Garden of Love
56 Garden Of Love.
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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56 Garden Of Love.

Ang Lu look at the young man with a few fellow behind him. His face looks lost and his new style really suit him. But, is this..the same man who is his son years ago.

He lost his son in the ocean, all sort of mission never found his body and yet, this man in front of him really look alike. If he is his son, why would he not remember his name when he called him before.

But, the main concern here is the kid who just called that man 'papa'. Is he already married and had a kid? He avert his eyes to the girl who is with the boy earlier. Very beautiful indeed, but isn't that boy seem a little old than when his son lost years ago?

His son will never laid his hand on the girls as far as he know, so it's impossible for him to have a bastard. He narrowed his eyes to his body. Maybe he can spot his scar from the past.

'Erm, yup. There is one. But the scar seem to have already faded.' he thought.

"Err..I'm sorry, but do you know this man?" Hazel started after they silent for a long time.

"Oh, I'm sorry. He looks like my son back then. But maybe I was wrong. By the way, your friend told me about your boat that run out of fuel, so why not you all stay at my house for tonight. Tomorrow I'll help you guys to fill in the fuel." he suggesting.

He lived with his wife on this island. This island is private island that he owned. After all of them agree with his suggestion, he led them to his house.

His house located at the high ground on this island. There is walkway from the shore to his house.

When they arrive at his lawn, all of them gasp like they were totally amazed by what they saw.

His lawn was really amazing. There is spacey garden full with various flower. The building also stunning with the modern style and it made of glass. Not different much like their Sun House.

Seeing their face, he said "This is what I called as 'garden of love'. I built it for my wife."

"Wow!" all of them said at the same time. Still in awe looking at the beautiful lawn.

"You live here alone?" Joe ask curiously.

Ang Lu smile. He shake his head. "No, I lived with my wife and sometimes my daughter will visit us here."

"Oh..your kid…" he wanted to ask about his child, but he remember that the man said his son was lost or something. So he stop his word in the mid.

"I have two child. The eldest is my son, Andy and another is Zi Fei. She stay with her husband now." he replied casually.

When they reach at the entrance there is one old lady who sit at the rattan swing near the terrace.

"Honey.." Ang Lu walk to his wife and kiss her top of head lightly.

"Mm.." she look up to him with a smile.

"It's getting dark now, let's get inside." he help her stand up and led her and others to inside the house.

"I'm sorry. My wife is introvert person." he said to all of them.

Hazel smile, "We're all doctors. No worries. We understand." all of them nod with her statement.

"I show you to the guest room, so you can change your clothes and we'll have dinner after that."

"Thank you so much for your hospitality sir."

"It's not a big deal. I feel like I help my son's friends after all." he smiled gently.

When he go upstairs with his wife, Alan look at Hazel which is still with her monokini and covered with his white shirt.

"You wanna go first or.."

" stay here with Aslan." she cut his word and pass him her bag.

Take out her clothes, she walk inside the bathroom. They all have given room by that old man in the first floor. Joe and Akiko, Chase with Nigel while Lola with Violet. He can understand it, but why that old man arrange him to stay with Hazel and Aslan in one room too? If that is Hazel beach house, he can understand. But they were totally in the stranger house!

Shook his head, he try to think the positive way. Well, at least Hazel will not walk around and cry in the midnight again. With this thought, he then turn to look at Aslan.

"Want me to help you to take the bath?" he ask making Aslan nod hurriedly.


All of them walk to dining table when they're done with their bath. Luckily they all bring their changing clothes. They help the old couple with the dinner and prepare the table together.

The old couple is really nice to them. Even though his wife is a bit shy and not talk much, but she always show her warmth smile making them feel comfortable.

"So, what happen to you exactly?" Ang Lu ask Alan who sit in the middle of Hazel and Aslan.

"Hmm..I was injured and lost my memory." he scratch his chin a little before he look at hazel.

"I was the one who found him on the sea. He was barely dead back then, so I bring him to my beach house. My house is equip with all the emergency treatment tools. So we treat him with all of my teammate here." she explain and look all of them.

"The next day, he having a seizure when he's in the critical condition. To make sure he survive, i put him into comatose state to let his wound fully recover before he wake up. " Chase also explain to the him.

"A year later I wake up and I found that I lost my memory. I don't even remember a single thing. So here I am after two years, I want to find my identity." he smile a little.

"And why do you want to find your identity? I mean, you could just live the life you have now." Ang Lu ask.

Alan narrow his eyes to Hazel. "I want to marry her. But before that, I need to find my identity to make sure that I am not bound to someone else."

Hazel turn her eyes to somewhere else. She could feel his face was burning right now. Her heart rate were surely running high right now.

'How good are you at flirting?' she ask inwardly.

Ang Lu almost choked on his drink when he heard his reply.

He clearing his throat and smile widely. "That's….so romantic of you."

"Oh yeah, his level is above all of us, old man." Joe interject.

"So, have you found any lead to your identity?" he look at all of them.

"No. There is no single person who know this man." Nigel replied on behalf all of them.

"Have you try to find your identity in Imperial City?" he said again making all of them look at him with a curious expression.

"But, that's a quite far from where I found him." Hazel said.

Smiling, he narrowed his eyes to his drink.

"I'm just suggesting. The rest is your call to make."

All of them turn silent.

Suddenly the glass dining door opened by a woman with two kids.

"Dada Grim!" the kids yelled making Ang Lu almost choked on the second times.

His wife smile widely to the twins.

"Don't run around!" the woman earlier shout a bit, warning her twin son.

All of the eyes in the dining turn to her. She also turn her eyes to the guest. Upon seeing Alan face, her eyes turn wider.

"Andy?!!" she shout again.

"Oh my god!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!"


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