Garden of Love
57 Is That Cat Is Yours?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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57 Is That Cat Is Yours?

"Huh?" all of them said in unison.

Wipe his corner of his mouth with a napkin, Ang Lu stood up from his chair.

"I'm sorry. This is my daughter. Zi Fei. FeiFei, can I talk to you for a sec?" he divert his eyes to Zi Fei after he introduce her to all of them.

Zi Fei nod after seeing her father's serious face.

Leaving all of them in the dining room, Zi Fei follow her father to his study.

While Aslan also take the chance to go and play with the twin. Even though the twin is a bit younger than him, they had the energy like 'the flash'.

In the study, Zi Fei ask her father.

"Dad, what happen? Is there something that I don't know?" she ask.

"Hmm..FeiFei, he lost his memory. So, he don't know who is he. He may seem like your brother but, we still not know yet." he try to put a word with his daughter.

"Dad, he really is your son. His face really looked alike with our Andy. There is no one in the world who have a same face like him." she sit on the chair in front of her father.

Ang Lu sigh. "Even so, he's happy right now. He said, he want to get married soon."

Hearing her father word make her scrunch her eyebrow.

"With who?"

"The one who saved him two years ago. The one with the child."

"What?? he had a child with her?"

"I don't think so. He's in coma for a year and a year and a half he spend with her to recover. There's no way he could..uhm, 'produce' his child with her. After all, that child is already 5 or 6 maybe."

"Ohh..then, what so wrong about him getting married? I don't mind though."

"We all don't mind it either, but what if he suddenly change his mind and return to 'her'. You know how loyal is he toward her. How he loved her. What will happen to his future? Return back to his old self?"


"FeiFei, please…do not tell anyone about him. Let him find it himself if he can. For now, let's just treat him normally. Okay?" he hold her shoulder.

Sighing, she just nod her head slowly.

"Where is the twin?" Ang Lu ask when he noticed that she was just with the twin before they headed out from the dining room.

"They play with Athena and Andy's kid maybe." she divert her eyes toward the glass window.

Normally the twin like to play hide and seek at the garden behind her father study.

"Athena is coming too?" he ask.

"Hmm.. yeah.. Adrian and Aurora are going out with their father and Yu Lin, I think they go visiting the based. You know, our based are now combined to be one force. Without you and hmm..him, Lee's at little lost. But now, we are in a good shape, so don't feel troubled by it." she said try to comfort him.

"Hmm. That's good then. So that way, he can live his life peacefully." he smile.


"1..2..3..4..5..6…7…8..9..10! ready or not, I'm coming now!" Aslan shout a little before he start to seek the twin.

They play hide and seek together and it's his turn to find the twin. He stroll around the garden and then hall area in the living before he go to the lawn.

All around the house is light up with the lantern and it's so beautiful at night.

From afar, Aslan could see a girl standing behind the tree and stare at the branch. He narrow his eyes to the place she look up.

He slowly walk to her and ask her politely. "Is that cat is yours?"

The girl nod.

"How is he able to climb the tree?" he ask again.

The girl shake her head.

"Do you want me to help you?"

The girl nod again.

"Okay. Hold this." he pass her his small brown jacket.

She accept it without saying anything.

He then pull up his sleeves to his elbow and start to look for the certain grass around the lawn.

"Aha! Found you!" he plucking the grass and then he turn around to her.

"My papa said, this grass has special effect toward animal. Especially the cat family." he said proudly.

He go to the tree and raise up his hand and tiptoeing to attract the cat's attention.

Lucky for him, the cat followed the grass and went down afterward. The cat start to attracted to the grass he hold and Aslan rub his belly.

As Aslan was busy playing with the cat, the girl also walk close toward him.


Aslan turn around when he feel his cheek is a bit wet and was touch by something so soft.

"Thank you." the girl said and fetch the cat to her arm before she go back inside the house.

Aslan tilt his head a bit. He was surprised by her sudden kisses.

Athena walk inside the house with a blushing face. 'Well, mommy said if we want to thank someone, we should show our gratitude, right? I always see daddy do the kisses when he say thank you to mommy. So it's the right thing, right?'


Hazel lean on the brick fence on the rooftop area that night. She staring at the dark night sky which fill with the stars. Something that is rare to see at her country.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Zi Fei ask her. She turn her eyes to Zi Fei who walk closer to her right now.

"Yeah..such a nice view." she reply.

"I heard from them that you save Alan two years ago." she also lean on the brick fence and look at the stars.

"Hm. Yeah."

"I also heard that he want to marry you, that is why he want to find his identity."

Hazel chuckle a little. "I never say that I agree to marry him. But he really is a bit pushy."

"Hm?" Zi Fei tilt her head a little and look at her face with her right hand supporting her head.

"Do you love him?" she ask again.

"I don't believe in love anymore." her voice sound sad to Zi Fei's ears.

"Then, are you gonna leave him once he knows his identity?" she struck Hazel with a deadly question.

That is right! What is she gonna do once he find his true identity? Would she leave him or stay with him and accept to be married with him? She never thought about marrying anyone else besides Sam. Is she really able to forget about Sam and live her life with a man which is she is not sure about her feeling.

She silent for a moment before she replied to her.

"When that times come, I might let him go to his old life. I don't intend to get married yet. I don't like to keep a lost man in such a long time with me. I feel annoyed." she said.

Her word sound cruel to Zi Fei, she immediately turn her eyes away from the girl. If she keep look at her, maybe she will strangle her to death instead.

Scoffing, she said. "My free advice, if that time come, if you can't compete with your rival or you really had no feeling at all for him in future, leave him for better. He deserve someone who will treasure him heartfull. To my eyes, he's a good man. If you intent to hurt him, you better let him go before he hurt himself even more. If you get what I mean."

After saying that, she left her with a hundred question in her mind.

"Are you gonna leave now?" Ang Lu ask Zi Fei with a worried looks at the family hall.

"Hm yeah, it's late.. you know how protective my big baby is.. he will send an army just to find me later." Zi Fei almost laugh when she remember how protective her husband is.

They already been together for about more than 15 years and have been married for almost 3 years now.

" safe." Ang Lu retreat. He know very well how his son in-law is. He really love Zi Fei.

"Oh yeah, about your boat. I will send people to come here as soon as possible tomorrow." she turned her body to the her father's guest.

"Thank you Ma'am." Chase said politely.

"Emm, no need. I glad I can be any help for you guys." she smile and look at Alan again.

Her eyes soften. She would like to hug him, but it will feel awkward for all of them, so she just look him from this distance for the time being.

"Er, how you come here by the way?" Lola ask. She intend to ask a question to her from the very beginning.

"Oh, I bring my chopper here. I landing at the air strip behind this house." she said casually.

Even though she said it with a plain voice, all of them almost dropped their jaw because of shock!


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