that return back to his memory. He feel a bit pain inside his head, but he try to suppress it and not showing any pain expression to Aslan.

Not long after, there is a small helicopter come crashing and stuck in the maze tree not far from Aslan point.

Aslan run to the maze tree and pull out the helicopter but the helicopter fall on the ground instead. That is when Alan eyes caught a figure of the girl standing not far from him.

He smile to her and said with a gentle voice of his "Is it yours?" he stand up and walk to her.

The girl had a question expression on her face, but she still nod and not saying anything.

He turn his head to Aslan who stand behind him with a helicopter in his hand.

"Aslan, come on buddy, give it back to this little girl." He said to Aslan and turn back smiling at the little girl.

They both stride to her and Alan squatted down to leveling their eyes.

"What is your name?" he ask.

"Athena." The little girl said, Aslan on the other side already blushed. He remember the girl. The one who kiss him before.

"Athena…the name of goddess. Such a beautiful name. Just like you too." He smile and ruffles her hair a bit before he stand up.

Aslan still looking at the girl.

"Aslan, buddy, let's go. Your mom will nag at me again if she found out we sneaking here." He extended his hand to Aslan.

Aslan back to reality and he give back the helicopter and kiss her cheek before he fled and reach Alan's hand.

Alan was shocked by his action just now. " still young, boy. Don't scare her." They walk into the maze leaving the girl.

"But, she's the one who kissed me first." Aslan said making Alan surprise again.

"What? you've met her?"

"Mm..when we in island last time." Aslan state.

"But, I didn't see her before." Alan rub his chin like thinking something.

"Of course you not. She only show herself to me, I guess." Aslan smile.

Alan dumbstruck.

"Where did this kid learn to be so flirtatious?" he mumble himself.

When they reach at the car spot, Hazel also just arrive at the same time.

"Where did you two go?" she ask.

"Uh, I just take Aslan strolling over." He replied.

"Get in."

Alan following her order. Somehow, she a bit weird from before. Did something happen inside? He thought.

All along the way, Hazel shut her eyes and not saying a single word. It makes Alan feels even more curious.

When they arrive at home, Hazel hurriedly go to her room.

She take out her phone and dialing Chase number.

After a few rings, Chase pick up her call.


"Chase, I need your help." Hazel said.

"What is it?"

"I need to go to Celestial City by tonight, so I need your help to take care of Aslan. I will bring Alan with me." she look at her wrist watch.

"Okay. Is there an emergencies case? Or do you got any clue about Alan?"

"Emergency case. I will inform you if there is any need for you guys to come, alright?" she try to soften her voice.

She don't know why since she returned from the Lee mansion, she feel like she was not herself.

After ended the call, she walk over to the living area where Alan and Aslan still playing some blocks and making something looks like a gun.

She clearing her throat and sat on the couch. "Alan, get ready. Tonight you need to follow me to the Calestical City. Aslan will be stay with the rest here."

Alan turns his head to her and scrunching his eyebrow a bit.

"Tonight?" he ask.

"Yeah, go and pack your bag. We're leaving once Chase return." She stand up and leave Alan at the living room.

"Papa..are you going with mommy?" he ask. His face looks a little sad.

Nodded, he cupped his face "Don't worry. I won't be long. I'll be back before you know it, okay? When I was not around, please behave with your uncles here." He smile and hug him before he go to his room and start to pack his thing.


He and Hazel wait at the departure hall. They waited for their flight to Calestical City.

"Hazel, is there something bothering you? You look distracted." Alan ask her.

Look at him, she shake her head.


"You frowned from the moment we return from that mansion until now. Tell me, I'll listen to your every problem." He search her eyes.

"Nothing.." she's hesitate to tell him about what she know.

"Uhm…Alan, did you…really meant it when you said you want to marry me?" she stammered a little.

Alan smile "Is that what bothering you since this evening?"

Hazel turns her eyes away.

Reaching her hand, he plant a kiss on top of her hand.

"I meant it in every way."


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