Garden of Love
59 Is He Perhaps Has Someone He Love?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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59 Is He Perhaps Has Someone He Love?

The next evening,

Hazel wear a black dress with a strap design at the back. She look at herself in the mirror. 'Nice dress.'

"Don't you think it's too tight and short?" Alan ask her. He lean at the door frame looking at her dress.

Well, to be honest it's quite a catch for her to dress up like this. She looks so beautiful. But the dress show how round her breast and butt and it's too open to especially in her back. It's too sexy.

"Hm? Nope. I'm comfortable with this dress." she said casually.

"It's up to you. But, the way I looked at it, I could guest your size and I couldn't look at anywhere else except your..breast and butt. Mmm..must be so good when we have sex later." he tilt his head a little and stare at her breast.

Hazel cover her breast when seeing where Alan look at her.

"You! Who said I gonna have sex with you?" she jerk out a little.

Alan just smile and stride to her slowly.

"Well, you have to have sex with me after I married you."

Squinted her eyes, she say "I never say yes."

"Hm.." he divert his eyes and walk out from her room.

Hazel was totally dumbfounded. 'He didn't say anything else? He's not in his usually self.'

She look down at her dress back. Sighing, she went to the dress room and change her dress.

This time she wearing a champagne color dress. It a long mermaid dress with a half sleeve reach to her elbow. It's simple yet it look elegant.

She take her pursed and walk out from her room.

"Alan, let's go." she said to Alan and Aslan who is already waiting at the hall.

The others still in the searching mission, while Alan need to accompany her with Aslan to the Lee Mansion.

Alan and Aslan just wearing something casual. They intent to wait at the outside of the banquet while Hazel will make the deal with the person she want to met today.

They arrived at the banquet half an hour later. The moment Alan see the mansion, his heartbeat race faster. His head hurt a little like there is something wanna blow up from the inside of his brain.

He endure the pain and ignore the nervousness inside. He turn to Hazel beside him.

"Are you gonna stay long?" he ask.

"No. Just give me half an hour. And meet me back at this lot okay? Don't go anywhere." she said to him before she step out from the car and went to the house.

Alan look at Aslan in the back seat. "Wanna go strolling?" he ask.

"Can we?" he ask back with a question look.

"Well, as long we return back before your mom come."


"Let's go then." he step out from his car and went to the back passenger seat to carry Aslan in his arm.

He really spoiled by Alan too much.

Hazel walk to the grand entrance door. She show the invitation code to the two man guarding at the entrance.

After they scan the code and nod, they let her walk in.

She was unsure which way to led her to meet with Lee Zhing, so she end up lost inside the huge mansion. This mansion is totally more bigger than her father mansion.

She stop her pace at the hallway when her eyes caught a glimpse of a big portrait picture hanging on the wall.

Her eyes turn wider when she see the man inside the picture with a beautiful lady and beside her is also a very handsome man.

The portrait look like the lady was sit in the middle of two man beside her. The lady in the picture is somehow look familiar to her. The man in the right not shocking her like the man in the left.

It's really look like Alan in this picture. She tilt her head little and stare at every angle possible to make sure about the person in the picture in front of her.

"He's one of the Lees. If you wonder." a female voice make her flinch her body a bit.


"His name is Andy. One of the head butler in this mansion." the woman said again.

Hazel just nod her head. She don't know who is the woman is. So she just politely follow her conversation.

"Is he here?" Hazel ask.

The woman smile and shake her head. "He went missing on his mission three years ago."

Hazel frost the moment her brain caught the information. First, he went missing! Second is three years ago! That's when she met Alan. Three years ago. And he also wearing some weird suit on him that day! Is he on his mission? But, is Alan is the one who in this portrait?

"The woman inside this picture is.." she divert her eyes to the picture back. Her feature figure and face seem familiar to her. Where did she see this woman before?

"She's a Lee head lady. Andy is her private butler back then. It's break her heart when Andy went missing and never be found again." she shook her head try to hide her sadness. Of course Hazel could see her action and expression.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I am Madam Lee Zhing's butler. She ask me to bring you to her study. But I find out you must be lost inside this huge mansion." she smile and led her to the study room.

Her heart feel a bit sullen when she thought about the possibility Alan is Andy.

But wait a minute! Didn't the old man and one lady that she met in the island few days ago also call him with 'Andy'?

Andy is the old man's son and the Andy here is a private butler for the head Lady of the house??

In the mission? Is Andy is some kind of hero dude type? The timeline is perfect with the time she found him. With the great influence from the Lee, of course all the news or anything big can be seal by them. That is the reason why she never found out about him.

She was lost in her thought.

"Hazel! Nice meeting you!" Lee Zhing greet her with a smile before they hug each other.

"Nice to finally meet you too, senior." she replied.

"Oh, how beautiful you are right now. So how was you and Sam? Did you guys married?" she ask with a happy tone.

"Uh- we didn't manage to get married though." she replied awkwardly.

"What??Why?? you're so lovey dovey back then."

Hazel lowered her head a bit, she take a deep breath before she explain to her.

"Oh- I'm so sorry."

"Don't be. It's been years." she said casually.

"Hm..oh! About the drug you request to me.." she went to her desk and retrieve a package from the drawer.

"Luckily I have this drug in my grandfather mansion. If not, you need to wait until I done with this party and went home to get it." she smile and hand the medium size box.

"The rest I will send to the hospital that you mention before. It'll take at least one week to produce the amount you need. So this dose I give you is enough for the one week treatment."

"Thank you, senior. Did you prefer cheque or online transfer?" she ready to pay for the cost.

"I'm okay with either one."

"Okay." she swipe her phone and do some transferring to her account.

Before she leaving, she ask her butler who send her off to the door "Uhm, about the missing butler.."

"Is he perhaps has someone he love?" oh great Hazel! Now you care whether he had a lover or not? Seriously? Who are you try to kidding with?

The woman look hesitate, but she still answer her question.

"Yes, he has. It is his Master itself."

Hazel was dumbstruck with what she just heard. Somehow, deep down inside she really hurt. And it the same way when she feel jealous back then when Sam got all the love letter from the girl from other faculty or when a girl try to flirt with him in front of her.


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