Garden of Love
55 Andy?
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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55 Andy?

When all of them returned home, they updating the area where they has been search for today. The next planned is to go around the small island located at around the main land. Maybe they will get a clue for his identity.

Luckily Hazel owned a speed boat that can fit the nine of them. They prepared their basic essential item to travel by boat tomorrow.

The next morning, Alan was prepared Aslan's thing inside his backpack.

He really turn into fatherly mode lately. All of Aslan's need and stuff will be arranged by Alan himself. Aslan is privately homeschooling by the prestigious teacher from international school that Mr. Jokovic assign for him. However, Alan still teach him too when he had free time.

"As..don't play too far." He said when he see Aslan playing at the wooden jetty. He put his bag and Hazel's bag at the deck while others still getting ready.

"Okay papa!" he replied excitedly.

Alan smile to him and get on the boat. He take out his binocular and look at their first destination from afar.

"What are you looking at?" Hazel ask him from behind.

"Huh?" he divert his eyes to her.

His face turned reddish just by looking at her right now. She just wearing black monokini. With her brown hair and her skin which is fair as snow and her velvet red lips make she looks stunningly beautiful.

Clearing his throat a little, he averted his eyes to somewhere else. If he continue to look at her, he's afraid his desire will rocketing to the cloud nine.

"I just looking at the island.. uhm, aren't you wearing too little?" he said.

"What little?" she look down to her monokini. 'Nothing wrong with it.' she thought.

Just after she said that, Lola also ask him the same question. She and Akiko just arrive at the deck along with their bags.

"Little? What little?" she look at Hazel with a question.

Alan also turn to look at them back. 'O-kay.. I take my word back about Hazel being too 'sexy'.' He almost lost his word when he look at the two other girls.

They wearing super daring bikini. What was Hazel wearing is a little decent from they two.

Joe held Akiko's waist and kiss her on her cheek.

"Mmm..You're sexy."

'Damn you Joe! I and Nigel still single here, dude!' he curse on Joe's PDA toward them all.

Lola groans and walk to the side of the boat saying to the two of them "Didn't you guys already do it last night?"

Joe and Akiko just giggles. "We're not!"

"Really?" Lola lift up her eyebrow.

"Hey, don't bickering you guys.." Chase and Violet just arrive at the deck looking at them.

Violet's dresses are more proper than these three girls. She wearing a sport bra inside and covered with a transparent big shirt as outside layer and she wear a short jeans pants.

Well, better than Hazel who almost make Alan to have a nosebleed earlier.

Nigel and Aslan also get on the boat after that. All the them ready to start their journey today.

Hazel sit on the couch at the back of the boat with others, while Alan steer the boat. He and Chase were chatting together.

One by one island they go and ask any locals about the explosion and if there is any missing people from their island, but all of them get the same answer.

This make Alan feel anxious. He want to know his identity as soon as possible. He want to make Hazel as his bride and he too want to know what is exactly happen that night.

Why he was injured and why there is nobody know about him. He is like a ghost. His existence is unknown. This make him worried though.


"Joe, did you check boat fuel yesterday?" Alan ask when he see the meter only left with one bar.

"Er.." he scratch his head a little.

"You didn't?!" Nigel ask him. His eyes start to widen.

"I guess I…..forgot.." he replied in a low voice.

"Chase, take over." Alan ask Chase to steer the wheel while he go and look at the nearest island they can go.

Take out his binocular, he look around them. Suddenly his eyes caught a glimpse of a land that is not in their maps.

He then, open the world map that Hazel bring with them. Scanning through the ocean they're at right now. Yup, there is no land around them that supposed to be there.

He look again at the land he just saw. There is the only hope for them to load the fuel if they had. Or at least they can contact the rescuer to their location. It'll be better if they stay on the land then the ocean. He thought.

"Chase. Go to the right. I saw an island. I think we can stay there for a rescuer to come. With our fuel right now, we can't return back to the mainland…and it's dangerous too to stay at the sea." He said and turn to the girls on the couch behind the deck.

"We'll go for one stop before we can go back to mainland."

All of them just nod. They quite tired with the whole day going around from one island to another one and there is no single clue about his identity.

Alan jump on the shallow water and then he stretch out his hand to Hazel on the deck.

"Come on." He standby on the water.

Without waiting, she jump from the boat and Alan fetch her like a little kid first time going to pool.

He hold her waist and their body is very close together. "Can you swim?"

His scent make her heart beating faster. His bare hand which is touch with her bare skin make his warmth go through her skin even though they in the water right now. The feeling of safe and…loved. She nod.

"Okay, I will fetch Aslan. You go first to the shore, alright?" he search her eyes.

Looked at his eyes, she blush. 'Why he keep making my heart beating like this? Ergh..'

She push her body a little from his embrace and swim over to the shore with others.

After Alan fetch Aslan, he carry him to the shore. The island look beautiful with the green and blue color water and scenery is very stunning.

Alan look around while Nigel and Chase go look for help to the other side of the island.

Not long after, they come back to the place where they gather with one middle-aged man which is look like in his fifties. Even so, his figure and face somehow, look a bit similar to Alan.

"Andy?" the old man ask with a pale face looking at him.

"Who?" Alan ask him back. He and others also surprised by sudden voice from the old man.

"Uh- You're not Andy?" he ask again and then his eyes shift to the people around him.

"Papa! Look, I found this shell." Aslan run to Alan bring a shell on his palm.

Alan divert his eyes to Aslan and ruffles his hair. "Good boy, now, stay with your mother."

And Aslan nod obediently.

"Sorry, who are you? Do you know who I am?" he divert his eyes back to the old man in front of him.


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