Garden of Love
54 I Had No Chance At All
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Garden of Love
Author :voiletevergarden
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54 I Had No Chance At All

After breakfast, Alan, Hazel and Aslan strolling in the town. They go to the police station and try to seek some information from the locals.

While others also round the town and some places around the island. They keep asking the locals about the explosions she saw that night almost two years ago. But, unfortunately, no one saw the explosion like what she said. And there is also no list on the missing person on the ocean last two year.

Alan sigh and look tired. Hazel also look confuse. Why she's the only one who know about the explosion? And there is no single person who know what happen two years ago. No report about missing person.

She look at Alan. "I'm sorry. It seem like it's a dead end too."

"Never mind, we'll search at the other near city or island tomorrow." he smile and ruffled her hair.

She just silent. She already used to be ruffled her hair by Alan.

" you want to eat some ice cream?" Alan ask him.

Aslan nod his head.

"Alright, let's go." Alan get up from the bench and extended his hand to both Aslan and Hazel.

Aslan immediately hold his hand while Hazel slowly hold him too.

"Where are we going?" she ask.

"To eat ice cream, obviously." he smile.

Rolled her eyes she said mumbles "Yeah..whatever."

Chase and Violet help them searching information around other town and police station.

Same goes with before, there is no single person know about an explosion that happened two years ago and there is no single person missing on ocean.

They both walking at the small alley.

"Chase, do you ever thought that maybe one day, if he regain his memory back, he will returned back to his home and his family?" she ask.

"I've thought about it, if he really needs to go, then I wish him a good luck. I won't holding him back. He has the right to be with his family. If he had one." he replied.

"What will happen to Hazel and Aslan? I mean, last time she said that Alan is her boyfriend and I believe her. Not until I know the truth from Akiko and Lola."

"That'll be decide by him. He want to marry Hazel, but before he do that, he need to find his identity back. I know deep down inside, she love him too. It just she's too stubborn to realize it. Well, can't blame on her too. She experience a bad trauma years ago." he rub her shoulder and bring her closer to him.


"Yes. Love trauma from her previous relationship."

"Oh? I thought Alan was the second one."

Chase chuckles. "No, he's the third. But I really hope he's the last."

"You really treasure her, huh?" Violet look at him with a suspicious look.

"My dear, she's been my friend since we were in the kindergarten. It natural for me to worried about her future. But, be assure that the one and only for me is you."

She stop her pace making Chase also stop.

Facing him, she tiptoe and kiss his lips.

"Be mine only."

Nigel and Lola also help Alan searching his identity starting at the island near the main land.

After almost the whole day they spend around the island and not getting any clue, they decide to rest for a bit at the beach.

"Lola.." Nigel look at her.

Lola did not reply him but she turn her eyes to him.

"I've been curious for a long time now. Can I ask you a sensitive question?" he continue. His face really show that he want an answer from her.

Lola shrug and make a gesture like 'shoot!' to him.

"Why.. I mean, you had a lot of boyfriend before. But, the day when we know, you still haven't done it with any of your boyfriend. So, why?"

"I don't feel like I want to do it with them." she replied casually.

"But, with me.. well, to be honest, I feel a bit awkward.. no..really awkward actually. We've been friend since years ago, the thought that I was the one who take your virginity really bother me a lot. I really feel guilty to you." he said everything that has been bother him.

"The damage has been done. I don't really care. We live in a modern days and luckily I am a doctor. So I can fix it. As long as you didn't tell my future husband that you sleep with me that will be good enough for me."

"You planned to restore the layer of your..uhm..but, I think, a truly man will know it though."

"That's okay. It's not a big deal."

"Hey, did you ever thought that may be you want me to take the responsibility?" he look at her. He don't know why but he keep wanting to get closer to her. It feel weird for him to feel this way to her.

He like her, but it was just as a friend back then. But now, he don't know what feeling that keep lingering to him. He couldn't stand to watch her date another guy and sometimes when a guys wooing her from afar, he get jealous easily.

He tried so hard so that he will not fall for her charm, but he really can't deny that he keep aroused around her. That night, he was drunk but he still can remember it. He thought he was in a dream, but when realize that it was real, the image already imprint on his mind.

He can't get rid the image when he had sex with her that night. Even his image of his ex-girlfriend could not even compared to her. It's really bothering him.

"Mm.. no.." she said making him back to reality.

"What if…you pregnant with my child?"

Lola almost laugh when she heard his word. "Nigel, you're a doctor. You know we only had sex once. The possibility to get pregnant in the first trial is less than 30%. Plus we both drunk that night. I don't even know if you really ejaculated or not, if we do it all the way or only half way. And…I take the morning after pill after that. So no worries. I am totally not getting pregnant with your child."

She divert her eyes to the ocean after she said that.

"Erm.. too bad then." he replied. His voice sound a bit frustrated.

"By the way, why did you suddenly bring it up?"

"Well…" he stop his word. "That's because you had so many boyfriend before, I was curious on why you still…virgin."

"It can't be help. All the man are same. They like the woman because of their looks and body. They just wanna get laid or put his penis inside the girls. I had so many boyfriend because I still don't find one whose will not try to put his penis inside me. Are you satisfied with my answer now?" she lifting her eyebrow.

"Uhh…so you're saying you find a man like that? That's sounded like they never existed."

"They're existed. But I had no chance at all."

"Really? You've met that kind of man?"

"Yup. It's Alan and Chase."

Nigel almost choked on his saliva.


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