Garden of Love
58 Lee Pharma’s Presiden
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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58 Lee Pharma’s Presiden

"Oh, I bring my chopper here. I landing at the air strip behind this house." she said casually.

Even though she said it with a plain voice, all of them almost dropped their jaw because of shock!

'Who is she? Is she some kind of special army or what?' Lola's thought while others also had a similar thought as her.

"So, you bring your pilot too?" Joe ask her.

"No. I fly it by my own. It's more fun. Right, babies?" she smile and turn her eyes to the twin. Athena of course is nowhere to be found, she will suddenly pop out from anywhere. The girl is a bit mystery. Her presence can't be sensed by her. even though she is pretty skilled assassin before.

"Right~ mama~" both of them replied.

"Wow! Amazing!" His eyes show a bit excited along with his voice.

She laugh lightly. "See you guys around later." she wave her hand to them and kiss his father cheek and then she turned to her mother.

"I love you. I promise I will come by again mama." she hug her mother tightly before she let go and bring the twin to the hallway that lead to the back of the house.

The next day,

After the boat already fuel up by the team that is sent by Zi Fei, they bit farewell to the old couple.

"If you have any time later, please come more often. We always open our door to all of you." he state and then smile toward them.

"Thank you Mr. Ang, we will surely come again." Alan said and followed by Chase who is nod beside him.

"Your cooking are delicious. I will surely come again to taste your dish, old man." Nigel said when he patted his shoulder.

"Sure! I'll cook for you next time." he said excitedly.

After all of them get inside the boat, Alan still at the shore retrieving his backpack.

When he want to climb up to the boat, Ang Lu said to him "Alan, if you want some training, you can always come here."

Alan frowned his eyebrow a little.


"Yes. You had a great shape of body. It will come in handy in the future if you know how to protect yourself or your family." Ang Lu explain to him.

Alan nod. "Yeah, thanks for the offer. I will think about it."

They head back to the mainland. They exhausted from the unexpected event yesterday. However, they were enjoying their time at the old couple house in that island too.

How nice to spend the rest of your life with the one you love in such a romantic place. Well, at least with this event, they had a clue to where is the next destination. Imperial City!

The next two days they take the flight to Imperial City to begin their new mission.

Hazel just took her shower and rest at the living area along with 8 of them.

When she want to check on her media social account, suddenly she got a phone call from her father. Frowned a moment, she take the call and walk to the balcony.


"Hazel! Thank god you pick up my call." his voice sound a bit relief.

"What's the matter?"

"Uhm…it's your mother.." he's a bit hesitate and his voice sound a bit worried too.

"What's wrong with Laura?" she ask.

"It's not her.. it's Lin Mei."

Hazel frost a moment. "O-h.." the only word she could come up with.

"She's been hospitalized a month ago. And the doctors said she diagnose with an early stage of tumor in her stomach. Maybe because of her poor nutrition she consumed." he explain to her the details.

"Mm. So?" Hazel pinch her space between her eyebrow.

"You're her daughter. And you also a skilled doctor. Could you check on her?"

"Papa, don't you remember? She sold me to you years ago! She decide to abandon me when I was still a child! A child! Now, she's sick, and you want me to treat her? Are you kidding me?" she bristle and let out her anger to her father through the phone.

Sighing, Mr. Jokovic take a deep breath.

Hazel…how bad you think she was is, she still is your biological mother. She gave birth to you. She carry my dear Hazel for more than nine months. Please considering this. The fact that she brought you to this world, it can't be changed."

Hearing her father slow and calm tone make her want to punch the wall. She clench her fist and with a heavy heart, she lowered her head and said. "Give me her details. I'll try to fix that. But. Only that. I don't want to cross my path again with her."

"Thank you, sweetheart. I'll send the details right away." he replied before he ended the call.

Hazel look at the building view in front of her eyes. When she want to turn around, her heart almost want to jump out from its string.

"Oh my god! You scared me!" she yelled when seeing Alan was sitting on the bean bag at the balcony and was looking at the view too.

He avert his eyes to her.

"Sorry that I scared you." he replied short. Since they arrive at this city, his heart couldn't calm down.

His feeling is mixed and he having trouble to differentiate his true feeling. He feel like he was missing something, something important that he forgot. He is totally in melancholic state right now.

"How long have you been there?"

"Half an hour or so.."

"Did you listen to my conversation just now?"

"Sort of…"

"Well, don't lecture me. I don't feel good right now." she warned him. Knowing his nature which is always make her 'bow' to him, make her alert a bit of his 'mother hen' mode.


However, out of her expectation, Alan just agree with her? She look at him with a curious looks.

"What happen to you? Did something bothering you?" she walk over to her and facing him.

She bend her body a little and touch his forehead.

"No, not having a fever.." she mumble.

Alan shot her a look straight to her eyes. When her eyes met him, she feel uneasy.

'What's wrong with him? Why do I feel he is suffering right now?'

"Do you…really not in love with me, Hazel?" he ask while he still look deep in her eyes.

"Why you asking me a weird question? Do you think I will fall for you? Wake up Alan." she divert her eyes to the side and stand up again.

"Yeah…I guess I should wake up soon."

His word somehow struck Hazel's heart deeply. She feel extremely sad by his word.

Not replying to him again, she walk back to the suite leaving Alan who still in daze outside.

'What's wrong with me?' Alan thought himself.


After dinner, Hazel stay at the suite while the rest go strolling around the City. This City is amazingly beautiful and full with color around the city at night.

She turn on her laptop and look at the details that her father had sent to her.

Examined the details one by one, she sighing.

The effective medicine for her mother are currently at her Sun House. The city where her mother is admitted right now is not provided with this kind of medicine.

She tapped her slender finger on her screen phone before she suddenly lit up a bit when she thought of something.

"Of course! Lee Pharma is in this city! If I could personally met with the president of Lee Pharma, it'll be easy to get the drug." she immediately send an email to the Lee Pharma's president. It is her senior back then when she still study at the university. She is in the same year as Sam back then.

After a few moment, she got a reply from the Lee Pharma's president, Lee Zhing. She inviting her to the Lee Mansion tomorrow evening with an invitation code she send to her through the email.


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